99 Healthy Kale Recipes for Every Meal

99 Kale Recipes- organized by meal & category. The holy grail of Kale recipe lists!

Kale is a pretty versatile vegetable, and once you have a few recipes under your belt you’ll see just how well it plays with other foods, and how many different ways it can be used. Here we’ll show how you can incorporate kale into all three of your main meals, plus dessert, as well as include it in dishes inspired by a jaunt across the world. You just can’t go wrong with this nutritional powerhouse, and having a repertoire of go-to recipes is key.



kale and soy chorizo hash
Photo: Savory Bites

1. Kale & Soy Chorizo Hash
This is nice because it’s a quick breakfast stir fry of sorts that includes everything you need to start the day off right. Try the antioxidants from the kale mixed with the fact that you’re skipping out on the meat but still getting protein and nutrients from the soy chorizo. Potatoes are added so it can live up to its hash title, and balance out the meal nicely for hours of energy after. You don’t have to make the soy chorizo from scratch, which is a good thing for a morning meal.


2. Quick & Dirty Kale & Egg Plate
This recipe proves that you don’t need to gussy up kale in order to enjoy it, you can let its natural flavor come through. They only have four ingredients in this recipe, so they’re keeping it really simple and fast. It’s good to know that as long as you have kale, eggs, and some seasonings you’re good to go in the morning and can have a hot, delicious, and nutritious meal, rather than settling for a bowl of cereal or worse, no breakfast at all. They also provide a good tip on how to enjoy a side of quinoa or brown rice with your meals without having to cook it every time you want it.


3. Tofu Scramble Breakfast Sandwiches
Breakfast sandwiches are a great idea because you can grab them and go in the morning, and eat them on your way into work. This one is unique because it doesn’t use any eggs. Instead it’s tofu that is standing in to provide the protein and other nutrients. This is a vegetarian way to go, and also manages to sneak some kale into it. The way to be sneaky with kale is to take away the ribby parts that are tough to chew. If you make sure to just use the leafy parts you’ll get the nutrition without all the chewing.

4. Kimchi Scramble
Kimchi is a staple in Korea and it is spicy fermented dish that is served with most meals, as well as incorporated into other very popular and traditional meals. Here’s they’re adding some kick to eggs and kale, so you’re not only getting the digestive benefits that come from eating kimchi, you’re getting protein from the eggs as well as all of the benefits of kale, including its iron and fiber. They’re using a pretty common form of gimchi, which uses cabbage, but they say you can use whatever you happen to have on hand.

5. Mushroom, Kale and Egg Stack
Can’t get much simpler than a recipe that includes all of its ingredients in the title. Three basic ingredients are all it takes for success here, and many people will love this because it appeals to several different diet programs, including Paleo and gluten-free. It’s also good for those that are cutting out grains, as it replaces an English muffin or biscuit from which would have made this look more like a breakfast sandwich. Portabello mushrooms are known for their meaty texture, and how they manage to fill you up. This is one breakfast that will cruise you through to lunch.

6. Butternut Squash, Kale and Garlic Scape Frittata
A frittata is a classic breakfast recipe and one that is often compared to a quiche. But you don’t have to make any sort of crust here, so you cut down on prep time and get you that much closer to eating your creation. They have this loaded with plenty of healthy ingredients including kale and butternut squash. What results is a meal that could just as easily have made it into other categories because it’s very hearty and also provides plenty of nourishment. It does a good job of combining different flavors and foods that you don’t typically see interacting with each other.

7. Scrambled Eggs with Kale and Prosciutto
Here’s a breakfast scramble that keeps things very basic, while using ingredients that you might find on a breakfast sandwich. It’s merely a matter of mixing in a serving of kale along with your scrambled eggs. And to add some more protein to the mix they’re using prosciutto. We’re guessing that if you don’t have any of that handy you can sub in some ham, lean ham if you’re trying to cut down on fat. The nice thing about this recipe is that as it’s shown it serves four so you can easily scale this up to feed a larger crowd.

8. Breakfast Burritos
We had to include this modern breakfast classic because it’s a fantastic way to bump up the nutritional value of breakfast burritos. Some might use spinach in their breakfast cooking, but kale gives things a different flavor profile, while piling on the vitamins and minerals. In fact, this recipe says you can use either spinach or kale. You’ll find hundreds of recipes have that same stipulation, and that’s because the two are pretty interchangeable when it comes to standing in for each other. This burrito is hands down more flavorful and less regrettable than a fast food breakfast burrito.

9. Egg Muffin Recipe with Peppers, Kale, and Cheddar
These muffins eat like a meal, and that’s because they’re not trying to appeal to your sweet tooth here. They’re basically putting a breakfast sandwich into muffin form, and you’ll get a yummy mix of peppers and kale, as well as a delicious amount of cheese for added flavor to the eggs that serve as the backdrop. What’s more handier than a breakfast in sandwich form? A breakfast in muffin form. Here you can make them a dozen at a time, which makes it great to cook up before a morning family outing or long road trip.



gk wrap
Photo: Lunchbox Bunch

10. GK Wrap
Wraps are great lunch options because they travel so well. They’re great at keeping in all of their ingredients, and you can easily one hand this while the other one is busy holding a phone or writing something down. These wraps are jam packed with yummy but healthy foods, and the way they mix together is going to give you a lunchtime treat that you’ll return to again and again when you’re hungry and need a tidy fill up. These ingredients will wake up your taste buds, with jalapeno and avocado mixing with basil and lime. It’s a feast for the senses.


11. Kale Spanakopitas
This is a classic Greek dish that is typically made with spinach, but kale get the call up here and is ready for the big leagues. These are pretty much bursting with kale, and so it may be one of those recipes that you’ll want to try after you’ve acquired the taste for kale if you’re just getting into it. But it also has a lot going for it with other ingredients like pine nuts, onions, and feta cheese. These all add some flavor enhancements while keeping things relatively healthy. This can make a good lunch but make sure you budget time for it.

12. Grilled Buffalo Tempeh Mozzarella Sandwich
Here’s a grilled cheese sandwich that has a few healthy modifications to it. You’re upping your protein with the tempeh, and getting it in the form of soy so you don’t have to rely on meat as much. The mozzarella holds it all together, and there is a respectable amount of kale in it as well. The buffalo sauce is going to give this a nice kick, and if you’re not a big fan of the way kale tastes, but want to eat more of it for health reasons, it’s recipes like these that will serve you well.

