12 Natural Sleep Aids to Get Better Sleep

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If you have trouble sleeping or just want to have deeper, more restful sleep, you need to take a look at this great list of natural sleep aids.

For some people, getting to sleep is like solving a personal puzzle, with a different component of a good night’s rest being like that corner piece that just doesn’t fit anywhere. The sleep process is different for each of us, and unlocking your unique code is crucial if you want to function at your best and view life with a cheery disposition. Sleeping well is our natural way of life, so having sleeping problems is a sign that something isn’t right. Here is a list of all-natural sleeping remedies, tips, and some natural sleep aids that could be the key.

natural sleep aids

Try Melatonin, Valerian Root, or Kava

Melatonin is one of the best natural sleep aids out there. Your body naturally produces melatonin anyway, so you don’t have to worry about taking a product that’s made from synthetic chemicals. Melatonin is a hormone that is secreted by your pineal gland when it gets dark at night. Its job is to tell your brain when it’s time to go to sleep. But it’s suppressed by light, so if you’re constantly using your phone or TV to help you sleep, then the light omitted from these devices might be affecting your melatonin levels and preventing you from getting the shut eye you need.

Valerian root is an herb that is used for people suffering from insomnia, and studies have shown that it can work both for helping you get to sleep, and also keeping you asleep through the night. The best part about it is that you can also take it to reduce anxiety throughout the day, too. It has few, if any, side effects, but make sure you don’t take excessive amounts of it to be on the safe side.


Kava is a nightshade plant that has more recently come to light as a possible sleep enhancer due to its ability to reduce anxiety. Lots of people have problems falling asleep at night because they can’t turn their brain off. Using kava is one way to help relax and calm down before going to bed. It works by increasing neurotransmitters, especially GABA, in the brain to help you relax and feel calm. One study even found that kava was more effective than a placebo at helping people with anxiety disorders get to sleep.

optimize environment for sleep

Optimize Your Environment for Sleep

Having the right environment for sleep is important, and often determines how fast you’ll be able to fall asleep, and how many times you’ll awake during the night. For example, many times there will be a TV in the bedroom for watching TV in bed, falling asleep to the news or late night talk shows. We discuss more about why this might not be the best set-up below.

You also should take into consideration what sort of mattress you’re sleeping on, what sort of pillow you’re resting your head on, how dark it is, and whether there are any noises bothering you. You can also experiment with different bedtime rituals. Some people do well with a shower or bath before bed, while others associate this with waking up and it only exacerbates the problem.

Make your bedroom a sacred place for sleeping. Don’t do any work in bed, or watch movies in bed, because this conditions you to stay awake while in bed. Making your bed in the morning can help establish your bed as the place for slumber, and can make it even more inviting when it’s time to turn in for the night.

wear yourself out

Wear Yourself Out During the Day

Sometimes it’s harder to get to sleep if you haven’t had much activity throughout the day. One way to make sure you expend this excess energy is to take a one hour walk each day. You don’t even have to walk briskly, just take a stroll for an hour. You can choose the same route each day, or explore your neighborhood by walking 30 minutes in any direction and then returning home.

You might feel like your daily routine provides enough energy expenditure, what with all of the running around, the job, the kids, the spouse, and all of the other fun things. But if you’re the type that has energy to spare you’ll need to find time to fit a daily workout in, or at least 30 minutes of some sort of aerobic or strength training activity. You also get the added bonus of less stress and better overall health.

to do

Get It Out Of Your Head

If you’re physically exhausted but still can’t turn your mind off, there must be something on it that you don’t want to forget. Sometimes it helps to get up, write it down on paper, and then try to get back to sleep, confident that you’ll attend to it in the morning. If it’s a lot of little things, make a list. Of course, this can also backfire, and you might start thinking of other things to write down, so try it once and see if it has a calming effect on your mind.

