7 Cancer Causing Foods You Should Stop Eating

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Here is a list of foods that you should stop eating immediately. They have been found to contribute to cancer, and otherwise wreak havoc on your health. We’ve provided alternatives so that you can still eat these foods, but in a healthy way.

Here are 7 cancer causing foods that you should avoid at all costs and stop eating immediately.

1. Microwave Popcorn

microwave popcornIf you enjoy finishing off a day by curling up and watching a movie with a bag of freshly nuked popcorn, it may be time to upgrade your night by going with a healthier popcorn option.

It’s easy enough to enjoy the taste of popcorn without the cancer risk by popping your own at home in ghee or coconut oil. This is actually a healthy snack as long as you’re using organic popcorn kernels. Avoid buying it at the movie theaters because the buttering agent they use is highly questionable, and could also be another cancer-former.

Cancer-Causing Agent: Perfluorooctanoic acid is created during the microwave process from substances found on the inside of the bags.

2. Beef Jerky

beef jerkyTouted as a healthy go-anywhere protein-packed snack, most commercially produced beef jerky contains nitrites that have been proven to contribute to cancer.

Nitrites are found in other foods, but beef jerky has much more of them per ounce than many other foods.

When you want the convenience of beef jerky without the cancer risk you can make your own at home using organic, grass-fed ground beef rolled out thin using a rolling pin, and baked in the oven for hours at the lowest temperature.

Cancer-Causing Agent: Nitrites in beef jerky have been linked to cancer, and they are added to give the jerky its color and also to preserve it and keep it fresh for months as it sits on store shelves.

3. Canned Foods

There’s a big debate over whether there’s enough BPAs in canned foods to cause cancer, and whether or not they’re transferred to the food the cans contain. Each side of the debate can produce studies that prove their case, so it’s hard to know which way to lean.

One way to sidestep the debate is to simply eat fresh or frozen food, or buy food in cans that specifically state that they are BPA-free. When there’s a controversy this big you can bet that it’s between advocates that rallying for consumer protection and Big Food that wants to maintain the status quo and their profit margins.

Cancer-Causing Agent: Bisphenol-A (BPA) is the cancer-causing culprit here.

4. GMO Foods

The arms race is on when it comes to spraying crops with herbicides and pesticides, and these days many seeds have these toxic chemicals built right into them. This means that conventional produce is going to have these chemicals in it as an inherent substance, one that you can’t simply rinse off before eating.

Look for foods that are 100% organic, or contain the “Non-GMO Project Verified” seal on it to be sure that the food you’re getting is free of GMOs. Why get involved in the debate over the harmful effects of GMOs when you can simply avoid them and not worry about it anymore?

Cancer-Causing Agent: Herbicides and pesticides that have been shown to cause cancer, among other diseases, are in GMO food from conventional produce to packaged goods.

5. Colas

Before you enjoy that refreshing cola you may want to stop to consider what’s in it. In order to give it the distinctive brown color that shoppers have come to expect, cola manufacturers have been adding in a dye that contains a chemical that’s been found to cause cancer.

soda pop

There’s also High Fructose Corn Syrup which will help feed any cancer cells you currently have. It’s best not to wait around for the food industry to find a replacement for this dye, now that consumers are on to them. Avoid drinking cola and as an added you should see a drop in your weight thanks to no more High Fructose Corn Syrup and spikes to your blood sugar levels.

Cancer-Causing Agent: 4-MI (4-methylimidazole) is what gives cola its classic caramel color, and is also directly linked to cancer in thousands of individual cases.

6. Diet Foods

The sad part about buying diet foods is that they often don’t help you lose weight, and could additionally be contributing to the likelihood of cancer. Obesity increases the chance of getting cancer, so it almost seems like you’re caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to losing weight in a healthy way.

Many diet foods use artificial sweeteners to provide you the taste you’re looking for without having an effect on the number of sugar grams and calories. These artificial sweeteners are chemicals that have been created in a lab and have a toxic effect on the body.

Cancer-Causing Agent: Aspartame. the most widely used artificial sweetener, has been linked to cancer for years, despite the FDA and other groups citing clinical trials that say there isn’t enough clear evidence to pull the toxin from the food supply.

7. Fried Snacks

cancer causing chipsWalk down any snack aisle in any grocery store and you’ll be bombarded by an array of snacks, each one packaged to look absolutely delicious, and each contributing to the formation of cancer.

The problem occurs during the frying process, and since these are pre-packaged snacks consumers often lose sight of the fact that they’ve been deep fried, much like french fries. The deep frying process that browns the snack and makes it crisp is the same process that forms cancer-causing substances that stay with the food.