13. White Bean, Kale and Quinoa Burgers
Here’s a vegetarian burger idea that is using two trending health foods, kale and quinoa to replace the beef. You’ll still be getting plenty of protein, because the beans, kale, and quinoa are all meatless sources. But you’re also getting fiber from each main ingredient as well, and an assortment of vitamins and minerals. So this isn’t just a good alternative or break from the regular burger, it’s a nutritional statement being made. The best part is you don’t have to have that post burger guilt of having just eaten a burger. You’ll feel full but not weighed down.

14. Kale Turkey Meatball Sub
How can you make a meatball sub healthier? Put some kale in it and watch the nutrition meter climb. Here they’ve done a good job of keeping true to a classic meatball sub, but they’re subbing in turkey for the ground beef, which will likely result in less saturated fat, and they’re infusing it with kale which is going to give it more flavor, as well as more fiber to help it all through your system. The rest of the ingredients are pretty healthy, they’ve kept the cheese to a minimum, and it uses a tomato sauce for extra health benefits.

15. Homemade Taco Bowls
These taco bowls boast a whole bunch of healthy ingredients that will help you reinvent your lunch from a meal that just gets you to dinner, to a meal you really look forward to. A taco bowl combines the flavors of tacos, but puts it in salad form so it’s more fitting for a lunch meal. By using quinoa and black beans you’ll be able to cruise through to dinner since these are digested more slowly by the body, and provide protein to keep you alert and active. And of course the kale adds its phytonutrients so you just feel better all around.

16. Grilled Cheese Tomato & Kale Sandwiches
These grilled cheese sandwiches are so easy to make, you might just make them in lieu of ordinary grilled cheese any time you have the proper ingredients. And don’t worry, there aren’t too many being used here. You’ve got the kale of course, and the tomato as advertised in the title, and cheese of course to make it a grilled cheese. You may want to add a protein of some sort, since this has you covered on the vegetable and carbs. You might get hungry sooner if you don’t balance it out a little better. Kale provides some protein, but not enough to get the right ratio.

17. Tahini & Avocado Kale Salad Wraps
This is a salad that somehow found its way into a wrap, so it didn’t make our list of kale salad recipes. But wrapping it up makes it super portable, and no fork is necessary. The use of tahini and avocado is a great choice, and you’ll be getting a good amount of healthy fats and fiber in addition to the fiber provided by the kale. You’ll also benefit from the olive oil and mix of seasoning and herbs being used. Overall this is a great lunch to have in your collection of go-to lunches.

18. Baked Salmon and Kale Wraps with Dill and Harissa
Be prepared to have your taste buds blown with these salmon and kale wraps. They’ve each got a dollop of harissa on them, which is a hot sauce from Tunisia that will warm things up a bit. This makes a good lunch when you have some time to bake the salmon, or you can make them ahead of time and pack them up. Salmon and kale are two superfoods that combine well, and give you a nice broad nutritional surge so that you’re getting omega-3s, fiber, protein, and essential minerals the body needs. Consider serving these with a side of quinoa.



the best pasta dish ever
Photo: Iowa Girl Eats

19. The Best Pasta Dish. EVER.
OK, so when you say that you’ve come up with the best pasta dish ever, you’d better be able to prove it. It does look very colorful, and that it’s bursting with flavor, and it appears to be bursting with kale. There are also a handful of other ingredients all lending their flavors, including garlic, kalamata olives, and feta cheese. So it’s going to have a bit of a Mediterranean flavor to it, without having an overpowering taste from any of the ingredients. Not too shabby, but it will be up to you to determine if it is worthy of its title.


20. Pesto Quinoa Stuffed Zucchini
These simply look great on the plate, and they’re stuffed with just the right ingredients to make this a complete meal by itself. It includes chicken and quinoa which will cover you on the protein, including all of your essential amino acids. Kale works great as a pesto, and adds a ton of nutrients to the mix. These are sure to be a hit with adults, but kids might not like the taste of pesto, as it’s rather strong. Because of the nice presentation they are good to serve when entertaining.

21. Penne with Kale and Chicken Sausage
When you’re trying to find the right proportion of carbs, proteins, and a vegetable, it can be tricky getting them all on the same plate and cooperating with each other. But this recipe makes it look easy, and has a few alterations that keep it healthy. For example, they are using chicken sausage instead of pork sausage. They are also using kale, one of the best vegetables you can eat. To give you your carbs they have penne pasta, and you can opt for whole wheat pasta to make it better for you than regular.

22. Roast Garlicky Butternut Squash
It’s always fun to present a food item in its natural form, and they do so here with a butternut squash. They incorporate a host of ingredients that you simply can’t argue with on their nutritional value. These include quinoa, walnuts, tomato, and garlic. It seems like an eclectic mix, but once you add kale it hits the healthy stratosphere. Now you’ve got an assortment of phytonutrients to go with the protein, fiber, and healthy fats from the other ingredients. This is a meal that should fit in well with several diet programs, and should be gluten-free as well.

23. Lentil, Kale, and Tempeh Saute
Here is a one-pan dinner you can cook up and have all of your bases covered. The tempeh will stand in as the meat and deliver the protein. The lentils are a great choice because they are digested slowly and provide energy and fuel for several hours, with no crash. And the kale adds to it all by being one of the best food choices you can make. The end result is a fast and easy dish that won’t leave a bunch of pots and pans behind to clean. The emphasis here is on nutrition, they’re using low sodium options when possible, and natural sweeteners like agave.

24. Spicy Sausage, Kale and Cauliflower
We’re big fans of skillet meals because it often means you’re only dirtying up one pan. That’s what’s happening here, and you’ll soon discover that there’s a nice mix of savory and spicy in this dish. The kale is not the only super veggie on display here, as they’ve also included cauliflower. This is good because it has a totally different texture than kale, so you won’t feel like you’re eating double veggies. Don’t like things spicy but want to try this recipe? Simply omit the red pepper flakes to bring it back down a notch.