Telling yourself “I can’t get to sleep!” becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and jumping from subject to subject but looping again to the same thoughts is a sign that you might be better off staying up a little longer until your mind can relax. Perhaps you are forgetting something and this is your mind’s way of making sure it gets attended to before letting you go to sleep.

brush teeth

Get Ready for Sleep An Hour Beforehand

Don’t over-stimulate your senses right before you go to bed. A nightly habit for many is watching television or a movie, or surfing the web. When you try to go to sleep right after that the images are still flashing in your mind, making it harder to calm down and get to sleep.

Also, don’t eat too late in the evening, and avoid caffeinated drinks and chocolate at dinner time. Eating late meal means the food will still be on your stomach when you’re trying to get comfortable and fall asleep. Try eating dinner before 7pm and avoid snacking before bed.

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Users Comments:

  • Robin Marconi

    I’ve definitely done the melatonin thing, and it worked wonders. Best thing is that it didn’t have the side-effects that I had with Ambien.

  • Connor

    Pretty much everything’s been going wrong in my life ever since I started having sleeping problems. I’m having trouble at work because of concentration problems, I almost got into an accident falling asleep at the wheel, and I became so forgetful too. I’ll do whatever it takes to start getting full night’s sleep, but if I still don’t see improvements after this, I think should probably pay a visit to a doctor.

  • Aubrey7

    It’s really scary reading stories about people having chronic sleep disorder and basically having their lives destroyed by it. I’ve recently been suffering from sleep difficulties and I’ve only been getting 4 to 5 hours of sleep per day. It was okay the first week, but then the lack of sleep started affecting me from week two. It’s been couple of months now like this and I’m starting to see some difference physically as well. I can’t see as well as I used to and I feel dizzy at times. I need to get this thing out of my system asap before it ruins me.

  • Grace

    I’m going to keep things simple and start by optimizing my sleeping environment. First, the television will be moved out of my bedroom. I keep the tv on when I can’t sleep, so it can help me fall asleep while watching late night talk shows and such, but in the long run it’ll do more harm than good. The second thing I need to do is to change my pillow and if that helps I might even change my mattress. I’m going to think positively about this and I won’t panic. I have to believe that the positive changes I’m willing to make will make a difference.

  • meital

    These are some great herbal aids. I have to admit that there are 2 non-herbal (yet natural) things that get me to sleep in 5 minutes – An acupressure mat or an infrared heating pad.

  • Laurie Annie

    My best remedy for problems with sleeping are….melatonin, put 1-2 cups of Epsom salt in your hot tub and soak for 15 min. bfr bedtime while sipping on a hot tea of Sleepytime EXTRA which is Chamomile and Valerian …always works for me. For real serious problem sleepers its very important to SHUT OFF all electrical in the bdrm your sleeping in so if you have breakers just shut them off at night. You would be amazed on how much these EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) can interfere with your sleep until you try it.

  • Andi

    I have suffered from sleeping issues every year since I can remember. It always starts with the time change in the Spring and lasts about a month until my body has adjusted to the hour difference in the normal bedtime. During that adjustment period, I am miserable and make my family miserable too because of my grouchiness. I have tried many of your ideas before and they have worked for me to some degree but without consistency. What works one time may not work the next time.

    Thank you for the great tips. There were a few that I had not thought of or tried, and I plan on trying in the very near future.

  • Melinda

    I would add to that, honey taken within an hour before bedtime even in cooled chamomile tea. It starts the production of melatonin after you close your eyes. And feed the brains so you wake up refreshed.

  • Viki

    I was having trouble sleeping maybe going several days with no sleep. Finally went to my chiropractor who also practices applied kinesiology an was diagnosed with low hormones. What a difference! Midlife brings on so many changes in or bodies. I also find chamomile tea works.

  • autumn

    plus its hard cause i sleep alone and im younger than all of u but still i need to sleep

  • Heather

    I have the same issues, I find melatonin works. Sometimes I take 3 pills sometimes 4 works better. You need to find the right does for you. Banannas work as well. I find reading does help, some people say it wakes them up. Sometimes sleeping on the sofa helps.
    I also found I can fall asleep most days but not stay asleep. I often wake after 5.5 hrs. If I go to bed at 10 I am up at 3:30, midnight, I am up at 5;30. Doesn’t matter what I do can’t get back to sleep after those 5.5 hrs.

