10 Simple Ways to Be Your Own Life Coach & Improve Your Life

A life coach can be one of the best investments you’ll ever make, but it’s also possible to do-it-yourself and reach your goals on your own. Here are ten things a life coach would help you with, and how you can compensate and get roughly the same benefits.

Self Reflection

1. Search Deep Within Yourself

One of the main things a life coach will help you do is find out what really drives you, and what you’re really after. All too often we end up chasing after the wrong things because we think it’s what we want. After much probing into the inner psyche it becomes clear that what you really want is something entirely different, and you can begin to set your sights on a new goal.

Whether it’s due to all of the advertising around us, or the long-standing “American Dream” you may find that you have some phoney goals and dreams that don’t hold up under scrutiny. Find out what will really make you the happiest, and make that your singular purpose.

Questions You Should Ask Yourself

What is at the root of what I want? Why do I even want it? How long have I wanted it? Is it my goal or was it something that was told to me by my parents, teachers, or friends? Getting to the heart of the matter is what’s important here, you want to be striving for things that will bring true satisfaction.

2. Examine All Areas of Your Life

Whether you want to get ahead in your career, start a new business, lose weight and get fit, be a better parent, be a better son or daughter or brother or sister, be a better friend, learn to play an instrument, learn a language, travel more, volunteer more, or any other area you can improve in, you’ll want to take a full examination to see where you currently stand.

It’s important to address all of these areas in your life because you don’t want to excel in one while faltering in another. We’ve all heard the stories of those that sacrificed their family for their career only to regret it later. Or those that ended up resenting their family because they feel it kept them from reaching their full potential.

Both of those represent an unbalanced life, so it’s important to touch on all of these facets of your life so you don’t let anything slip through the cracks.

It’s All Connected

All of the areas of your life are connected, so it’s important to take a bigger-picture view of your life and all that’s in it. Your relationships will affect your performance at work, and your overall health and fitness level permeates into all areas of your life. To really fire on all cylinders and be the best version of yourself possible, it all has to be lined up and running smoothly.

3. Set Your Own Goals and Form a Strategy on How to Achieve Them

Once you’ve searched your soul and gotten clear about what you want, as well as taken a look at the full gamut of your life to see which areas you need to improve in, it’s time to sit down and write out your goals clearly and concisely so you can return to them again and again over the coming weeks and months.

Once you have your goal expressed, and you believe that it’s something you can achieve, it’s time to start coming up with a plan on how you’ll move towards it.

At this stage you don’t have to know exactly how you’ll reach your goal, you just have to figure out how to get to the next mountain peak, and you’ll be able to see further from that vantage point.

The Power of Writing

Don’t use an online document or spreadsheet to type out your goals. Write them down on paper. Get a notebook that’s exclusively for your goal writing and note taking on the way toward achieving that goal. Give some sacredness to that notebook and don’t jot down your shopping list in it. There is far more brain power and it’s a much more tactile experience to physically write down your goal. Much has been written on the power of writing out your goal so don’t go Information Age on this one and grab a pen and paper.

Be Your Own Life Coach

4. Give Yourself Rewards

A life coach will provide you with encouragement when you’re able to achieve what you set out to achieve. This positive reinforcement builds confidence and allows you to set your sights higher and higher.

The best part of doing your own life coaching is that you know the kinds of rewards that will be the most motivational for you. Make it something fun, but appropriate to the accomplishment. It can be allowing yourself to watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see, but postponed because of all the work you’re doing. Or it could be spending some quality family time with your loved ones. Whatever lights you up!

Reward Plus the Next Push

Don’t just clap yourself on the back, clap yourself on the back and give yourself a nudge forward to your next goal. Embrace the joy you feel while experiencing your reward and tell yourself that your next reward is going to be even better after you accomplish your next big task.

5. Hold Yourself Accountable

One of the bigger reasons people consider getting a life coach is because they offer objective accountability. They won’t stand for excuses, and they’ll call you out when they suspect you’re trying to weasel out of a commitment or a promise. In order to be your own life coach you’re going to have to bring that same level of objectivity to your performance and accept nothing but the best for yourself.

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