25. Grilled Chipotle Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
This is a Whole30 approved recipe, so it’s going to cut out a lot of the things that can lead to weight gain and poor health. What’s left over is a tasty dish all served on top of a baked sweet potato. The chipotle chicken is enough to keep your taste buds on board with this new dish, and there is plenty of kale stuffed into this. If you like things spicy they give you the control of being able to add more chipotle seasoning to make this zing. They’re using avocado oil, which if you haven’t tried yet, you simply have to get it next time you’re out.

26. Salmon, Kale & Sweet Potatoes
We like the thought process behind this recipe. Basically they heard that salmon, kale, and sweet potatoes are all superfoods, so they decided to see what it would be like to bake them all together so they could enjoy them at the same time, and make it like a meeting of the Super Friends, only in terms of food. In fact these foods are all supposed to make you look younger, which is an added benefit. Apparently they cook up really well together, and it’s a dish that can be adjusted to suit your personal tastes.

27. Orecchiette with Wilted Spinach, Kale and Toasted Pine Nuts
So here they are really laying it on thick, and saying to heck with the debate of whether or not kale is healthier than spinach. They’re just using both of them so you’re getting a double up on nutrition. They’ve partnered it up with some pine nuts and a special type of pasta that might broaden your noodle horizons. This dish plays well with most any type of lean meat that you want to serve with it, either mixed in as smaller bite sized pieces, or as a whole on the side.



blueberry kale pops
Photo: Oh My Veggies

28. Blueberry Kale Pops
You’re already getting a ton of antioxidants from the blueberries, and then they go and add a good amount of kale to put these pops over the top as far as nutrition goes. These make a great way to cool down and give yourself a treat during the hotter months. Because they’re only using natural sugar found in organic grape juice, you can enjoy one of these without feeling guilty. It won’t negate all the good you’re getting from the berries and kale, two bona fide superfoods that top several lists of healthiest foods known to man.


29. Sweet, Spiced Kale Currant Muffins
Combining two opposing tastes is one way to keep your mouth interested in what you’re eating. Here they’re using a spicy sweet combination, and featuring kale pretty prominently so you’re getting topped up on nutrition at the same time. It may seem odd at first to use a vegetable in a dessert, but kale is pretty versatile and with so much going on in these muffins you might not even notice it. Cinnamon and sugar are used to give this a nice flavor and the currants work to give it extra texture. This makes a total of 20 regular sized muffins so you won’t be short on a dessert option.

30. Vegan Kale Cake
They’re calling this the “green cousin of carrot cake” which means it’s got to live up to the yumminess of carrot cake while packing a nutritional wallop that will leave you better off than before you ate it. They’ve even figured out a way to make the filling and icing healthier, so it appears they’re trying to make a guilt free dessert that you don’t have to feel bad about later. Whether you’re following a vegan lifestyle or not, you can still borrow a recipe from them when it makes such a delicious dessert using something as healthy as kale.

31. Green Smoothie Cups
This would have gone in our smoothie section, except for the fact that they’ve frozen it and served it up as cute little discs that you can enjoy as a dessert. The use of avocado not only helps keep its green color, it adds potassium, fiber, and healthy fats. The kale gets blended up so finely that it’s barely recognizable, and the use of sweet fruits like banana mean you might not even taste the kale at all. Great for those that want to eat more kale without actually tasting it. You can make a larger batch of these and keep them stored in a freezer bag to be enjoyed whenever you want.

32. Raw Coconut Lime Pie
Here’s a dessert that requires no baking, which is nice for a hot summer’s night when you want something sweet but don’t want to heat up the house. You might not even notice that these coconut lime pies have kale in them, which lends the green color in addition to avocado and lime zest. You’re infusing these with nutrition when you add kale to them, and with everything else going on, namely the coconut and lime flavors, you simply won’t be able to tell these are good for you.

33. Kale and Ricotta Pie
This is going to be a pie like you’ve never had before, because it’s using ingredients you typically don’t see in a pie. It’s walking the line between sweet and savory, and the end result is a finisher that will leave you satisfied. They say you can use chard or kale, and we prefer kale on this one because of how well it turns out when used in a recipe like this. You’ll want to keep portion sizes in check, because although this does contain a good amount of kale when the directions are followed, it also has some ingredients that might make you feel weighed down.

34. Cupcakes are Vegetables?
It’s hard to imagine a dessert while thinking about vegetables. The two don’t often go hand in hand. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to pull it off. They’ve even made the frosting out of honey and yogurt, so you can tell that they’ve kept your best interests in mind when making these unique cupcakes. They’re using crushed kale chips in these, so it’s nice because you can repurpose any leftovers you might have on hand. These might help you get more creative and start using more veggies in your dessert endeavors.

35. Beet & Kale Chocolate Cupcakes
Your eyes might skip over the beet and kale part and just see the chocolate on this one. And if your eyes don’t, your taste buds might. They’ve managed to use beets, which have a special flavonoid unto themselves that is very healthy for you. Plus they’ve combined that with the phytonutrients in kale. The chocolate flavor comes from unsweetened cocoa powder, so there’s a strong attention to nutritional details here. Quite frankly each ingredient used seems like it was hand-picked for either its nutritional support, it’s flavor, and in most instances both.


Crock Pot

slow cooker chicken
Photo: A Sunshiny Day

36. Slow Cooker Coconut Cashew Chicken
Here’s a great dish to put together when you don’t have a lot of time, but you want to have a nutritious meal that’s ready for you when you’re ready to eat. If you check out the ingredient list you might notice that you don’t see kale listed, but they forgot to add it in the list, but remembered to mention it in the actual story of how they came up with this recipe. Rather than put the kale in right from the start, they add it right at the last part of the cooking process so that it cooks up without getting totally mushy.


37. Slow-Cooker Vegetarian Lasagna with Mushrooms & Kale
Here’s a lovely lasagna that doesn’t contain any meat, but is not short on flavor. They are using a good mix of vegetables including mushrooms and of course kale. You’ll also find onions and green peppers so you’ll be getting extra nutrients. But the kale provides what you need in the way of nutrients and minerals, so everything else is just a bonus. The other ingredients used are pretty standard for a lasagna, so you’re going to get the classic taste you want, without the added fat from ground beef, and with extra nutrients from the veggies.