Cancer-Causing Agent: Glycidamide created by the metabolizing of Acrylamide, a substance produced from frying foods at high temperatures, is theorized as the cancer-causer for many snacks sold in stores today.

Users Comments:

  • kalin

    Can you site your references?

  • Joan

    What is really annyoning is that you put up a statement about foods not to eat or veggies that burn fat and then go into a LONG presentation before you reveal any info! I don’t always have time to sit through the video. Why can’t you just list them and put a comment along side it??? Thanks!

    • Alexxa

      I generally skip to the end, this one is easy to do that with bcs the outlined box below each listed food item highlights the main facts needed to know!

    • janine

      I totally agree with you Joan, I have the same issue with going through pages and pages when something interesting appears on Internet but to find an answer or details is like finding a needle in haystack. Everyone makes it more and more difficult to get to the point and they keep distracting us with often dumb, annoying, and pointless advertisements.

      • Ed

        If you would ad ”ad block” to your browser you could eliminate most ads, except for the ‘sign up for emails’ that still appear, those are really annoying to me, I have written to several so called bloggers who go on and on about nothing like yall say, and never get around to the subject. Mostly they ignored me. I find that naturalnews.com is a good source for info. Im clicking on less and less info articles until someone with some sense starts to write them. And adblock is free, it eliminates ads on youtube also, more enjoyable now to listen to a complete song or sound track without being interrupted.

  • Rosie

    Everything causes cancer, what do you eat?? Should we all starve??

    • Kara

      The reason these things cause cancer is because they are genetically modified or overly processed with chemicals. You don’t have to starve, just do your best not to eat fake food =) there are lots of healthy ways to detoxify as well. Don’t take it as a joke, i’ve had cancer before and it’s not a cakewalk.

      • candy

        Iv had cancer to 2 my wasnt as advanced that i needed chemo but it aint no fun growing up sick n not knowing what was wrong no one beiliveing u when u tell em u dont feel good haveing to go to school sick its not easy

      • Don

        Nice reply Kara. I get that people today love their food indulgences, but the truth of the matter is food has the power to kill or cure. For now we have the ability to control which choice we make. If we continue to allow others to control what we eat, we may not have that choice much longer.

      • Miche

        That’s not true and you know it

    • Tara

      Rosie, you should start by eating “food” that isn’t processed in any way, shape or form ie. Fruits, vegetables, beans etc and you surely won’t starve.

    • Terri

      It’s easy (well, not really) but eliminate ALL WHITE FOODS (rice, sugar, etc.) Realize that anything ending with ose is a SUGAR – also eliminate all canned and packaged foods.

      What can you have? Vegetables. You should be having 6-8 CUPS PER DAY – frozen is okay, organic is best if you can afford it otherwise do your best.

      Fruit. Try to stay away from the high sugar fruits. You know, the ones we love so much! (pineapple, banana’s, figs, cherries, lychees, green grapes, mango, ) Use those as “desserts” and keep to a single serving portion. Go for the Apples, pears, berries are great – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc., limes, lemons, avocados….veggies same thing….skip the high sugar stuff…IN FACT – here is a diet for you:

      Lean protein. Low sugar fruits and Vegetables (Vegges up to 8 cups a day – including those you can add to salads, soups, etc.) OR follow any diabetic diet. Same principals. I promise you it will work.

    • Mega

      Why is everyone so against this article or whatever? It’s f*ckin true! All of these things have been linked to concern with cancer !! Are you kidding me?!? What are we going to eat?!? So popcorn, canned foods, beef jerky and gmo are the only things you can eat?? How bout fresh grown vegetables from your own garden and eggs from chickens of your own…nuts etc Jeeze why is everyone so lazy and thoughtless knowadays when it comes to survival….oh yeah becaus they’re mind is on that TV all damn day

  • June Johnson

    Love the information; you would not believe what I took out of my diet 13 years ago and lived on. You have to do your own due diligence (foot work). A lot of doctors don’t have time to get it all.

  • Suzanne

    Hi there, thankyou for the very informative page. What do you know about prerepared meals in microwave plastic? It has been stated that some plastics are safe, however when using the microwave it is a very high heat. Does this cause carcinogens? KindLy Sue

    • Heidi

      Microwave kills all the nutrients in the food anyways. We finally got rid of ours.

    • Ed

      if you are still using a microwave you have not done much research, they change the molecular structure of food and destroy it. please throw it away for your health. Plastics are made from petroleum products…what part of that is safe to use in your food? I stopped eating seafood since the Gulf oil spill, yea I miss it, but wont ever eat it again.

