4 Ways to Combine Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss

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Have you tried honey and cinnamon for weight loss yet? While it’s no magic bullet for weight loss, it can be used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise to accelerate the rate of weight lost, and help you get past food cravings more quickly.

Honey alone has been shown to contain antioxidants and enzymes that have various healthy effects on the body. Findings on cinnamon are equally as promising, with research suggesting that it can do everything from boosting your metabolism to lowering your cholesterol. On their own these two items should play a part in your regular diet.

Combining the two creates a sort of Dynamic Duo and when taken at the start and end of your day has been peer proven to assist you in your weight loss goals.

Honey and cinnamon have been long known for their holistic benefits. Here is how to use them in your daily routine to lose weight…

The How-To

Mix 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon with Add a cup of hot water to the cinnamon, let cool.
Add a full teaspoon of raw, organic honey to the cinnamon/water mixture after it has cooled.
Consume as directed below.
Always consult your doctor before starting any weight loss method.

1. In the Morning

Getting a good start to your day is key when you’re trying to lose weight because it sets the tone for how the rest of the day goes. Start it off wrong and you’re more likely to eat a fattening meal at lunch and follow up with whatever you want at dinner.

Getting into the habit of using an all-natural weight loss tool like cinnamon and honey can help ensure you start things off on the right foot.

Take the mixture right when you wake up and wait 30 minutes before having your breakfast meal.

Why it’s effective: Honey and cinnamon when taken in the morning can help rev up your digestive system, helping your metabolism and energy level through lunch.

2. Between Meals

When losing weight is your goal you may have found that between meals is when you are most vulnerable to cravings and food temptations. This is often the times we find ourselves at work and surrounded by vending machines and other goodies coworkers have brought in.

Cinnamon can help lessen your appetite, making it easier for you to make it from one meal to the next without the need to eat an unhealthy snack. Making better food choices is paramount when attempting weight loss, and a mixture of cinnamon and honey can help in that department.

Cinnamon has been shown to help lower your blood sugar levels, which will help you stay alert and focused throughout the day and avoid that after lunch crash that is so common.

Why it’s effective: The combination of honey and lemon is an effective way to prevent snacking on junk between meals and is a better option than letting yourself go hungry.

3. Before Aerobic Workouts

When you’re gearing up for an aerobic workout there are a few things you can do to make it more effective. Stretching is one, but did you know that it matter what you are putting into your body prior to your workout?

If you always feel drained after a workout, or you feel that you don’t have enough energy to have an effective workout, you may notice that the honey and cinnamon blend help give you more energy to help you push through it.

There are other ways to make your cardio workouts more effective. Work out on an empty stomach and make sure you don’t eat for at least 30 minutes after you’ve done an aerobic workout, and hour if you can make it that long. This helps your body burn more calories since it isn’t focused on digesting your next meal.

Why it’s effective: The sugar in honey will give you energy to boost you through your workout, and the metabolism-boosting nature of cinnamon will amplify the effects of your cardio.

4. Before Bedtime

The stretch of time between dinner and sleep can be the hardest to get through when you’re trying to lose weight. Late night snacking and midnight trips to the refrigerator will only set you back on your goals and are typically not authorized on most diet programs.

You can use cinnamon and honey as your ally during this time. Since it’s not a solid food it won’t be weighing on your stomach or through your digestive system a wrench right before you retire for the evening.

The honey will help any late night cravings for sweets like that nightly bowl of ice cream. The cinnamon will act on your digestive system, helping it as it resets itself during the night.

Why it’s effective: Curbs nighttime cravings and make sure you can fall asleep without hunger pangs keeping you up at night.

Users Comments:

  • sauda

    I have been taking Cinnamon with honey for like 10days. I’ve seen the result yet, but I take it with Hot water as if am taking tea. Thank u

  • Jabulile

    goal weight is between 50 and 55 my height is 1.56m iam now a size 36 will I reach that in 3 months if I start this honey cinnamon diet plus 45min cardio

  • donna

    Why does the cinnamon & honey have to be mixed with water…..I’d prefer to just mix cinnamon & honey together & eat it then drink water or green tea

  • yola

    Wat kind of cinnamon and honey

  • shejal

    Is honey and cinnamon is taking without lemon in morning and night help in loosing weight

  • Nihjk

    Ground cinnamon or whole?