38. Crock Pot Chicken with Kale and Veggies
If cooking a whole chicken intimidates you, battle back with a crock pot so you don’t have to fuss too much with it. Here she shows you how to make a full meal with your slow cooker using an entire chicken, as well as a good amount of kale. You’re chopping up the kale on this one, so it’s likely that you won’t really notice it once it’s done simmering. The nice part is that you’re instructed to leave this alone for six hours so it gives you time to do other things. When you come back to it you’ll be ready with a complete and healthy meal.


Gluten Free

kale and wheatberry salad
Photo: My Whole Food Life

39. Kale and Wheat Berry Salad with Tempeh
This is a gluten free meal, so don’t be thrown off by the use of wheat berries in the title, because you simply replace them with quinoa and you’re good to go. The use of tempeh provides additional protein, and the kale as well contributes to the protein in this dish. It’s well balanced because you’re getting protein, carbs, and a vegetable in the right proportions all in one recipe. Check out the benefits of quinoa, since it makes a great gluten-free go-to and wheat item replacement for those following a gluten-free diet plan.


40. Snap Pea Slaw with Creamy Cashew Dressing
If you’re a fan of coleslaw you’ll be happy to find this recipe, which uses plenty of shredded kale along with the advertised snap peas. In addition to being gluten free this is also vegetarian and vegan, and requires no cooking so you’re keeping all of the ingredients raw to preserve all of their nutritional value. The nice part is that she shows you how to make a creamy dressing using no cream or any other dairy products, so she’s kept it healthy and you can enjoy it guilt free.

41. Lentil Farm Share Skillet
If you don’t receive a farm share, you can still make this recipe by buying the necessary vegetables and other items from the store. You may be able to get them from a farmer’s market, or you can just opt for organic. The point is to keep things really fresh, and also to use kale to make it healthier. They keep things simple here so you’re cutting out any items that might contain wheat, this keeping it gluten-free. The bonus is that it’s a light but delicious meal that will keep you satisfied while also boosting up your energy levels to keep you sustained for hours.

42. Millet with Butternut Squash & Kale
Millet gets the call here as an often overlooked gluten-free option that provides more benefit that wheat, while having a similar texture. They’ve outdone themselves with this one as far as healthy benefits go, by loading it up with butternut squash and kale. You’ll get plenty of fiber, as well as important minerals from both the squash and kale, and the millet provides even further nutrition. Peripheral ingredients like garlic and shallots really round out the taste profile here, so this is a meal you can turn to again and again to further your gluten-free agenda.



kale fried rice recipe
Photo: Herbivoracious

43. Kale Fried Rice
If you’re a fan of fried rice but are aware that it may not be the healthiest take-out order known to man, you are in luck with this recipe. They’re using a nice amount of kale here, so it’s taking the lead role, and as long as you’re using a healthy oil to fry it up you should be well within the boundaries of a healthy concoction. Most fried rice contains scant amounts of vegetables, usually some peas and carrots, so it’s nice to see this get a vegetable upgrade so it ends up on the healthy side instead of the unhealthy side of the equation.


44. Black Garlic Soba Noodles
Soba noodle dishes are really popular in Japan, and soba as a food item is gaining popularity around the world. It’s made out of buckwheat, so it appeals to gluten-free followers as well as anyone looking to kick wheat out of their diet. Here they’ve fused it with Korean black garlic, which is something that you may or may not have seen before. It is supposed to contain extra antioxidants that ordinary garlic just doesn’t have. And since you’re using half a pound of kale with this one, you’re sure to be getting a mix of health-promoting phytonutrients in addition to those antioxidants. Score!

45. Stir-Fried Noodles with Kale and Cabbage
Stir fried noodles are popular in many countries throughout Asia, and here they’ve made them extra healthy with an assortment of healthy ingredients like kale, mushrooms, onions, and cabbage. One ingredient they’re using is not very Asian, but will give it a boost of protein without adding a lot of fat, and that’s ground turkey. This is a good thing since many Asian dishes are not very protein-laden, and tend to contain more carbs and vegetables. They’ve done a nice job of making it a better proportioned meal. As it stands it’s a complete meal and you don’t have to serve any supplemental side dishes with it.

46. Asian Steamed Buns with Kale and Bok Choy
These sort of buns can be found all over Asia and can contain anything from sweet things inside, to savory meats and even pizza flavorings. Here they’ve filled them with vegetables, so it’s going to appeal to those that want to ease off the meat a bit. You’ll find shiitake mushrooms in here, and these have a lot of health benefits like being an aid to your immune system, which helps stave off all kinds of diseases and infections. And of course it’s using kale or it wouldn’t be listed on this page, so you’ve got a ton of antioxidant support as well as fiber and iron.

47. Mixed Vegetable and Peanut Spring Rolls
Spring rolls are a nice light dish that are naturally better for you than egg rolls because they’re not deep fried. They have a fresh feeling to them, and are a good way to eat your vegetables because they usually include a dipping sauce so you get plenty of flavor, and a good mix of tastes all in one bite. With carrots, cabbage, and kale all making an appearance you’re getting raw veggies that you probably wouldn’t want to eat raw all by themselves, but somehow they taste good when working in conjunction with each other.

48. Thai Black Pepper and Garlic Tofu
Here’s a Thai inspired dish that you might want to try if you’re attempting to reduce your intake of meat for health reasons. The tofu will provide the protein source, and they have enough strong flavors in use that if you don’t typically like the taste of tofu, or lack thereof, you might actually like this dish. This recipe uses a bunch of kale, which coincidentally really is a bunch of kale, so you’re going to get a good intake of it in one meal.



saag alu
Photo: Cooking in Westchester

49. Saag Alu – Potatoes with Seasonal Greens
If you’ve always wanted to start cooking Indian food and needed a good recipe to get you started, this is your chance. The ingredients list is rather concise, and there’s a large margin for error since it’s a potato-based dish that uses a unique blend of spices. You can even play around with some of the ingredients to suit your taste. Saag actually refers to leafy vegetables, so kale works perfectly in this, and you’re keeping it traditional while using one of the top trending veggies with plenty of extra benefits over other leafy green choices.