  • Roger

    Melatonin is the worst thing I have ever taken to get a good night’s sleep. It will get me to sleep, but it will only let me sleep 6 hours at which point I wakeup and am wide awake and cannot go back to sleep, and even worse is, it prevents me from sleeping the next night where I have to again take more melatonin. It’s just an endless cycle. The supplement that gets me back to a natural/normal cycle is MRM’s Relax-All.

    • Cameron Hooper

      Yes that is normal. Since melatonin is a natural biochemical in the body, taking supplements of melatonin disrupts the natural balance and with long-term use causes your body to get accustomed to not producing it itself. Then it causes you to have to take more and more to get the same effect. Melatonin is really only ok for occasional use when you can’t fall asleep.

      I used to use it in the liquid form to get myself to initially fall asleep on exam nights during college when my roommates decided to be excessively loud. It saved my grade many times but I have not used it since!

  • Cameron Hooper

    There are also several homeopathic remedies that work quite well. Once you match up your characteristics with what works best, you can identify which remedy is best for you! I have seen many people benefit from homeopathic remedies for sleep. For example, someone who is prone to anxiety, often craves salty & sweet foods, becomes consumed by sleep-inhibiting thoughts at night, and experiences back pain would be a great contender for argentum nitricum. You do not have to possess all of the characteristics–just select the one that characterizes you the best. It is important to pay attention to the characteristics for the most effective results!

    Feel free to check out the entire list of homeopathic remedies. There is a table that will help you identify which homeopathic remedy best fits you: http://www.hbhcoaching.com/remedies-for-better-sleep-tonight/

  • Amie

    You should definitely consider a natural supplement to aid sleep problems. A website called brain-feed sell a product called ‘sleep aid’ which contains Valerian extracts. They also do 5-HTP which is said to have similar benefits.

  • Wolfgang Dorfner

    Ummm…Kava has been banned 😉

    I really like Melatonin and Valerian Root. If the proper raws are combined they can really do miracles. The problem is that most supplements have cheap and useless Valerian Powder or way too little Extract in them to actually deliver. All the studies that have been done on Valerian used around 10 times the dosage of most supplements.

    The best product for me was DreamQuick (the blue bottle not the purple one), which combines a very potent Valerian extract with extended-release (!) Melatonin. Worked from day 1 for me.

  • Telson Albert

    So nice! A great post with lots of information. The information is unique and useful to get a healthy sleep. Sleep is the most important activity in our daily routine life which keeps us healthy and helpful to make us relaxed after a tight scheduled life. Bed, mattress and pillow plays a vital role in a healthy and good night sleep. When these are organic no doubt we are in the right way to make our sleep healthy and comfortable.

  • Samatha

    Hi, I’m really just starting out with essential oils, although I’ve been reading about them for awhile. I want to make a lavender & vanilla room/body spray. Can I use my homemade vanilla extract (just vodka & vanilla beans) for part (or all) of the vodka in the pillow spray recipe? Will it be sticky?

  • Matt

    Not being able to fall asleep at night is one of the most frustrating experiences: you’re doing everything to will your brain into submission and sleep, and yet that’s the time it decides to be hyper alert. You suddenly become aware of the clock ticking, your partner breathing, that tiny red light on the TV – and to top it off the Coldplay lyrics “when you feel so tired but you can’t sleep” start playing in your head like a sick joke. But Natural Sleep Remedies are most powerful thing to sleep better. But for insomnia everyone recommended sleeping pill. Whats your opinion? Whats the way to get rid from insomnia?
    I love to sleep but I have some problem too. Someone command me not to focus gadgets screen But I am an online worker so any alternative way or to reduce its harmfulness for me then please mention me. I always try to reach the best solution and do research .check these guys out But I feel myself blessed that I can use internet and learn many things from amazing post like yours. Keep sharing your thoughts, its really helpful.

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