  • Shemeka

    When I’m taking the cinnamon and honey do I need to eat certain foods and exercise or just start it on a daily base.I have a 25th class reunion coming up and after 4 kids my stomache is a major factor

  • Mary

    I read somewhere that the mix should be: a cup o water, 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, 2 teaspoons of honey. I felt really bad and then I threw up. Maybe it was a cinnamon od, but did anyone had a similar experience?

    • adwoa

      Mary, it’s supposed to be 1/2 teaspoon of ceylon cinnamon, 1 teaspoon of pure honey and 1 glass of water.

      • Bridget

        It is1/2 of Organic Cinnamon,1 teaspoon of raw honey not pure because the pure honey have been process and 1glass of pure water, My Mum tried it within three weeks she attained her goal weight

        • Megha

          Cinamon k sath dabur ya ramdev ka honey le skte hai kya or water boiked hona chahiye ya warm n mng ya day mein kisi b time le skte hai kya plz reply

          • Dinesh K

            Hi Megha, Dabur or Ramdev honey is processed. You should ask some Nursery guys if they keep pure honey or ask village people, they generally keep pure honey at home. Water should be warm (which you can drink easily without any problem). Yes, you can have it anytime in a day. Even say twice or thrice.

      • Nana Adwoa

        Adwoa hi, please Where did you get your organic honey and Ceylon cinnamon to buy

        • ajoke

          Hello house.i have ceylon cinnamon and honey kit for #5000.location is lagos, Nigeria.Nationwide delivery available.

        • Naa

          Nana Adjoa if you are in Ghana, try Relish store in Osu near the former American Embassy. They have the organic cinnamon there. I bought mine from there. As for the honey look for it. One clue for an organic and healthy honey is, it does not attract ants when in storage.
          All the best. Cheers

    • mymoena

      I read 1tsp cinnamon and 2tsp honey and a cup of warm water not boiling water

      • DOROTHY


        • Denise

          You want to use Ceylon cinnamon. The kind we buy in the grocery store is cassia cinnamon. A world of difference. Read up on it. You want raw local honey and Ceylon cinnamon. I got my honey in Tennessee and I’m waiting on my organic raw honey from Amazon. Name brand I chose is Frontier organic fair trade co op Ceylon.



    • Tina

      I tried this first time this morning, I felt super nautious within 20 min

    • Teenz

      I tried cinnmon wid honey and water it’s gud smell so gud and taste so gud ::wish I can lose my weight

  • faiza

    I am not adding honey only drinking warm cinnamon tea made with cinnamon stick will it work the same .

  • queenie

    I drink it with apple cider vinegar before meals..I prepare the ceylon cinnamon tea with honey in the night..boil water and pour over 1 tsp of cinnamon and after the tea has cooled add 2 tsp of honey..mix well and drink before going to bed in the night 45 mints on empty stomache and in the morning likewise and in btw drink apple cider vinegar 2 tsp with a glass of water before meals..am slowly loosing weight..

  • harsh ahuja

    this mixture shows results in how much time?

  • Rico

    Oatmeal, cinnamon powder, cashew and honey (twice a day)

  • betty

    At what time is one supposed to take the mixture

  • ayesha

    Hi my name is ayesha my weight is 76kg ihv to lose my weight so plz suggest me

  • Phumlile Zulu

    Hi, where can I get an organic cinnamon coz I normally see da ground cinnamon. I have also tried to research on how to plant it. I see a business potential hence I guess I will be the permanent client to myself.

  • Anna

    Can I put honey and cinnamon on my toast? Will that change the results?

  • ramya

    I don’t want to lose weight bt I want to lose my belly fat? Will dis remedy be helpful Plz suggest me. N another one can I drnk dis after consuming water n after one hr can I drink cinnamon n honey water

  • joy

    Is it safe to drink this while breastfeeding a 1 year old?

  • Tara

    Moderately fat people, don’t try this drink everyday if u r not so much fat and aged above 30’s or 40s. I was getting fat because i couldnt do any excercises for about 4 5 as i had a neckache that spreads to my hands. i was a martial arts student and once i stopped classes i got fat. Not like too much fat. I had this for a week, n i used powdered cinnamon day before yesterday night and yesterday morning after excercising. Yesterday evening i got faintish trembling and now im vomitish, n my body feels weak. So don’t try this if you are moderately fat. It causes your blood sugar level to drop instantly.

