Unhealthy Side Dishes That Are Worse for Your Diet Than Junk Food

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Do you love side dishes more than the entree? People love sides because they get to experience many different tastes and textures on one plate. The problem is that many unhealthy side dishes aren’t much better than reaching into your pantry for a bag full of processed junk food. Many of them are high in calories and fat, low in protein and fiber, and loaded with so much sugar your heart might stop beating just thinking about it.

Some of your favorite side dishes could ruin the nutritional value of your whole meal. Don’t make the mistake of trusting smaller portions to keep you safe. Here are some of the most unhealthy sides you can find — and the alternatives you can use to replace them.

unhealthy side dishes


1. White rice

White rice is a popular side and base choice for many different meals. It lets you add any flavors or ingredients you want to create a spicy or savory side dish you’ll love no matter what.

The problem is, white rice is what’s called a refined grain. You’ve probably heard of whole grains, and how important they are as part of a healthy diet. Unlike whole grains, refined grains — such as white rice — are missing some of their most nutritious components. White rice isn’t as bad for you as potato chips are, but it’s what you’re not getting — and could be — that makes it an unhealthy choice.

You have a few options when it comes to choosing a side dish that’s healthier than white rice. Brown rice is a better source of protein, carbs, energy, and fiber — it will keep you fuller for longer, so you are less tempted to eat junk food. Spelt is a also an option. It’s a rice alternative that, when prepared just right, can feel and taste very similar.

2. Macaroni and cheese

Yes, it’s everyone’s favorite food from childhood. Whether it’s nostalgia or just an irresistible craving for carbs that drives you to choose mac and cheese as your side dish, it’s not the greatest choice. You know this. You just might not know why — or what to eat that’s almost as good.

The severity of unhealthy side dishes like these really depends on where it comes from. Are you making it from scratch, or pouring it out of a box? “Just add water” is one of the most cringeworthy taglines in the pasta world (right behind “made with cheese product”). At least when you make it at home, you’re eliminating a lot of the fat in salt, and the other chemicals in whatever that cheese powder is made of. But even then, you could still make your pasta side a much healthier one.

Though it’s not nearly as enjoyable, whole grain macaroni noodles with olive oil and herbs will still satisfy your taste buds — and fill your tummy. The pasta will provide the fiber. The olive oil will supply the fat. And you can count on the herbs to flavor your side dish without sending your blood sugar — and your blood pressure — crashing through the ceiling.

3. Sweet potato casserole

When you think of casseroles, you either picture holiday feasts or funerals. Either way, a casserole is not a good entree or side dish to slap onto your plate, whether you’re celebrating or mourning. Most casseroles require plenty of butter, cream, sugar, and a very large pan. That’s all code for “not really all that good for you,” by the way, and as much as you might love sweet potatoes, this dish has got to go.

You wouldn’t dump table sugar onto your sweet potato, would you? That’s basically what you’re doing when you mix vanilla extract and butter into your mashed sweet potatoes. Then you top it with brown sugar — and sometimes, even marshmallows. This shouldn’t count as a side dish, whether it’s Thanksgiving or not. It’s a dessert … but one you can improve. Sort of.

Did you know you can make your own (healthy) version of sweet potato fries? Simply cut the potato into fry-like slices, very lightly salt and drizzle with olive oil, and bake. They’re not the crispy fries you secretly dream of when you’re hungry, and it’s not the sweet and gooey casserole you’ve grown to love. But it’s something you can enjoy — no brown sugar or marshmallows required.

4. Pasta salad

Many pasta salad recipes call for olives, mozzarella, peppers, and tomatoes — all extremely healthy ingredients. These ingredients aren’t where this side dish loses its credibility, though. One of the most important steps in a classic pasta salad recipe is to drench everything in Italian dressing. While this might make your mouth water, it’s probably not worth it. This dressing is high in calories — and since this is just a side dish, you’re spending a lot of your energy on an ingredient that isn’t going to do you much good.

If you haven’t picked up on this already, you’re going to find that olive oil is one of your greatest allies along your quest to eat healthier. It’s still oil, so you don’t necessarily want to drench everything in it before putting it in your mouth. You can significantly cut back on the amount of calories and fat in your pasta salad recipe simply by using olive oil instead of Italian dressing. It has almost the same exact effect — and it’s much better for your health.

5. Vegetable fritters

Let’s talk about something we haven’t addressed on this list yet: frying. As you likely already know, frying is the process of heating and cooking food using oil. Most oils used for frying, like vegetable and coconut oils, are high in saturated fat. This is why so many experts warn against diets high in fried food. Too much saturated fat can put a lot of pressure on your heart. And if you don’t eat enough healthy foods to compensate for so much fat, you could develop heart disease, and related issues.

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