  • Eileen Conrod

    EVERYTHING CAUSES CANCER ,that’s all I hear this thing and that thing causes cancer ,
    there’s always something new comes up that causes cancer .The more money that is raised ,the more causes that are found ,

  • Georgina Newton

    I printed off your 20 meatless high protein foods list. I was surprised at lentils having the number two spot with 26g per 100g. Everything else I read gave the protein as 9g per 100g. You have listed the protein in 100 grams of dry, uncooked lentils. That is not how your readers would understand a 100 gram “serving”, as you describe it. I think that should be clarified.

  • emile

    Excelent dear keeep it up

  • Elle

    EXCELLENT article. Thank you so much for your insight. Pass it on BIG TIME!! xoxo

  • Sandra Sanchez

    Interesting, while yes we should in moderation eat all foods also what we need more of help in the beginning we were meant to eat the greens of GOD’S earth. I myself I’m the producer of a healthy nutritional and no added preservatives MAMAMOSA New ERA Soups Dry full favor broth soups soon to be on the market.

  • Janet

    I’m currently in Chemo and appreciate the information. Most canned foods are bad because of the BPA. I too have read several articles that warn against Microwave Popcorn so If some don’t believe it they should research it. Someone asked what should they eat… The answer is to get rid of processed foods. Eat whole foods, organic whenever possible. Prepare meals from scratch so you know what is in them. If you think you don’t have the time or money ask yourself what you’d do if your doctor told you, you have stage 4 esophageal cancer.

  • Judy

    Great article . I appreciate you getting the word out. There is always going to be nay sayers who don’t want to look at what they are eating and give up their highly processed food like substances like potato chips and pepsi. It is hard to believe there is still people eating this junk with all we know now about the harm that comes from consuming them. If we ate the foods our great grandmothers ate we would all be a lot healthier. Keep up the great work.

  • erica

    While everyone would love to be able to buy all organic fruits, veggies and meats, it’s not possible for a lot of us. The only thing I make sure I buy organic for myself, husband and 4 (soon be 5) kids is milk…the milk alone is almost double the price for 1/2 gallon than 1 gallon of reg milk. Never mind meats. So while it may be true that these things can cause cancer in some people, the government and food industry is too greedy to allow everyday people to afford these things. A lot of families cannot afford fruits and veggies and rely on things like Mac and cheese and hotdogs. It all comes down to money not people choosing to eat crap over healthy food.

    • Jamie Underwood

      Research your shopping. Fred Meyers has been making that simple. Plus cutting out things like milk (we don’t need to drink) can put your money into other options.

    • Jamie Underwood

      Also it’s amazing how far a when chicken will go, diner, bone broth room left overs and meals from the broth. Roast veggies with the chicken and you have a meal.

    • Jamie Underwood

      Roasted veggies can be cheaper than Mac and cheese.

    • Emily

      First of all milk is the least you should be buying because we don’t need milk what adult animal do you know drinks milk we humans are the only ones who still drink milk when our bodies can not processes the “calcium ” from it and get no benefit from it and almond milk is a healthier choice if you can’t do without milk and before people start making statements about starving and everything causes cancer they should make it an effort to do research

  • Jill

    It is discouraging to hear people say that it is cheaper to eat processed foods and junk foods than it is to eat fresh whole foods. That is simply not the case. It is also discouraging to hear that it is quicker to make Mac and cheese or something processed than something fresh. Well maybe by mi utes. But then hkw much is your health worgh to you? In terms of the money argument, I was forced becahse of my health to eliminate processed foods, sugar, chemicals, fast foods, gluten, virtually everything except fresh, whole foods from our diet and I can tell you that our grocery bill dropped dramatically and the quality our meals rose considerably. Not that we ate a lot of junk before, but now, I don’t go near those aisles and I can’t believe how much money we throw away of our grocery budget on processed crap that isn’t even real food! So the excuses are simply that, excuses. Especially the one about money. If you have money for mac and cheese, you have money for cole slaw or a couple pieces of fruit! Why does it always have to be mac and cheese?? Why can’t it be a baked potato?? An omelette?? Sauted mushrooms on toast?? These things are quick and NOT expensive!!

  • Jill

    Sorry I meant I can’t believe how much we as consumers as a whole throw away on garbage virtually not real food processed garbage. I really didn’t get the full impact until I couldn’t eat it anymore.

  • mona

    in reality…in an emergency situation, fresh anything is going to be hard to find,, so in storing foods that will last longer, you have to have canned things…electricity goes out…there goes your frozen things…floods, earthquakes,tornadoes…. there has to be somethings ready to go and eat…moderation in all things…just got to be wise.

