10 Incredible Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

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Aloe vera juice can be used to treat a myriad of conditions, including improving digestion, helping to detox the body, and treating skin conditions. It can be an important all-natural supplement to a healthy lifestyle when used correctly.

Aloe vera juice helps with heart health, reduces inflammation, aids in digestion and so much more. See the other ways this super juice can make you healthier…

Aloe vera juice comes in many different varieties, and each manufacturer makes it a little different. Don’t confuse aloe drinks with aloe vera juice. Look for organic brands of aloe vera juice that are in concentrated form. Then follow the instructions for how to properly dilute it with water or other juice.

For some of these benefits you’ll want to take aloe vera juice daily, and for others you can simply drink it when you feel the need.

1. A Healthier Heart

Perhaps the biggest benefit of aloe vera juice is that it can promote the healthy function of the heart in several key ways.

Aloe vera helps to lower cholesterol levels thanks to the beta-Sitosterol it contains. The good news is that you have several options for how to take your aloe vera. You can go with the juice, which is perhaps the easiest way, or you can opt for powders or gels, whatever you feel most comfortable with. See below for more on how to use it.

The detoxifying properties of aloe vera help to cleanse the blood of impurities, which in turn will encourage the healthy growth of new blood cells, and will even act to increase the size of your blood vessels. All of this contributes to a healthier heart, both short term and long term.

How to use it: Drink aloe vera juice daily to promote heart health. Always make sure to follow the directions on the specific bottle of aloe vera juice to see how to dilute it.

2. Reduces Inflammation

Aloe vera juice has anti-inflammatory properties, which means it can help with a host of conditions and diseases, relieving symptoms brought on by excessive inflammation in the body.

Many symptoms are brought on or worsened by inflammation, including arthritis and even cancer. If you’ve been experiencing inflammation or want to keep your inflammation in check, aloe vera juice can help. It may not be able to stop your inflammation completely, but it can at least slow it down, and if you use aloe vera in conjunction with an anti-inflammatory diet you can take great strides in helping yourself curb your inflammation naturally.

It’s also been noted that aloe vera juice can help bring the body into an alkaline state, further helping to soothe symptoms caused by an overly acidic state.

How to use it: Drink aloe vera juice when symptoms flare up, or as a daily maintenance or prevention regimen.

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3. Aids In Digestion

Aloe vera juice is often touted for its ability to help with digestive issues, including irregularity, both diarrhea and constipation, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, and heartburn.

The reason it works is because of its cleansing effect on the digestive tract. It not only works on the colon and bowels, but the entire length of the digestive tract, helping to keep it functioning properly.

We’ve already seen how aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties, and that includes inflammation in your digestive system. It’s also purifying it with its antiseptic properties, and helping to establish good bacteria in the gut. It’s truly a multi-faceted way to help your digestion, and can help relieve current discomfort while paving the way for less digestive disorders in the future.

How to use it: Drink aloe vera juice before a meal, or after you’re already experiencing stomach discomfort. You can use it as part of a colon cleanse, or daily as a way to keep your digestive system running smoothly.

4. Has Detoxifying Properties

You’ll often see aloe vera juice used as part of a body detox program because of its ability to help remove toxic substances in the body.

It’s no surprise that aloe vera juice can detoxify the body, as it helps so many different parts of the body do their job better. You’ve already got detoxifying organs in place, such as the liver and kidneys, and aloe vera juice will support them in their roles. Once you free these important organs of built-up waste they function better and can do a better job of keeping you free of toxins going forward.

Keep in mind that you might not get the full benefit by relying on aloe vera juice alone. Combine it with an overall strategy of a full body detox at least annually for best results.

How to use it: Add aloe vera juice to your detox program either in the detox juice or detox smoothie, or by itself mixed with water.

5. Strengthens the Immune System

Aloe vera juice can help strengthen your immune system due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, as well as helping it on a molecular level.

Aloe vera juice contains polysaccharides, important components of a healthy immune system, so you are not only helping it by keeping things cleaner on the inside, you are providing it with nutrients it needs so that you’ll feel your best in the short term, and help ward off diseases and illnesses over time.

If your immune system is not overly taxed by having an excessive amount of bacteria, viruses, and other outside invaders, it becomes stronger and more able to perform its duties. Aloe vera can help take some of the burden off of your immune system, allowing it to strengthen up and be more effective at what it does.

How to use it: Drink aloe vera juice each day to keep your immune system strong and well nourished.

6. Helps the Skin

It’s long been known that aloe vera gel can be used to treat wounds and soothe burns, but aloe vera juice can also be used externally to treat a myriad of problems of the skin.

We’ve already seen how aloe vera juice taken internally has an anti-inflammatory effect, and that same property is what makes it great at treating skin problems on the surface. Aloe vera juice can help reduce the redness associated with acne, and can help soothe the redness and itchiness of an insect bite.

