11 Amazing Benefits of Fish Oil

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11 Amazing Benefits of Fish Oil- and why you should not skip this important supplement.

Fish oil is one way to supplement your diet to make sure you’re getting enough omega-3 fatty acids. Here is a sampling of the benefits you can expect from taking fish oil, including tips on how to choose the best fish oil supplement.

fish oil slows aging

1. Slows the Aging Process

One of the most highly publicized benefits of fish oil is that it can help slow the aging process. It does this in a few distinct ways. By being an anti-inflammatory agent, it helps protect against conditions caused by excessive inflammation. It also has been shown to directly affect the lifespan of cells, literally slowing down how fast cells age, which provides plenty of benefit to the body as a whole. Anti-aging foods and supplements are your best bet when trying to reducing the aging process, and also to fight the signs of aging before they occur.

2. Supports A Healthy Weight

Fish oil has also been shown to support a healthy metabolism, which tends to slow with age. That’s why you’ll often see fish listed on diet programs because it not only supplies protein but the omega-3s it contains helps the body’s metabolism naturally. This could be responsible for helping you burn a few extra per day or more, which can make a significant difference to your dieting efforts. The bonus of using fish oil rather than fish is that it’s easier to take on a daily basis. Just make sure you’re taking fish oil from a clean, sustainable source for best results.


3. Helps with Rheumatoid Arthritis

One of the conditions that fish oil is typically recommended for is rheumatoid arthritis, since it is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Arthritis is one of those conditions that there currently is no cure for, so it’s all about trying to treat it from several different angles. One of those is to adhere to an anti-inflammatory diet, and fish oil can play a part in that. Your doctor can give you additional tips on how to best treat the condition, including steps to try and increase your mobility and decrease your pain.

athsma fish oil benefits

4. Helps with Exercise-Induced Asthma

If you’ve noticed that you get asthmatic symptoms when you exercise, taking fish oil supplements may be a way to treat the condition without using drugs. Clinical studies have shown that those taking fish oil experience increased lung function, while those not taking it experienced the symptoms of exercise-induced contraction of the bronchial tubes.  Fish oil also helps reduce inflammation assocaited with asthma and other allergies. It may be worth trying before resorting to other treatment methods.

5. Helps You Get Your Focus Back

Fish oil can help improve your mental clarity by allowing your brain to function at optimal levels. It’s not a matter of over-supplementing in order to boost your brain to new heights, but rather it’s about making sure you’re not running a deficit and thereby hindering your mental performance. What’s more, long-term shortages of the essential fatty acids found in fish oil can lead to an increased rate of aging in the brain. This is a big reason to double check that you’re getting enough omega-3 in your life.

6. May Play a Part in Preventing Cancer

The other reason fish oil gets so much attention is that it’s showing promising signs of being able to prevent the formation of cancer in the body. The type of cancer that seems most promising is breast cancer, but it’s also being studied in relation to colon cancer, among others. However, there are also studies that have shown a link between excessive fish oil consumption and the development of prostate cancer, so be sure to consult with a doctor if you have prostate concerns.

fish oil strengthens immune system

7. Strengthens Immune System

Bolstering your immune system is important, and something that should be attended to on a daily basis. Fish oil can help in this regard because research shows that it can boost your immune system. Since your immune system is so important to fighting off colds and flus in the short term, and diseases like cancer in the long term. Keeping it running smoothly is important in making you feel good each day, and ready to take on the challenges life brings.

8. Supports Exercise Recovery

The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil help give the body the building blocks it needs to repair and recover after exercise. Fish oil can help speed up the time it takes to recover from a strenuous workout. It may not be the most direct way to help you build muscle, and there are other supplements that can do a better, faster job. But as part of the bigger picture when it comes to building muscle, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

9. Can Help Develop a Healthy Heart

Your heart is important, so keeping it functioning at its best is crucial for your overall health. Perhaps the most well-supported benefits of fish oil is what it can do for your heart. It is generally recommended that you add fish to your diet in order to help your heart. For some this may not be feasible because they don’t like the taste of fish. Fish oil factors in as a way to supplement your diet and get some of the benefits of eating fish.

helps fight depression

10. Helps Fight Depression

One important benefit of fish oil is that it can help fight depression and improve your mood. Clinical depression is a serious problem that can’t be addressed by a supplement, but you may find that you can use fish oil as part of a larger approach to feeling better. For those that are not dealing with such an extreme case of depression, supplementing with fish oil may be a way to improve your mental state and feel better about the world around you without resorting to recreational drugs or alcohol.

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