  • sophie

    I don’t want to lose weight but I want to lose my belly fat? Will dis remedy be helpful Plz help me

    • Jon

      There really isn’t anything that will target a specific body area when trying to reduce fat. If you are looking to reduce belly fat, you would proceed with trying to reduce body fat as a whole. Everyone’s body is a little different, but in general reducing body fat will be proportional over your entire body.

    • TJ

      Try a vegan diet to target belly fat. Research it, it works!

    • priyanka

      Yes dis is very beneficial for lossing belly fat trust me it is proved

  • Carol Wimbley

    I was wondering if there is a specific type of cinnamon are can you use the regular cinnamon out of the spice section of the grocery store please let me know before I try this

    • Jon

      Use Ceylon cinnamon only, not cassia when taking regularly. Cassia cinnamon is more toxic and can cause liver damage when taken in large doses or regularly. I buy organic ceylon powdered cinnamon from Amazon.

  • David

    Try this: 1 plug of garlic with 1 table spoon of coconut oil, 1tbl spoon of honey and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. Mash the garlic into the coconut oil before adding honey and cinnamon. Stir and heat until warm. Use a wooden spoon to stir.

  • Sonia

    I don’t want to lose weight but I want to lose my belly fat. Will this remedy (cinnamon and honey mixture) be helpful for the same. Pls help….

  • Tryphosa

    I want to try this for my health state. Not to loose wait. I wonder whether is good or not

  • oluwaseyi

    Hw many days does it take cinnamon to have effect on body

  • Lebo

    When this mixture start to be effective, I need to lose weight before November. I’m 1.56 short and weighs 75 size 36 pls help….

  • Yosef

    I have been taking honey and cinnamon twice a day and also vinegar and honey three times a day I have lost almost forty pounds over 3 months I don’t exercise because I am handicapped in a wheelchair but I have changed my eating habits and I don’t crave junk at all this works for me and I will continue doing it until I reach my goal of losing 100 pounds.

  • sarika

    I Loose my weight 3 kg in 6 months but i m not doing any kind of exercise

  • LAD

    I’m taking medications for blood pressure and to prevent stroke.
    will the honey and cinnamon affect my medications working correctly?

  • pam

    yosef can you tell me what kind of vinegar how much and do you mix with honey, am interested in your forty pound weight lose thanks Pam

    • Deb

      I see that Yosef hasn’t responded so I’ve heard of doing Vinegar and Honey this way:

      Mix 2 tbsp. of unfiltered, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar in 8 oz. of water. Sweeten with no more that 1 tbsp. of honey. Limiting the amount of honey is advised to avoid the additional caloric intake. Use either hot or cold water. Many people enjoy the drink with hot water as a kind of tea or elixir which can be comforting in colder weather, while the colder option can be quite refreshing in the summer.

      Drink 3 times per day: before breakfast, lunch, and dinner

  • Deb

    Use only Ceylon Cinnamon and Organic, Raw Honey (both generally available at health food stores). I make two batches at once. Put 1 tsp of cinnamon in a bowl and add 1 cup of boiling water, stir. Steep for 10 to 15 minutes. When the liquid is at room temperature, add 1 tbsp. of honey and stir. DO NOT add the honey to the cinnamon water when it is HOT — this will kill the enzymes and antibiotics in the honey making the drink worthless. Drink half (1/2 cup) in the morning on an empty stomach and the other half later in the day.

  • alina

    Can I use this combination while breastfeeding?my baby is 4 moths old.I really want to loose weight.

  • Eunice

    Hi I’ve being drinking honey,cinnamon,lemon 4 2 weeks and I can c the results I’m impreesed

  • nick

    when you make the cinnamon and honey mixture are u supposed to drink/eat the cinnamon powder or leave it like tea leafs at the bottom or strain the powder out??

  • puleng

    Can somebody please answer LAD coz my is the same as him/her

  • Zainab

    I can’t get raw honey I’m drinking regular honey we buy from the shops is it okay please advise need to loose weight

  • Max

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  • rose

    Does this thing really wrk on loosing weight?plz reply

  • Julie

    I been doing the cinnamon and raw honey for about a week.. And I’m gaining weight.. I’m getting frustrated.. Any suggestions??