50. Hot n’ Spicy Curried Kale
If you’re not really into the taste of cooked kale, one way to eat it is to overpower its flavor with different seasonings. One seasoning that seems to work well is spiciness, and here they’re using a mixture of curry, ginger, paprika, and chili powder to give this a kick. There are also apples in this to sweeten it up, so it’s not all spice. Plus the yogurt will cool things down as well, so if you’re not a fan of spice then you don’t have to worry because it won’t leave your mouth on fire at the end. Since kale gets the spotlight in this dish, it makes a great side for other India-inspired entrees.

51. Khandvi – Chickpea Roll Ups
Chickpeas make up most of these rolls, and really you could put whichever green you choose inside of them. But here they’re going with chopped kale so it rolls up nicely, provides plenty of nutrition, and still keeps these looking just like the traditional snack. If you’ve never tried these before, they’re definitely worth trying out, and if you’ve already tried them and enjoyed them you need to try this version to see how you can sub in kale for more health benefits and keep the same taste.

52. Curried Lentil & Kale Soup
This is a soup that eats like a curry, or a curry that eats like a soup, take your pick. We’ve included here instead of under the soup category because it seems like it can be eaten in the same way you’d eat a curry. Serve this with a piece of naan so you can dip it and you’ll have a taste sensation. By now we know how much flavor and nutrition the kale adds, but here it’s backed up by lentils, a superfood all by itself. The two go well together, and you’ve got a hearty meal that will keep you satisfied for hours.

53. Kale Palak Paneer
The palak in palak paneer is typically spinach, but this is subbing in kale which is a great choice since in many ways it functions the same, provides many of the same phytonutrients, and cooks up in a similar fashion. The more processing that’s involved the more kale resembles spinach, and when it’s pureed like it is for palak paneer the two are almost identical in appearance. They have an interesting idea here where they’re saying you can use firm tofu instead of the paneer if you wanted to cut cheese out of your diet, or just wanted extra nutrition in the form of a meatless protein.

54. Curried Chickpeas and Kale
Even though this just has chickpeas and kale in the title there are actually plenty of other supporting ingredients that make this a winner. Onion, ginger, garlic, and tomato all lend a hand in the flavor department while adding an assortment of nutrients and vitamins. Not that kale needs a lot of help, but the chickpeas give this dish extra cholesterol fighting assistance. They also help to give you that full feeling, while adding a bit of fiber and protein. You can use this as a main dish if you want a meat-free meal, or use it as a side dish with some tandoori chicken breast to keep with the Indian theme.



kale and basil pesto
Photo: Audrey’s

55. Kale and Basil Pesto
We just had to show you this pesto recipe because it comes out looking and tasting great, while being infused with the goodness of kale. Traditional pesto just uses basil to give it that green color, but here they’re using kale to really make it pop, and also to make it more nutritious. Basil by itself has its own health benefits, but they pale in comparison to those provided by kale. This means that you can feel good about eating pesto dishes made with a kale-based pesto, like this one.


56. Kale and Ricotta Stuffed Shells
These stuffed shells would usually see spinach and ricotta, but this is another instance where kale is getting the go ahead instead. Not to take anything away from spinach, but it’s nice to switch things up and get a new taste sensation to a traditional meal. This is great because it uses traditional Italian ingredients, which also add to the overall healthiness, like olive oil and garlic. This means you’ll get a classic taste that you expect, just with kale used instead of spinach.

57. Kale, Mushroom & Sun-Dried Tomato Lasagna
We like the way they’re plating up this rolled lasagna, because it takes a traditional dish and gives it a new look. If you’re a fan of lasagna and want an easier and better looking way to serve it up, this is it. The use of kale makes this a nutritional force to be reckoned with, and the sundried tomatoes give it a nice flavor that you typically don’t see in a lasagna. It’s always great when they build on the foundation that kale provides, and there they’re doing it with things like whole wheat noodles and shiitake mushrooms.

58. Creamy Pasta with Kale, Mushrooms & Pancetta
This one is pulled straight from the Old Country and given a boost of nutrition with kale. If you follow this recipe to the letter you’ll have a gourmet caliber creation that has plenty of vitamins and minerals, and yes it does have a bit of fat because of the cream. Just be sure to keep your portion sizes in check. It has protein from the pancetta, carbs from the pasta, and kale and mushrooms have you covered on the veggie portion. Have a glass of wine with this to really complete the picture.

59. Black Truffle Pasta with Kale and Italian Sausage
Luckily you don’t have to go out and find the truffles on this one, since they can be pretty hard to locate. Here they’re infused right into the pasta. When you factor in the Italian sausage you’re going to get a bit of a kick from that in the way of spices, and there’s plenty of kale to keep you topped up on things like iron, fiber, and potassium. This is a complete meal in a bowl, so you can whip this up for a lunch or a nice dinner, depending on when the mood strikes for an Italian inspired meal. It will be a feast for the eyes without weighing you down. Mangia!

60. Kale Breadsticks
If you’ve ever thought about doctoring up breadsticks to make them more nutritious, this might be the way to go. These breadsticks are infused with the kale so you’re getting that goodness in every bite, and making this more than just an empty carb, now it’s packing the power of a vegetable in it, and not just any vegetable, one of the best for you. There are also instructions for making tomato breadsticks as well as garlic breadsticks so you can have a multicolored selection to go with any pasta or Italian dish.

61. Three Cheese Basil Raviolis
These ravioli will look amazing thanks to the pesto being used. Speaking of that pesto, it’s made with kale so it’s going to have a rich green color as well as the phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals that come with it. One great idea is to make a decent sized batch of the kale pesto – they include the recipe for it – and use it in other dishes when you get the inkling. Pesto is nice because you can use it as the focal point of a meal, or you can simply add a dollop to a piece of toasted bread for a taste sensation.



black bean and kale enchiladas
Photo: Vegan Yumminess

62. Black Bean and Kale Enchiladas
Here is a healthy twist to enchiladas that makes it so you can enjoy them whenever you’d like. The combination of black beans and kale means you’re getting all of the fiber and protein from the beans, and the minerals from kale like iron and magnesium. The best part is it’s all packaged in a delicious enchilada so you’ll have all of the Mexican flavors you’re looking for. They include a recipe for fat free enchilada sauce, so they’re doing a great job of keeping this healthy so it’s a guilt free treat.


