17 Benefits of Vitamin D for Your Health & Wellness

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17 Benefits of Vitamin D- for your health & wellness.

There are plenty of benefits to getting the proper amount of vitamin D, and it’s worth the time and effort to make sure that you’re topped up on it. This should be done with a combination of food, sunshine, and a supplement if needed. Vitamin D is one of the more unique vitamins out there because your body can actually manufacture it by getting regular exposure to the sun, and you can run a deficiency if you avoid the sun altogether. So be sure to keep an eye on your levels and take the steps necessary to enjoy all of the following benefits.



Prevents Cancer- According to one study, vitamin D has a protective effect against cancer and can lower your risk of getting diagnosed. The same study concluded that vitamin D supplementation could be a low-cost way to reduce the risk of death from cancer. This ranks highly for most people, and is a big reason why you should get your daily dose of vitamin D. Here are 15 foods that can help with that.

Helps Prevent MS- If you have a family history of muscular sclerosis, then you should make it a point to get your vitamin D levels in order. Studies show that people with MS tend to have lower levels of vitamin D in their bodies. Because of this, you can help reduce your risk of getting the disease or even reduce existing symptoms by making sure you get enough vitamin D.


Prevents Certain Diseases- Rather than looking at one specific disease in general, it’s good to know that you’re covered against a host of different diseases and conditions by making sure you’re getting enough vitamin D. One study found that a lack of vitamin D is linked to tumors, bone metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. The study also found that it’s a risk factor for neuropsychiatric disorders and autoimmune diseases.

Protects Against Radiation- If you’re worried about the dangers of low-level radiation, you might want to pay extra close attention to your vitamin D levels. Most do not have to worry about exposure to this kind of radiation, but if you feel that you’re at risk it’s worth the time and effort to get this in order. Scientists are also saying that in the case of a nuclear incident similar to the one near Tokyo, vitamin D becomes especially important.


Around the Body

Builds Strong Bones- For years, milk advertisements said that milk was good for teeth and bones and hair, and it was the calcium that got the credit. But now we’re finding out that vitamin D plays a big part in helping the body absorb the calcium, and thus helps with the process of strengthening bones. This can be vitamin D that is taken in by the foods we eat, and also the kind that is manufactured as a hormone in the body naturally.

Speaking of calcium, here are some calcium-rich foods you can use to enhance bone health (as long as you keep taking that vitamin D!)

Strengthens Teeth- You might not have made the connection between eating food like salmon, which has good amounts of vitamin D in it, and making your teeth stronger. Research shows that vitamin D also helps protect against tooth decay. There are only so many ways that you can get stronger teeth once you’re an adult, and tending to your vitamin D intake is one of them. You should be sure to combine this with a healthy intake of calcium-rich foods for the best results.

Keeps Hair Healthy- One of the things that vitamin D is known for is helping to reduce stress and keeps you feeling good. This, in turn, helps keep more hair on your head, especially if your hair loss is exacerbated by excessive levels of stress. Research shows that low vitamin D levels are linked to hair loss. Not only that, but it helps your hair looking good and growing strong.

Learn about the symptoms & treatment of vitamin D deficiency.


Keeps You Healthy

Helps the Immune System- Your immune system is responsible for keeping you healthy in general, and anything that supports it is a nod to your health. Vitamin D is great for the immune system, and you’ll find that not getting enough of it each day will result in a reduced functioning of your immune system, which could potentially leave you susceptible to several diseases and conditions. Several factors affect your immune system, so take a comprehensive approach at keeping it running tip-top.

Helps with Weight Loss- Getting enough vitamin D will work wonders on any weight loss efforts you might be engaged in. Neglect this important nutrient and you’ll have to work harder to get the same sort of results. Research shows that overweight people tend to be low in vitamin D. Another study found that women who had higher levels of vitamin D in their body were less likely to gain weight over the years. You can either choose to eat more foods containing vitamin D, get more sunshine to make your own, or take a supplement to keep your levels right. Usually a combination of these is recommended with a supplement only used to cover any gaps.

Helps Balance Calcium Levels- Keeping your calcium levels at the right spot is key to healthy bones, nails, and teeth, and vitamin D acts as a sort of sidekick, making sure that it is assimilated into the body easily, and that it is used as it should be. This means that if there is an excess of calcium, vitamin D can help to normalize how the body reacts, and if there are low levels of calcium, vitamin D can help the body use up the smaller levels as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Helps Manage Blood Pressure- High blood pressure can be a gateway to several different conditions, so making sure that it stays in check is essential to total health and well-being. Since vitamin D can help you feel calmer and more happy, this generally leads to lowered blood pressure naturally, without the use of prescription medication to accomplish the same goal. One study found that people who supplemented with vitamin D for three months significantly reduced their blood pressure levels. Getting more sun exposure is a good place to start, as this is the way the body creates it on its own.

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