10 Detoxifying Foods That Will Make You Look Your Best

We all want to look our best, and instead of paying top dollar for beauty treatments that don’t last, it’s better to heal your body from the inside and let your outside glow. Food is the most powerful tool available for changing the way the body looks, and the following detox foods will lay the foundation for the best you yet.

Cranberries- for bright eyes.

1. Cranberries for Bright Eyes

Cranberries can help put an end to those unsightly bags that can appear under the eyes, to reveal bright, cheerful, and captivating eyes. They provide support for your blood vessels which can be just what is needed to tip the scales and avoid the dark circles that can make you look run down.

Cranberries aren’t just good for the bags under your eyes, they’re also good for your eyes themselves. And let’s not forget the rest of the body. Cranberries contain antioxidants that will keep you feeling fit and having more energy.

Windows to the Soul

Your eyes are what people will try to make contact with, which is why it’s so important to make sure that yours look their best. Tired, baggy eyes will make you look like you’re exhausted, even though you may feel fine and are getting plenty of sleep.

Broccoli- for acne.

2. Broccoli for Acne

Broccoli is a great food to eat in general, but it can go to work specifically on your acne. Fewer breakouts, less redness from the zits you get, and clearer skin all over are the benefits provided by eating broccoli regularly.

Broccoli will supply you with fiber, helping to keep your digestive system clear which play a role in clear skin as well. But it’s real power factor is the vitamins it contains, particularly Vitamin A, C, and E. This is a whole food source of these powerful antioxidant vitamins, a much better way to go than using a synthetic multivitamin.

An Overall Approach

Rather than focus on one food to fix your acne it’s best to take a look at the bigger picture and factor in your overall lifestyle. Getting enough exercise and avoiding foods that are highly processed are all steps that will get you to your clear skin goal.

Green Tea- for cellulite.

3. Green Tea for Cellulite

The EGCG in green tea can help with fat loss, and specifically helps kill off fat cells so you’re less likely to regain the fat once it’s lost. Green tea also acts as a natural way to boost your metabolism, so when you combine this with other detox foods you’ll be creating a compound effect on your body’s structure.

Cellulite can be stubborn, but with enough consistently good habits, and losing not just overall weight but specifically fat, you should see positive changes before long. Rather than focus on the cellulite itself, take into consideration your overall appearance as well as improvements in how you feel when drinking green tea regularly.

Drinking Green Tea Just Makes Sense

There are so many benefits to taking green tea that it just makes sense to have a daily cup or two. The antioxidants it contains will help with energy levels as well as preventing diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Berries- for anti-aging.

4. Berries for Anti-Aging

Load up on blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries and you’ll be getting a variety of antioxidants all designed to make you less susceptible to damage done by free radicals. These insidious toxins can’t be avoided with our modern lifestyle, so getting antioxidants daily is the best defense.

Oxidative stress is a big contributor to prematurely aging skin, which is why antioxidant support is so effective. But you’ll also want to be sure you’re avoiding other factors such as excessive sun exposure, alcohol, and nutrition deficiencies.

You Can’t Beat Father Time

You can’t beat time, but you can put up a good fight. By taking an inside-out approach to anti-aging you’ll be much farther ahead than if you just sought out topical treatments and tried to treat things from the surface.

Avocado- for glowing skin.

5. Avocado for Glowing Skin

Eating more avocados will set you up to have skin that radiates healthiness. It’s hard to describe what it’s like to see someone that simply has a glow to them, but we’ve all seen them. It starts from inside and getting enough nutrients like healthy fats, minerals, and fiber.

Avocado makes our detox foods list because of its unique mix of nutrients your body needs. Fiber helps keep your digestive system going, which in turn keeps your skin supple and smooth. The healthy fats avocado contains will give your skin a better appearance, especially if you’ve gone a long time without getting enough healthy fat in your diet.

Your Skin Says a Lot

The health of your skin is one big determining factor of how you look and how others perceive your state of health. It’s the biggest organ in the body, so if it’s looking dull, flaky, irritated, or just not right it’s going to reflect on your overall image. Give your skin the attention it deserves and it will pay big dividends to your appearance.

Green Smoothies- for weight loss.

6. Green Smoothies for Weight Loss

Jump on board the green smoothie trend because the next stop is weight loss. Smoothies make a great meal replacement or a snack between meals. Green smoothies add in the green vegetables so you get an influx of vitamins, minerals, and fiber to spur on weight loss.

Losing weight is one of the most noticeable ways to improve your appearance, and can be the most satisfying once you achieve a certain level. When the compliments start rolling in it’s easier to stay motivated, but it can be awhile before anyone notices your initial improvement so be sure to stay focused during the start.

While not necessarily a green smoothie, you may want to check out this Green Tea Smoothie which can easily be converted to a green smoothie with the addition of spinach or kale.

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