13 Surprising Uses for Honey & Cinnamon

You may have a supply of honey and cinnamon already in your kitchen. This is because they are rather common items, and because of this they are often overlooked when it comes to all of the potential uses they have.

Honey and cinnamon can help with sustained weight loss, cancer prevention, and much more…

The quality of the ingredients you use is important when you’re trying to experience the benefits from them. Only use raw, organic honey and preferably organic cinnamon when using honey and cinnamon together.

Opting for conventional versions of these two items opens you up to consuming pesticides and other chemicals, as well as strips the honey of its natural enzymes.

Here are 13 different ways you can use honey and cinnamon, from helping to prevent cancer all the way to naturally treating a bladder infection.

1. Cancer Prevention

One of the most intriguing benefits of using honey and cinnamon is the potential to ward off cancer with them. Research on a mixture of both is largely nonexistent, but studies have been done on the individual ingredients and the results are promising.

Cinnamon alone has been touted as an anti-cancer spice, and honey has also gotten its fair share of attention as being helpful in fighting off cancer. When the two are mixed together you are getting the benefit of both at the same time, doubling the potency.

It’s important to remember that these sort of results don’t appear overnight or from a one-time use. You’ll need to use this every day in order to reap the long-term benefits.

The Honey and Cinnamon Duo: This combination alone might not be enough to prevent cancer, but when used along with other cancer-fighting foods on a daily basis you’re giving your body extra protection.

honey and cinnamon for weight loss

2. Weight Loss Support

Honey and cinnamon, when mixed together in a ratio of two parts honey to one part cinnamon, has been shown to help support weight loss efforts.

The reason this is effective is that cinnamon has been shown to help get your metabolism going, and honey contains enzymes that help the digestive system. When combined, a faster metabolism and more effective digestion will help your other weight loss activities.

You can use this mixture as needed throughout the day, but the most common way is when you wake up on an empty stomach, and before you go to bed. These are two times when it can be hard to start your day right, and fight nighttime food cravings.

The Honey and Cinnamon Duo: The combination of honey and cinnamon works on the body in a number of ways to help promote weight loss when consumed in the morning and at night. For more on this see our full evaluation of using honey and cinnamon for weight loss.

3. Lower Blood Pressure Numbers

Honey and cinnamon can help bring down high blood pressure numbers when used consistently. Since high blood pressure is a precursor to serious heart problems, it’s important to keep your blood pressure at healthy levels.

Honey has been shown to help prevent blood pressure from getting to high levels. Cinnamon has been shown to actually lower blood pressure when it has reached higher than desired levels. The combination of the two means you’re getting both preventive and immediate help for high blood pressure.

You can use cinnamon and honey along with other foods that lower blood pressure as a way to treat the problem naturally and reduce the amount of medication needed. Always follow your doctor’s advice when it comes to a medical condition like high blood pressure.

The Honey and Cinnamon Duo: Use these two blood pressure stabilizers together as part of your plan to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

4. An Acne Fighter

You can use honey and cinnamon topically to help fight acne. For this you apply it at night and remove it in the morning to see a noticeable improvement over time.

For this mixture you’ll want to use three parts honey to one part cinnamon. The antibacterial effects of both honey and cinnamon is what gets the job done here, removing the cause of the acne and keeping the skin protected all night.

This is a much more preferable method of dealing with acne because it’s all natural and less likely to cause irritation compared to using acne cleansers with harsh abrasives and chemicals in them. It may take a bit longer, and requires you to stick with it over a long period, but it’s worth it.

The Honey and Cinnamon Duo: Making a paste out of honey and cinnamon that you can apply directly to a blemish has been shown to help get rid of acne when used for a period of several days. Apply it at night and remove it in the morning upon waking.

5. Boost the Immune System

Honey and cinnamon helps bolster your immune system, and therefore helps you in a number of ways, including getting sick less often, and avoiding more life-threatening illnesses later in life.

You may be aware that oranges and other foods with high amounts of Vitamin C are important for a strong immune system, but you might be surprised to learn that honey and cinnamon also help it.

The antioxidants found in honey help the immune system on their own, but when combined with the antibacterial effects of cinnamon you are really getting a lot of benefit for efforts. The cinnamon will make it so there are less infections for the immune system to fight off, meaning it has extra reserves for the nastier viruses and colds going around.

The Honey and Cinnamon Duo: Take cinnamon and honey daily for improved immune system function. The two work hand in hand to help boost the performance of the immune system and keep you healthy and feeling good.


Users Comments:

  • Chris

    I bought the honey and cinnamon but can’t find the dossage to be used for different ailments . I did see a page where the amount were given for all ailments now I can not find that page please help thank you Chris (:)

  • Bellaisa

    Wow, I guess I better include more honey and cinnamon in my diet. It is amazing at what such simple foods can do to our bodies for health and weight loss. Time to pass on the artificial help and take the natural, side-effect free help!


    I just wanted to know what honey is good for.
    I love honey, I get raw honey every year.
    I thank you for your info, take care

  • Lane

    what effect will honey and cinnamon have on a person that doesn’t have a gallbladder

  • Phil Richardson

    After reading the info here I purchased organic cinnamon from Ceylon. I already use horse chestnut honey from France. I have had raised blood pressure for at least 4 years and three weeks ago it was 140/67.
    I then started taking one teaspoonful of cinnamon powder mixed with the honey on toast for breakfast everyday. My blood pressure now is 132/63.

  • رژیم لاغری

    Treating digestion issues with honey has been done for centuries. Specifically, raw honey may be helpful with treating acid reflux. Honey may also help lower the specific bacteria associated with peptic ulcers, H. pylori.

  • Alma

    I was on blood pressure medication for over 6 years. 4 months ago, I started taking 1 tablespoon organic honey (I buy mine from Costco), 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon and half a lemon – I combine all the ingredients in warm water and drink it on an empty stomach. my blood pressure is now 123/68. My doctor took me off the meds two months ago and I have maintained the low numbers. I am recommending this natural remedy to all my friends and family. it really works – but you have to be consistent.

  • Lynda Barnett

    How much water?

  • Lynda Barnett

    How much water? Can it be regular cinnamon?

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