  • Yvonne

    Fresh-frozen-dried ! It maybe the way to go . Adjusting your lifestyle is the first step . To feed you and your family this way takes prep time , for thought and imagination. But it can be done. Be kind to yourself and adjust to it . You will thank yourself when you gain control of what you eat. If you want to have Mac and cheese because your time is running short fine but balance the rest of the meal with good fresh veggies and meat. Look up a recipe for from scratch Mac and cheese when you have time . Try it you may like it .

  • erica

    I wasn’t saying that my family doesn’t buy fruits or veggies or doesn’t cook. I cook every night (and no not Mac and cheese). I was simply stating that there are people out there that can’t afford to buy all organic or all completely healthy food. Personally I can’t afford to buy all organic or all non GMO foods (even if I sat there and made my own snacks everyday). It gets annoying when people (not saying anyone here) look down on you when you don’t buy organic or you buy the occasional chip. Its great to get this info out there so people can make their own choices but that’s where it should stop…What others choose to eat is no one else’s concern. Ok vent over lol.

  • Vipin

    Thanks for this information we really think about it before consuming all this good

  • Abdullah

    i have seen this kind of article several times on various subjects, over the years. And most are accurate but what I don’t get is the lag between discovery of the harm and an effective change in the products being sold, it seems that the companies selling these products are more powerful than the government.

    • Darleen

      Abdullah- now you’re catching on! Yes, the big food giants are more powerful than the government, and using their millions to actually control the government. Disgusting! All of these things are good reasons to grow your own food.

  • Laura

    I wholeheartedly agree with the content of this article and love what everyone has to contribute to it. However, I, too, would like to know where the information came from. It is essential for the author’s credibility. In memory of the love of my life, my beloved husband, who was the victim of insensitive doctors, medical malpractice, incompetent alternative medicine doctors and health practitioners, and our fruitless search for nutritional advice and support, I became certified as a health coach and am on a journey to raise awareness among those who want to know about the amazing power of nutrient dense foods to help the body heal itself. I wish I could prevent all the unnecessary pain and suffering most cancer patients treated conventionally go through. I try to buy all my fruits and vegetables organic, even those that are not on the Dirty Dozen list published by ewg.org . This week I read about the first death officially caused by GMOs (link below). They found fish allergens in a tomato! How could someone ever suspect they will find fish genes in a tomato? So, at this pace, with Big Food investing millions to prevent GMO labeling from becoming mandatory, we will have no recourse but to refrain from buying anything that does not have the NON GMO Project Verified label! To be honest with you, shopping this way can be unaffordable for most people. My grocery shopping is now as much as or higher than when we were a household of three.

  • Pete @E.Craze

    Man this really sucks. l love a lot of these foods. Beef jerky, crisps and cola? I don’t eat/drink them all the time, but now and again I indulge on a guilty treat.

    Having these things in moderations should be completely fine though. It is more detrimental if your eating this stuff every single day.

  • Ed

    People are finally waking up and doing their own research and buying healthier food. Notice the ads in grocery stores, there is so much competition now, some prices are actually lower even though its junk. Farmers markets are the way to go if you cant grow your own. Find organic, naturally grown food, go to youtube and type in veganathlete and watch how he grows his own food in his yard, and eats it all there. No need to be eating chemical laced food that you cant even pronounce. And read articles from naturalnews.com to educate yourself about medicine and treatment, etc.

  • Julie

    The easiest way to avoid everything listed, and some of the problems found in your responses is to return to food growth, preservation and preparation of the past. At least that is what has worked best for our family.
    My father was raised on a farm where “if we ate it, we grew it” including veggies, fruits, meat and milk, all without pesticides, also known as organic. The one exception to this statement was the cheese they ate, which came from the cheese factory just a couple miles away, where they took and sold their milk to each day.
    As a testemony to the success of that lifestyle, my Dad’S parents and most of his siblings lived healthy, productive lives well into their 70’s. At least 3 of 7 kids, my Dad included at 88 years old, lived past 80, and one sister lived on her own until she was 92.
    They grew everything. They used no pesticides. Their fertilizer came from the barn, was aged and then mixed with the soil. Their meat, from untreated livestock, also known as free-range, was smoked or canned, in glass jars as they did not have a freezer.
    There was no TV, no vacations, not even many trips to the local city to visit a son when he was hospitalized. They worked and worked hard, also know as exercise.
    One other note of interest, at least to me: 3 of 7 kids had polio, including the son who was hospitalized. All 3 of these people, my 88 year old father being one, survived polio.
    My husband’s parents lived very similar lives yo that of my father. They are both in their mid 70s and live active productive lives. Looking upon the basic stats of our ancestory: one set of great grandparents, 4 sets of grandparents and 23 children, their has only been one case of cancer. One of my Dad’S sisters survived a very serious car accident. At the time they were treating her there was confirmation they would never be able to get her body free of all the auto paint that made its way into the wounds. Years later during cancer treatment, doctors felt the paint and chemicals may have caused the cancer.
    Long winded, I know.
    My point is….go back to basic, simple, home grown food, use those fresh ingredients to make uour meals. You will see and feel the difference.

