12 One-Ingredient Face Masks for Perfect Skin

These homemade face masks use just one ingredient but will leave your skin feeling better, looking better, and battle back against the aging process. You likely have many of these items in your home already so you can begin using them today for fast results.

Use these simple homemade face masks with only 1 ingredient for perfect, toned, clear skin…

1. Honey

honey face maskHoney is an amazing product, has been for millenia, and science is still figuring out all of the good things it can do for the body. One of these is that it helps out the skin in a number of ways, which is why it makes a great face mask.

Because of its thick consistency, it’s easy to apply honey as a face mask. It contains antioxidants and moisturizes your skin, making it a great choice for regular use, as it also has a very low incidence of causing any adverse reactions, unless you’re allergic to bees or aspirin.

Why it works: Honey has antibacterial and antifungal properties to it that help purify the skin on your face. It also contains enzymes which your skin will absorb. Be sure to use raw organic honey so that these enzymes will be in place. Processed honey destroys the enzymes and will provide limited results.

2. Oatmeal

oatmealBefore you dive into that bowl of oatmeal, you should know that it has other benefits besides helping to lower cholesterol. Oatmeal has long been used as an all-natural scrub, but you can use it as a face mask as well.

It’s important to use organic oatmeal, as it will be made from organic oats, will undergo less processing, and be free of toxic poisons like herbicides and pesticides, as well as GMOs.

To use you simply make a paste out of oatmeal and water and spread evenly. If you want a two-ingredient face mask you can combine honey and oatmeal for compounded benefits.

Why it works: Using an oatmeal face mask introduces plenty of amino acids into the skin, which helps build up the skin making it look younger. It also helps to soothe your skin, and is a great follow up to some of the more harsh masks to calm your skin back down and reduce reddening.

3. Egg Yolk

Rather than use the entire egg, you’ll want to separate the yolk from the white and make two different one-ingredient face masks. The yolk is where the bulk of the vitamins and minerals of the egg are, and an egg yolk face mask transfers these to your skin.

egg yolk mask

The protein in the egg yolk helps to keep your skin healthy, while the vitamins and minerals it contains go to work rejuvenating your skin. Since it’s just one ingredient you don’t have to worry about putting anything on your face that is of a chemical or toxic nature.

Why it works: The skin is highly absorbent, so when you apply a mask like this with vitamins and minerals intact you are helping to get those directly to the source where they’re needed. You’re also avoiding store bought face masks that tend to have things in them you shouldn’t put on your skin.

4. Egg Whites

Once you have your egg separated, what to do with the whites? You can also use these as a face mask, since they contain more protein than the yolk. As egg whites dry on your face you’ll feel your skin tighten. This tightens pores and reduces the look of more shallow wrinkles.

Use pastured, organic eggs in order to make sure you’re getting the highest quality without any unwanted extras. You can also find eggs that have been fortified with extra omega-3s, which would provide even better results.

Why it works: Egg whites also contain protein, which helps in the skin-building process, but they lack the larger amounts of vitamins and minerals that the yolk contains. It works as a face mask because of its texture and the way it tightens up your skin as it dries.

5. Banana

bananasIf you happen to have a banana handy, you’re minutes away from an effective homemade face mask that will leave your skin in much better shape when you’re finished. The potassium that bananas are widely known to contain helps the skin by hydrating it, so you’ll see some instant improvement if your skin has been looking dry and in need of moisture.

Bananas are one of the easiest fruits to go organic on, costing just a little bit more, but the difference is crucial here since you’re applying it directly to the skin. Even though bananas have a thick outer peel the pesticides and herbicides are in the soil, and even put right into the seed.

Why it works: Bananas not only contain potassium, but have an assortment of vitamins that will be absorbed by your skin and improve its appearance. Vitamin A will help dark spots fade away, and Vitamin B helps with wrinkles. It’s also the perfect texture for a face mask, sticking right to the skin.

6. Milk

It’s hard to believe but the jug of milk you have in your refrigerator can actually help the skin on your face look better. You may have heard of milk baths, and you can get the same skin softening effect by simply using milk directly on your face.

Why choose organic milk when you make a milk face mask? Conventional milk is going to contain antibiotics and growth hormones that are given to the cows to keep them from getting sick, to make them grow faster, and to get them to produce more milk. These are things you don’t want to rub into your skin.

Why it works: Milk helps cleanse the skin, reduces the size of pores, and has a very soothing effect on the skin. If you want to increase its effectiveness you can mix it with honey and you’ll be getting both the benefits of milk as well as honey described above.

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