15 Calcium Rich Foods for Stronger Bones and Teeth

Getting your recommended calcium for the day is important, and these high calcium foods can help get you there. It helps support healthy teeth and bones and it also plays a part in overall body weight, with anti-cancer and heart health benefits as well. There’s simply no reason to let your calcium level dip too low, because there are plenty of delicious foods to help you keep it up.

Some of these calcium rich foods may surprise you…

1. Cheese: 1,045mg Calcium (105% DV)

Cheese is one food that has some healthy benefits to it, but it also contains fat and cholesterol, and sodium. It takes the number one spot in terms of calcium, and far outdoes any other food in calcium, once for once.

Cheese is also high in protein, which helps keep you satisfied after a meal. It also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin B12, important vitamins for your immune system and energy levels, respectively.

You’ll find cheese in and on so many different dishes, that you may find yourself trying to figure out how to avoid it rather than having to seek it out. As long as you balance the healthy things cheese brings with the unhealthy it can be used as part of a healthy diet to increase the flavor of a meal.

Tips for eating more: You don’t want to go too heavy on the cheese, while it does provide you with plenty of calcium, many cheese varieties are high in fat and cholesterol.

2. Sardines: 382mg Calcium (38% DV)

Sardines take the number two spot on our list of high calcium foods, and while they may not be at the top of everyone’s shopping list, they can be added as an edible garnish or mixed into soups for added calcium and other minerals.

Sardines also rank high in omega-3s, which may be a more intriguing reason to eat them than the calcium they contain. Omega-3s have been credited with everything from preventing cancer, to increasing heart health, to reducing inflammation in the body.

In addition to the omega-3s and calcium you’ll be getting protein from the sardines, which helps you build lean muscle and keeps you feeling full longer after a meal.

Tips for eating more: Sardines are generally found You can try them as a pizza topping similar to anchovies, or incorporate it into a side dish. It’s hard to make a meal out of sardines because of their small size and strong taste, but you don’t need to eat too much to get the benefit of the calcium they contain.

3. Tofu: 350mg Calcium (35% DV)

A 100 gram serving of tofu gives you more than a third of the calcium you need for the day, earning in the number 3 spot on our list of foods high in calcium.

Tofu is also a good source of non-animal protein, and has a similar texture to meat making it a good candidate for a meat replacement in hundreds of popular dishes. It also contains a generous amount of iron, so you’re getting multiple benefits from eating it.

It’s interesting to note that tofu contains more calcium, ounce for ounce, than the soybeans it comes from. The process of making tofu involves using calcium sulfate to help it keep its form. Tempeh offers a similar benefit, but only provides 11% of your daily value to tofu’s 35%.

Tips for eating more: Replace a meat dish one or two times a week with a tofu dish. It’s long been used by vegans and vegetarians to provide protein, but it also provides other vitamins and minerals, like calcium.

4. Almonds: 264mg Calcium (26% DV)

Almonds and other nuts provide so much calcium that they rank in the top 5 of our list. The impressive feature of almonds is that they’re often regarded as being healthy, but seldom get referenced for their calcium content.

Almonds contain plenty of fiber as well as healthy fats, which why they’re so good at helping to make a meal satisfying, or used as a snack when you start feeling hungry long before meal time.

Other nuts that could have made our list but that get filed under almonds are pistachios, pecans, hazelnuts, and more. Chances are most any nut you choose will contain at least some calcium, if not enough to make the cut-off for our list.

Tips for eating more: A handful of almonds makes a great snack, and also provides you with protein and fiber, a big reason why it does such a good job of curbing your appetite until your next meal.

5. Collard Greens: 232mg Calcium (23% DV)

Collard greens outrank popular leafy greens like spinach and kale in the calcium department, and they deserve a spot on your plate if you are looking for an overall nutritious vegetable that you might have been overlooking.

Collard greens are a good source of dietary fiber, as well as vitamins A and C. They are naturally low in sodium and fat, and are a great way to keep your diet varied instead of always turning to the same vegetables again and again.

You can use collard greens as part of a detoxing program to help rid the body of harmful toxins. They’re best eaten in the spring and summer months, which just happens to be the best time of year for cleansing.

Tips for eating more: Try subbing in collard greens for spinach or kale to keep things interesting. They provide a different flavor than these other greens, but still gives you many of the benefits, including a respectable amount of calcium.

6. Figs: 162mg Calcium (16% DV)

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