  • mercy

    Just bought the cinnamon today from the shop, how do I differentiate Ceylon cinnamon and this Norma one I bought from the shop

    • Denise

      Ceylon cinnamon is finer and lighter. The sticks look like a cigar with many layers. Cassia cinnamon sticks are hollow. Cassia is what we buy in the grocery store. . Ceylon cinnamon is the healthy cinnamon. Big difference. I’ve done a lot of reading.

  • Ritika

    I am having Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss. I am having in morning 5:30 am half cup and half cup before go to bed for sleep. and from 9 AM i having warm water in some slots and 10 AM breakfast with coffee then 1 pm lunch 3 chappati, sabzi, in evening some snaks like sweet corn or noodles and in dinner some times only sabzi or 1 chapti… is am on the right way to get weight lose… i had just started the same for last 2 days only… just wanna know i am on the right track or not?

  • tk

    What I did before and will do again is use like a shot glass type of cup heat the cinnamon and water, let it cool and add the honey then drink that and follow it by 8 oz of water. That was my way of getting it down cause I don’t like the taste of honey. At this time the only thing I changed in the way I eat was I stopped drinking pop and only drunk water and this. I seen a difference tiny weight. I did this for like 2 week’s and lost 10 lbs. I hope it works for you and I’m going at it again at the first of the year. Thanks Tk 12-21-2015

  • daniela

    Doesn’t work. Maybe for soothing a sore throat but DOES NOT cure illness or help you let see weight unless you consume it only instead of solid food. Don’t fall for it.

  • Cheryl

    does this really work,i just started this cinnamon lemon n honey for weight loss.

  • martha

    im using cinnamon and lemon juice mixed in hot water i always take it every morning on an empty stomach but the results are wow

  • kilonge

    What is the difference between cylon and cassia cinnamon?

    • Denise

      Ceylon cinnamon is the healthy cinnamon. Cassia is what we buy in the grocery store.

    • Denise

      Ceylon cinnamon is the healthy cinnamon . Cassia cinnamon is the kind we buy in the grocery store. So many people think using regular cinnamon and regular everyday honey are the way to go for weight loss and health benefits. I’m not saying there is anything at all wrong with the cassia cinnamon powder we buy in the grocery store. It’s fine. But Ceylon cinnamon is the one for health benefits. I’ve done a lot of reading.

  • jo

    how can i get original cinnamon powder in nigeria

  • Rita

    hello Jo… am in Nigeria and I sell true Ceylon cinnamon.. we order it from the UK and sell here… we sell honey too… call me if ur interested 08136538020

  • kejal

    where can i get Ceylon cinnamon best in india

  • Bob

    Pure cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka. Most of the others from VietNam China is Cassia and note recommended as it contains coumarin which can harm liver and kidneys when taken regularly. Order cinnamon from Sri Lanka only.

    The honey has to be RAW honey

    The ratio is 2 honey to 1 cinnamon. I’m using it for arthritis and it works.

    I’ve started to look into apple cider vinegar. Like the honey you want the one that is RAW and contains the Mother. Made by Braggs.

    • Gin

      A lot of internet hay has been made out of the liver toxicity of coumarin in Cassia cinnamon, but the truth is that the risk is so low as to be virtually nonexistent
      For example, the median lethal dose of coumarin is set at 275 mg/kg of body weight. In addition, there is only .31g – 6.97 g of coumarin in each kg of Cassia cinnamon. This means that for my size, I would have to ingest at least 2.24 kilograms of Cassia cinnamon (Saigon) and 50.3 kilograms of Chinese Cassia Cinnamon in a single day to be in any danger.
      Do the warnings against Cassia cinnamon now seem ridiculous and overblown?

  • dr saifee

    I have done quiet a lot of research on Honey and its various usages.. feel free to mail me on mufaddalhs52@gmail.com for any queries regarding HONEY!
    TakeCare with HONEY!

  • payal

    Hll; plz tell me maine already apna weight loss kiya lekin abhi bhi love handles Kam hi nh ho rh kta cinnamon and honey in stomach

  • Shoba

    Which water added together with honey..?, I am not sure plz tell me gyss

  • chhani

    how long can the mixture be stored

  • Mmapula

    hi ladies, I am at Pretoria Hatfiled, I have read your interesting stories about loosing wait,belly. So I am asking where can I get this Ceylon cinnamon around Pretoria?