63. Turkey Kale Tacos
They’ve taken two steps here to make tacos healthier for you. First, they’ve replaced the ground beef with ground turkey, so you’re keeping the protein but losing saturated fat. Next, they’ve used a nice amount of kale to give you things like vitamin A and vitamin C while keeping your calorie count down. Most traditional tacos do not contain respectable amounts of these antioxidants, so it’s a way to boost up their nutrition without making them taste like health food. Note that they’re using baby kale here which means the taste won’t overpower the other ingredients.

64. Scratch Taquitos
Taquitos are one of the yummiest Mexican foods out there, and they’re showing you how to make them on your own so you can enjoy them as often as you’d like. The best part is these are like no other taquitos you’ve ever had before because they’re filling them with healthy foods like black beans, kale, and butternut squash. We did some digging and couldn’t find a healthier taquito recipe out there. These are baked, not fried, so they are forgoing the traditional way of making them in favor of a healthier way to go. They also don’t have a meat source, relying on the beans to give you your protein and make it so you stay full longer.

65. Cashew Cheese and Kale Enchiladas Rojas
If you like enchiladas but have been shying away from them because of all the cheese, here’s a way to get back to them without eating traditional cheese. That’s because this uses cashew cheese, and it even shows you how to make it from scratch. If you’ve never had cashew cheese before, it’s a popular cheese alternative for vegans, and is made as you might have guessed from cashews, so you’re getting healthy fats from it. And this recipe also includes a great amount of kale to round things off nutritionally.

66. Sweet Potato and Kale Quesadillas
Quesadillas are a very popular Mexican dish, and here they’re using two superfoods, sweet potato and kale. The benefits of kale are becoming more and more widely known, and sweet potatoes have gotten their fair share of attention from the media, and even got Oprah’s blessing as one of the foods that helped her lose weight one of the times she lost weight. When you start combining superfoods you know you’re onto something good, and these produce a finished product you’ll want to try. For those of you that want cheese on your quesadillas they recommend a vegan cheddar cheese to keep it healthy.

67. Green Goddess Enchiladas
Here’s another enchilada recipe we just couldn’t pass up. The ingredients list reads like a who’s who of healthy foods. Consider the fact that they’re using corn tortillas, so they’re keeping it gluten free. There’s also chickpeas filling in for any meat, and they’re using Greek yogurt in place of the sour cream. Kale gives this a nutritious oomph as well. One thing, they’re using Ro-Tel tomatoes and those can provide quite the kick so if you’ve never used them before try them first to see how you like them, or if you like spicy foods you’re all set.



Photo: The Roasted Root

68. Roasted Chicken and Mushroom Pesto Pizza
Whenever you add pesto to a pizza you totally change the dynamic and you end up getting a whole new experience. It just seems to go well with any sort of bread, and pizza crust definitely works. The use of a healthy protein like roasted chicken, and healthy veggies like mushrooms and spinach mean that this is a pizza you can have while on a diet. The kale shows up on the pesto, so you’re getting both spinach and kale in the same meal, which will make your body happy, and your taste buds won’t mind because hey, it’s pizza!


69. Mexican Pizza with Kale, Queso and a Chipotle Tomato Sauce
This is a pizza that is virtually bursting with kale, so you don’t have to worry about not getting your nutritional needs met. On top of that it has the whole Mexican theme going on, so you’re getting cheesy spicy deliciousness that you won’t soon forget. This is going to pack a flavor punch because she’s paid attention to seemingly every details, right down to jalapeno infused olive oil. This even includes a recipe for the crust, so you get to make that from scratch instead of using a store bought mix or pre-made crust.

70. Kale and Meatball White Pizza
If you’ve never tried white pizza, you simply must. And if you’re already a fan, here’s a way to doctor it up so that it has protein from the meatballs and vitamins and minerals from the kale. Traditional white pizza doesn’t have any toppings, and can be a bit one dimensional as far as its flavor profile goes. We can’t fault them for wanting to add some extra toppings, and they’ve done a good job with their selection. They’re using ground turkey for the meatballs, so you don’t have to worry as much about the fat content.

71. Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese and Kale Pizza
Goat cheese is often used as a regular cheese substitute for those that have trouble digesting ordinary cheese made from cow’s milk. That’s because goat cheese is often handled better by those with lactose intolerance symptoms. But here they are using mozzarella cheese as well, it’s baked right into the cauliflower crust, so the goat cheese is merely used for its flavor. This recipe is really designed for those that want to cut out the gluten and the wheat from their diet, since it uses no grains in the crust. There’s copious amounts of kale too, as it shines as one of the main toppings.

72. Portabella & Kale Pizza with Roasted Garlic Sauce
You simply can’t go wrong with portabella mushrooms. They have that classic mushroom taste, but their texture gives your mouth something to chew on, and it is often used as a meat substitute in vegetarian and vegan cooking. This is a meatless pizza for those looking to cut out some of the fat and greasiness often associated with a meat-filled pizza. The use of garlic sauce gives it a special flavor that replaces traditional pizza sauce, and the use of pre-made dough means that you can whip this up in less time than having to make the crust from scratch.

73. Kale, Butternut Squash, Potato and Ricotta Pizza with Fried Onions
This pizza has a ton going on, and has a comparable number of toppings to a combination or supreme pizza at your local pizzeria. The bonus is that each ingredient seems to not only add to the taste, but also has its own health benefits and reasons for eating it. Of course we know that kale brings mad nutrition to any dish, but there’s also plenty of good things to be had from butternut squash and potatoes. They use light ricotta to cut down on the fat and keep this within the bounds of a healthy pizza. See more healthy pizza recipes here.



pan fried cod with kale
Photo: Hunger and Sauce

74. Pan Fried Cod with Tapenade, Lentils, and Kale
This is a fantastic recipe to have on hand because it allows you to use just about any white fish that is meaty in nature. It’s also combining lentils and kale so it immediately balances things out between protein, carbs, and vegetables. You should feel sustained without feeling weighed down after you eat a meal like this. The tapenade recipe is also full of healthy things like kalamata olives, garlic, and olive oil. The end result is a dish that looks great on the plate, and that you’ll remember for its taste long after you’ve eaten it.


