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Is kale purple?

Kale can have either green or purple leaves, so it’s quite possible to find purple kale listed simply as kale when you go to purchase it. The taste should be the same, and the nutrition levels should also remain unchanged. Some green-leaved kale will have purple stems, so you’ll seen both green and purple on the same plant.


Does all kale taste the same?

Different varieties of kale taste different. Baby kale has a different taste than regular kale, and there is even a type called dinosaur kale that has a flavor that is different than all the others. It can be fun to experiment with the different tastes and see which one you like best, although it’s a good idea to follow a recipe exactly if they are asking you to use a specific type of kale.

Does cooking kale destroy nutrients?

Any cooked food will lose some of its nutrients in the process. That’s why it’s a good idea to only lightly cook kale to soften it up a bit and make it easier to eat. There’s no need to cook kale for long periods of time, unless a specific recipe calls for it.

Does kale cook down like spinach?

Kale does reduce during cooking, but does not cook down as much as spinach tends to. You can add an extra handful or so to a batch of kale to account for this reduction, since it will lose some of its nutrients during the cooking process as well.

Does kale need to be organic?

It’s recommended to buy organic kale if at all possible. Since it has big, thick leaves that absorb the rain and other moisture that hits the plant while it’s growing, you want to be sure that the only thing being sprayed on it is rain. You don’t want to negate the good things that kale does for the body by ingesting herbicides and pesticides along with it.

Does kale go bad?

Yes, kale will go bad if left uneaten, even if it is properly stored. It’s best to eat all fresh fruits and vegetables within days after purchase to insure that you’re consuming them while they’re at their best.

Can kale be eaten raw?

While kale can be eaten raw, it’s best to cook it when first starting out on it. This makes it easier to digest and will result in fewer digestive problems. There are many recipes for green smoothies that require raw kale, and it can also be eaten as the base of a salad. It’s often recommended to not eat the stems, since those can be especially tough to chew and digest.

Does kale need to be washed?

All vegetables should be washed before you eat them, including organic. Even though you are doing your best to try to avoid chemicals and other additives you’ll still want to give your veggies a good wash before you use them to make sure they’re as clean as can be before you eat them.

Will kale make soup bitter?

Kale has the tendency to add a nice texture and flavor to soup without making it bitter. Use fresh kale to avoid any bitter taste, as only kale that is past its prime will have a bitter flavor.

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