  • sally

    I’ve used cinnamon and honey for a,week and have lost 5lb… it does,work

    • Charli

      Hi I am female from U.K. Just started taking cinnamon and honey first thing in morning then just before bedtime. I have read all about it hope it works

  • lorraine

    hie ladies um in zimbabwe where can i get raw honey and ceylon cinnamon please kindly assist

  • Rehab

    In kenya where can I get cinnamon powder assist plz

  • Rex


    I am using honey (raw) and cinnamon (celyon) twice a day as suggested by you from last 12 days. But I have not notice any difference in my weight. Pls suggest ,why I am not gettinf any fruitful result.

  • aliana

    hey my name is Aliana and I am 13 years old. i was wondering if everyone has any weight loss ideas because I weigh 83.5 kg and i don’t want to spend money on it

  • Ros

    Is anyone having trouble with the cinnamon settling in the bottom of the cup.? Should I eat it or just the flavor of the cinnamon water before it settle? It does not mix with water. Is anyone having that problem? I do have the Ceylon cinnamon and the raw honey.

  • Rela

    For it to be effective @Ros drink everything. I only started mine yesterday thou and I drank everything. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol and when I drank my cinnamon and honey all my joints have been kinda numb n aching like I’ve been working out n at the same time feel so relaxed and tired to move my body. Want to believe its already tackling the cholesterol in my body and viola!this morning it flushed every single crap from my tommy as I’ve been outta business with the loo for more than a week.???? #grateful

  • Adedoyin

    How do i Kno Ceylon Cinnamon bcos I bought spice supreme pure grounded Cinnamon from food store…I boiled Cinnamon and honey together and i drink whole cup,pls does it work pls kindly assist

  • Raju M Thakkar

    I wish to know , is it ok One drop of Cinamon Oil and One tabelspoon of Honey reduce the weight. Please guide

  • alice

    Can I use honey and cinnamon for weight lose after giving birth?

  • ana dj

    hi… im from philippines and i bought cinnamon powder in grocery store… i dont knw if it cylon or cassia. how would i know? and another is..i found out that i have a gallstone problem..is it safe to try this cinnamon and hinoy for loosing my wieght?

  • Kofkof

    Hmmnn, magic of honey and cinnamon….

  • Aaron

    Hi, so I’ve started to take cinnomon on a regular with coffee or tea — once or twice a day. I normally ate three timew a day, now I only eat twice, I have removed all sugar from my diet with the exception of cereal and natural sugars which I have some mornings. Cinnomon is amazing and has given me more energy. I have lost maybe two pounds after just 10 days of usage. Its a start I suppose. Get rid of sugar and added sugar cinnomon will help you balance your blood sugar. You’ll feel great!

  • philo

    please I just my cinnamon and honey..does it work really fast,i need to reduce weight before next month

  • jane

    please is pure ground cinnamon by spice supreme made in U.S.A healthy in losing fat? Jane

  • Tan

    Can I boil cinnamon stick with water and let it cooled before adding honey ? Will cinnamon stick have the same same effect as the powder ?

  • nice

    I bought a Cinnamon but it has a spicy smell, is it the right one?


    I am planning to star the honey + cinnamon combo for weight loss. Can you please give me the proper measurement for the dosage, also is it valid to use it as a detox?

  • Chathu

    You can buy ceylon cinnamon only from Sri Lanka. Ceylon is the name of Sri Lanka used by Britishness in 1800- 1900. Cinnamon,Honey,lemon and ginger mix with warm water and drink every morning. Drink 3 L water during a day.Say no to junk food. Drink green tea. You can reduce your weight. It’s true 🙂

  • joy

    i have ordred Sattvic Organics & Natural cinnamon powder from amazon. can i use this with honey and water.

  • populra resmål 2017

    I gotta bookmark this site it seems extremely helpful very useful

  • Humaima Malik

    Well its sound good that honey and cinnamon might help in weight loss. I have tried much honey in the past but they don’ provide any results without proper exercise. The only solution I have found is weight loss supplements since I can’t exercise daily because of my tough routine


    Cinnamon with honey and water, How many days it shows affect for fats etc., and can it be taken for more than one year. please clarify the same.

  • merlin

    i just checked the you tube video for weight loss to have cinnemon and honey i boiled the cinnemon and took two
    sticks and kept a side to warm
    and then one tsp honey and drank it how it will

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