It’s also been noted for its anti-aging effects and acts as a moisturizer, which is why it’s a popular additive in skin care products of all types. Rather than trust these products, it’s best to go right to the source and make your own products using all-natural aloe vera juice.

How to use it: Use aloe vera juice topically to help all sorts of skin irritations and conditions. It’s easy enough to make your own masks and creams with aloe vera juice and apply them directly to problem areas.

aloe vera juice

7. Reduces Stress

Drinking aloe vera juice can help your body cope with the changes that occur in the world around you, actually helping you to adapt to these changes rather than fight against them. This is why it’s considered an adaptogen, a substance that helps the body adapt to what’s going on in its environment by supporting your adrenal system. Other examples of adaptogens include ginseng and goji berries.

The sort of stress that aloe vera juice can help with is both emotional and physical, allowing you to focus better in hectic times, as well as handle physical stresses to the body without escalating the problem.

It can also help the body with environmental stresses, which is important because we have little control over this, so it’s important to shore up your defenses and equip the body with what it needs to effectively thrive in constantly changing environment.

How to use it: Drink aloe vera juice during times of stress to help keep your composure. You can also drink it daily for regular feelings of calm and wellbeing.

8. Improved Blood Circulation

Aloe vera juice can help improve the circulation of blood throughout the body, which not only improves the condition of your heart, but can relieve other symptoms as well like cold fingers and toes, feeling fatigued, or having a mental fog.

The reason aloe vera juice is effective at improving your circulation is because it helps to increase the size of the capillaries, allowing blood to flow more freely and easily.

Aloe vera juice is no cure-all when it comes to circulatory problems. Be sure to check with your doctor if you’ve been experiencing symptoms of poor circulation. Then devise an overall approach to improving your circulation with a combination of dietary changes and more activity.

How to use it: Drink aloe vera juice daily to keep a healthy blood circulation, and be sure to get exercise each day to keep your circulatory system pumping.

9. Balances Blood Sugar

It may be too early to know for sure, but early signs point to aloe vera juice helping with blood sugar levels, making it a good choice for those that are concerned about developing diabetes, or those that already have it.

Early studies are promising when it comes to the antidiabetic properties of aloe vera juice, enough to make it worthwhile to try it as a potential all-natural way to help manage diabetes.

While aloe vera juice can be used to prevent diabetes, it is not a magic bullet by any means. Consult with your doctor if you are trying to avoid diabetes. They will be able to help you come up with a more comprehensive strategy.

How to use it: Drink aloe vera juice to keep blood glucose levels in check, before a meal or after a meal.

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10. Acts as an Antiseptic

Aloe vera juice has antiseptic qualities to it that make it a great all-natural cleanser for many parts of the body. It works as soon as you drink it, helping to cleanse your digestive system. It also introduces substances into the bloodstream, which helps purify the blood.

Aloe vera will go to work inside the body, helping to kill off harmful bacteria while leaving alone friendly bacteria that help with digestion. It can also handle viruses that would otherwise make us sick. This is why it’s beneficial to the immune system, and why it is often brought up as a powerful all-natural way to stay healthy.

You can also use it externally to help with skin problems, and you’ll often see aloe vera gel sold as a wound healer. You can use aloe vera juice as well, and if you’re using it externally you may not need to dilute it if it is in concentrated form.

How to use it: Apply aloe vera externally, or drink it to help cleanse the body of harmful internal bacteria and viruses.

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  • franca

    i would like your news letter espically around canadida?and my constant urination?

  • rajesh

    can i take aloe vera extract powder approx 50mg per day in capsule.

  • Lory

    I have been using aloe vera concentrate every day for the past year. I love it. I feel light and strong. It has put my cholesterol levels normal again and I am a sweet lover and my sugar was at normal levels. My skin is better than it has been in years and I am never bloated like I used to be. Wish I found out about this years ago. I am also never sick and feel good every day. It definitely cleanses the body. I ran out of it for a couple of weeks and I did feel the difference. Bloating in my stomach came back but not as bad. My stomach is now flat and it isn’t from exercise. Love this and will never be without it again.

    • Christy Mendoza

      Hi Lore what brand did u use of the aloe juice and how did u use it ? I’m diabetic I’m looking for something to help me with my sugars and bloating . Thank u

    • Christy Mendoza

      Hi Lory what brand did u use of the aloe juice and how did u use it ? I’m diabetic I’m looking for something to help me with my sugars and bloating . Thank u

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    Great article, you can get cold pressed aloe vera, which is organic from here. This has helped me with my IBS and has aloe international science of approval seal.


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  • Moses

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    Great article, I liked all the benefits mentioned, especially the detoxifying one.. There is another subspecies of Aloe called Aloe arborescens that is said to be packed with a ton of benefits that can also help with the things mentioned in this article.. I was reading about it here and that’s how I started researching more about Aloe products.

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    Aloe vera is a natural antibacterial agent that helps fight acne-causing bacteria. It also stimulates the growth of new cells.

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