  • Leigh

    GMO foods do not contain pesticides. Their DNA is genetically modified to withstand pests WITHOUT the use of pesticides. Please research your topics before posting about them and misinforming people.

  • Emma

    As a farmer, I have an issue with this article. You say that organic is better in a couple of places throughout this article. If organic over conventional is so much “healthier” why is there no study that backs up this myth? I’m just saying once you said organic popcorn kernels were better I was discouraged with your false information you are telling people

  • Shannon

    Please people, do your research about GMO. I know everyone loves to be on the hate the evil GMO bandwagon but if you knew anything about genetics you would know it’s not as simple as plants making their own pesticides. GMO is the future if we want to be able to feed everyone so please do some proper research, it’s really not that scary.

  • Samuel

    Look at this video to see what Dr. Wallach and Dr. Glidden say about some of the foods listed about, here is a video it’s called “10 Bad Foods by Dr. Glidden.” you ca

  • sue

    I hear what most of you are saying. Basically eat all the colors of the rainbow. I swear by it. I have ovarian cancer n been n remission 2 times. Yes chemo does its job but the fresh organic colored food you eat certainly did the 1/2 the job. Fruits, veg. Wild salmon (costco pre-packed individually. ) chicken breast n turkey breast. NO BEEF or PORK. Green tea n red wine occasionally. No processed sugar, white anything. Sweet potatoes a must a day. I am still alive n very active at the gym. You all can eat this way. One life, take care of it. Sue

  • Tim

    How do you re heat your food then if the microwave is bad? Just to rehire something in the oven is an over kill. Would you suggest like a toaster oven to reheat stuff…

  • Lemon

    No, artificial sweetners and GMOs don’t cause cancer. “Organic” foods use toxic pesticides and herbicides, too.

    Just FYI, GMOs are better for the environment.

  • Joy

    All of you guys are hilarious, all of that stuff will harm you . The government is trying to kill you with chemicals . In your food, the water and your air . Try your hardest to eat natural, organic and consume probiotics to fight against the slaughter of the human race .

  • Sarah

    What about dairy, eggs, and meat? Everyone knows super artificial, oily, unnaturally sugary, or fatty foods aren’t good for being healthy. Cancer-causing foods are all things that our bodies aren’t designed to digest. This means that the milk of a physically and sexually abused, antibiotic ingested, feces surrounded, infected, overworked, suffering, mistreated mother cow meant for her young baby calf that was murdered directly after it’s delivery; a the period of an abused, debeaked, antibiotic infested, depressed, overworked, delicate, mistreated, death and feces surrounded hen; and the body of an antibiotic ingested, feces surrounded, infected, over feed, suffering, mistreated, slaughtered, animal would at least be one of the leading things to cause cancer. For obvious reasons human, who descended from primates, apes specifically, are frugivorous meaning our diet should consist of all or almost all of fruits and vegetables, however, many people argue that humans are omnivorous because we CAN digest animal products. Animal flesh sits in your stomach for over 3 full days promoting many diseases including cancer, where as fruit only takes hours. It is important to realize that bodies have nothing in common with carnivorous animals. Just something we should make more aware for confused impressionable people. Thanks!

    • Chandra

      To say that we as people evolved from Apes is amazing! You aren’t our Creator and most certainly wasn’t there, so please stick to “the topic”!!!

  • Pj

    First of all for you all wanting proof that GMO foods cause cancer, do your research people. It’s been documented for awhile now. There are tons of documentaries you can watch, Netflix. Have you heard of Monsanto???? And second, not everything causes cancer! People, do your own research, it’s not hard & it’s worth it.

  • Kristi

    This article did state the main cause.
    Do your own research then you’ll know the truth.
    People act like this is the only article that has ever mentioned these toxic

  • Darlene

    My grandson died from cancer at 16.. It was contributed to eating foods that were irrigated from the rivers with an army depot leaking chemicals, and a nuclear plant leaking also and the chemicals they spray and crop dust on foods.. And modified foods.. Do your research and see what the government is doing to our foods.

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