75. Curry Spiced Sole with Garlic Sauteed Kale
Kale makes a great side dish to just about any fish, and what they’ve done here is combine to strong flavors, curry and garlic. You’ll often see garlic used with kale because it gives it a nice flavor as a finished product. They’ve given the sole a nice curry crust, and they point out that you can sub out the sole with tilapia or even salmon and get similar results. In order to fully balance this meal you’ll want to serve a carbohydrate side with it, perhaps something like a baked sweet potato would add a third dynamic to it.

76. Blackened Shrimp on Kale and Mashed Sweet Potatoes
This is a full meal all by itself, with protein from the shrimp, sweet potatoes for your carb, and kale doing the duties as the vegetable. The flavors you’ll experience with this are going to wake up your taste buds for sure, as they’re using andouille sausage which will pack some spice, and there’s also Creole seasoning to give it a sort of Cajun flavor. Bell peppers, celery, and onions help to give this even more vegetable goodness, and also add their unique flavor to an otherwise flavor loaded meal. The author of this recipe claims to cook in a closet sized kitchen, so all of his steps should be easy to follow.

77. Beer Steamed Clams with Whiskey Cooked Kale
There may be an alcohol theme to this recipe, but by the time everything has cooked there won’t be any alcohol left. The flavor will remain though, and that’s what they’re banking on by using things like beer and whiskey. The beer infuses the clams with a nice flavor, especially if you take the advice of using a blonde ale. And the whisky gives the kale a taste that you probably wouldn’t expect, and we definitely wouldn’t have thought to use whisky with kale. But somehow it works, so enjoy!




green smoothie
Photo: The Picky Eater

78. Green Smoothie
Kale is often used in green smoothies, and this is a pretty classic recipe that is designed to help your body purge itself from some of the toxins it takes in, and also to simply get a re-up on any vitamin deficits its running. By combining kale with sweet fruits like apples and pears you’ll pretty much be vanquishing the taste as it blends into the background while still providing all of its nutritious benefits that you’re using it for in the first place. You can use this as part of a detox program, or you can simply drink it whenever you need a pick-me-up.


79. Purple Passion Plum & Kale Morning Smoothie
This is the smoothie recipe for those that know all the benefits kale brings, but don’t much care for the taste. The recipe author has taken great pains to combine kale with fruits that are notorious for being able to mask its flavor. What results is a smoothie that doesn’t even look like it has any vegetables in it. This is great because you probably don’t want kale to be the first thing you taste in the morning, and fruit is usually a better wake up flavor. But here you get the best of all worlds by getting the nutrition from kale as well as the fruits, but only tasting the fruit.

80. Cool Cucumber Green Smoothie
This is another green smoothie recipe that is using kale, but that also uses other ingredients so it ends up tasting good, and not like you’re drinking liquid kale. Bananas do a good job of making everything sweeter. The use of cucumbers here means that you’re getting some extra hydration as well. There is also aloe vera juice used, and they manage to put hemp seeds so you’re getting protein and dietary fiber. as well as all of the essential amino acids your body needs in order function at its best. They could just as easily have dubbed this the Feeling Good Smoothie.

81. Green Monster Smoothie
How do you make a Green Monster smoothie? For starters you round up a bunch of green ingredients like kale, kiwi, and spinach. That trio alone is all you need to make sure this maintains a green hue. Add to that other ingredients that will give it monstrous amounts of vitamins and nutrients, like blueberries with their antioxidants, flaxseed with its omega-3s, and ginger with its cleansing abilities. Put them all together, and you’ve got a smoothie that will have you charged up for hours.

82. Fruit and Kale Smoothie
You really can’t go wrong when making a smoothie with kale, and to prove it here’s a recipe that simply takes some fruit and adds kale to the mix to totally ramp up the amount of nutrition it contains. They’ve used mango, bananas, and strawberries along with kale. Normally those three would make a pretty good fruit smoothie, and you’d be getting things like potassium and fiber from the banana, as well as antioxidants from the strawberries and anti-cancer benefits from the mango. When kale is added all of that gets bumped up a few notches.


Soups and Stews

pasta and bean soup
Photo: 86 Lemons

83. Pasta & Bean Soup with Kale
It’s all right there in the title, everything you need for a complete meal in a soup. The pasta serves as the carb, the beans will give you protein, and the kale will supply the nutrients you need from a vegetable. That makes this a filling soup that will satisfy you until your next meal. Celery, carrots, onions, and tomatoes also add to the mix of flavors and nutrients, and make this feel like a traditional soup, not just one that is using kale to be hip. You can serve this up as a light dinner, or make it your lunch and you’ll be all set.


84. Sausage, Kale, and Bean Soup
They’re using Italian chicken sausage for the sausage, and that’s going to serve a few different purposes. First, it’s subbing in chicken for the pork that most sausage is made of, so it’s going to be healthier and less greasy. Second, there will be spices included in the sausage that are going to give this soup a bit of a kick. When you factor in the kale you’re covered on vitamins and minerals, and the beans act as a carbohydrate, making this a rounded meal all in one bowl. You even have the option of topping it with some mozzarella, or you can skip this part if you want to keep it low fat.

85. Minestrone with Borlotti, Fennel, and Kale
Minestrone soup is always a good go-to because it has so much going on. Some minestrone recipes call for spinach, but here they’re using kale. Traditionally it’s supposed to contain vegetables that are in season, which is why it’s hard to pin down an exact recipe for minestrone. But this is a good mix of beans and vegetables that don’t typically make it into most minestrone recipes. It still retains that familiar flavor while piling on the minerals and vitamins, as well as decent amounts of protein and fiber.

86. Caldo Verde
They say this is used to soothe a hangover, but one is not required in order to enjoy it. Many cultures have soup recipes to help you through the effects of a night out drinking, and they usually serve to replenish the body of vital nutrients lost during the process of excessive drinking. If you just want an energy boost or if you feel a cold coming on, you can use these same soups to give your body what it’s missing. This Caldo Verde recipe is pretty traditional, and kale is a suitable substitute for the collard greens that you’d usually find in Portugal.

87. A Modest Vegetable Soup
Even though this is stated as a modest vegetable soup, she’s done her best to bring you an assortment of foods and spices that will not only get your taste buds in gear, but keep you well supplied in the vegetable category. Chickpeas, kale, onion, and tomatoes get the call for vegetables, and a unique blend of seasonings like cumin, coriander, and paprika keep things interesting on your palate. The bonus is that she’s a vegan, so all of her recipes will exclude the use of meat and any animal byproducts, which generally makes them healthier for you.

88. Miso Soup with Tofu and Kale
You may be familiar with miso soup as a side when having sushi at a Japanese restaurant. It’s a staple in Japan, and generally is made with dried kelp, not kale, so this is an example of taking a traditional dish and using contemporary ingredients that are either just as healthy or perhaps a bit more healthy. There are also large cubes of tofu in this recipe, where the traditional recipe would usually have smaller cubes. Other than those modifications it’s pretty standard, but definitely gets a boost from the kale, not to take anything away from kelp.

89. Spicy Kale Soup
Spice is one way to overshadow the taste of kale, so this is a good recipe to use if you’re not very fond of how it tastes but know how good it is for you. This is a hearty meal, and can almost be considered a chowder. But at the same time you’ve got protein from the sausage and bacon, potatoes act as your carb, and the kale helps get the nutrition level up. It may be a bit fatty, so if you’re dieting it should only be eaten on occasion, but it does provide all that you need for a complete meal.

90. Chinese Hot and Sour Soup with a Twist
This recipe looks just like the hot and sour soup you get from a Chinese restaurant, but it has kale in it, and doesn’t use any vinegar for the sour part. Instead they’ve used tomatoes, and this might be the twist they’re talking about. Or perhaps the twist is the kale, since the original recipe does not call for kale in this. But kale works so great in soups that it’s hard not to include here. The hot and sour flavors mean that the kale goes relatively unnoticed as far as the taste goes. Of course you’ll know it’s there because of its unique texture.

91. Rustic Tomato Rice Kale Stew
This stew has such an amazing color we couldn’t leave it out of our list of kale soups and stews. The nice part is that they don’t bog you down by making you make everything from scratch, and it’s using things like canned fire roasted tomatoes and frozen peas. This cuts down on your prep time without sacrificing flavor or an authentic taste. One interesting ingredient is the Tofurky sausage they’re using which is going to give it extra flavor without making it oily or adding too much to the total fat content.


Vegetarian and Vegan

kale fritters
Photo: Dishes from My Kitchen

92. Kale Fritters
Here is a crispy way to enjoy kale that isn’t kale chips. This is a vegan recipe so it’s not going to contain any animal byproducts. It’s using three kinds of flower to get the batter just right, and an assortment of different spices to make sure that this is not only crunchy but also packed with flavor. There aren’t any other supporting foods on this one, so these are really meant as a snack for when you want something crunchy but don’t want the guilt of potato chips. Sure they’re fried, but it’s kale so it balances out with a nutritional wallop.


93. Vegan Creamy Kale & Basil Pesto Pasta Sauce
This is one sauce recipe that you can keep handy because it will taste great over whatever noodles you might have on hand. It’s unique in that it’s combining pesto with a creaminess, which you don’t see too often, and is sure to taste great. It’s always interesting to see how they’re able to make a cream using non dairy sources and what they’re doing here is pureeing nuts like almonds and cashews until they get that butter consistency and then mixing that with other ingredients until it becomes creamy in nature. You definitely don’t have to be vegan to appreciate a cream sauce made with no cream.

94. Mochi Squares Stuffed With Sesame Greens
These are cute little two-bite squares that have plenty of vegetables packed into them. It’s using mochi, which is big in Japan but is usually seen as a dessert item. Using it here as filled with plenty of vegetables is a pretty inventive use of them, and it makes a great vegetarian snack if you only have one or two, or you can make a meal out of them by eating more. Since there’s no meat being used, they have an assortment of powerful veggies including kale and shiitake mushrooms, which both have antioxidants and minerals that you just don’t see in too many other vegetables.

95. Kale and Bean Francese
Here’s a nice mix of kale and beans that can be used as a side dish, or you can make a meal out of it. Either way you’re going to get protein and fiber from both the beans and the kale, and they go together nicely here. There are onions and green beans joining the party, so don’t think that you’ll get bored just eating kale and beans together. Many times non-vegetarians will shy away from meatless dishes, but it’s perfectly OK to give your body a rest from meat for a meal out of the day, or a day out of the week. And with so many vegetarian recipes available that sub in protein filled foods it just makes sense.

96. Savory Kale Pancakes
Here’s a kale pancake recipe that we would never have dreamt up. Typically we’re not thinking vegetable when we think pancakes, but when you have a recipe like this it seems to make sense. This is especially true when you are trying to pull off both sweet and savory on the same plate. So while pancakes may traditionally be a breakfast food, these can be enjoyed at any time of the day, even as a dinner if you’re fresh out of everything else.

97. Butternut Squash, Lentil & Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing
The butternut squash gets top billing on this, but it is quickly outdone by the lentils and kale that are used. Lentils have long been known within vegetarian and vegan circles as a wonderfood, but are only recently making it into the mainstream. Kale is trending right now as one of the hottest vegetables around due to it nutritional breakdown. The tahini dressing adds plenty of flavor, so you won’t have to worry about this salad not living up to your expectations. When all of these ingredients are mixed together just right, as in this recipe, there’s simply no denying you’ve got a winning recipe on your hands.

98. Meaty Portabella and Lemon Kale Topped with Pumpkin Seed Cream
Here they’re showcasing the awesomeness of portabella mushrooms by featuring them as the base of this dish. On top goes a bit of kale that’s been combined with lemon, and to top it all off they’ve made a cream sauce out of pumpkin seeds. The more research that is done on the value of pumpkin seeds, the more we see just how good they are for you. That’s why this dish has a lot going for it, without needing to use a ton of ingredients. It also plates up nicely for presentation purposes so you could even entertain with this recipe.

99. Kale and Cabbage Pasta
Here’s a wonderful pasta dish that loses the meat, but keeps all the flavor you could ever want. Kale and cabbage on their own are nutritional powerhouses. Getting them both in one meal is setting yourself up for a strong dose of vitamins and minerals that have been proven to help the body fight off or fight back cancer, as well as prevent heart disease. Walnuts and caramelized onions really help to give this a nice taste, since kale and cabbage also have a reputation for not being the tastiest things when eaten straight up. Take a look at our other healthy recipes.

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