13 Foods That Lower Cholesterol & Prevent Heart Attacks

You can help prevent a heart attack and lower your cholesterol naturally by eating foods that lower cholesterol. These should be used as part of a bigger picture plan to lower your cholesterol naturally with the guidance of your doctor or healthcare professional.

Eat more of the superfoods to reduce your cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

1. Kale

Kale helps with cholesterol in a few different ways. Like spinach, kale is high in lutein, and it also provides a good amount of fiber. Lutein has been shown to help lower levels of LDL cholesterol and stops cholesterol from building up in the body (4). Kale already provides so many healthy benefits, and its lutein content is just one more reason to start drinking green smoothies and getting more of it into your system.

Kale has received superstar status in the last few years, as the health benefits it provides hit mainstream consciousness. With a full day’s supply of Vitamin A and Vitamin C in a one cup serving of chopped kale, it’s clear to see what all the excitement is over.

There’s also plant protein and important minerals to help round out its nutritional profile.

Cholesterol Busting Breakdown: Kale will supply you with a good portion of your daily fiber needs, and is also full of lutein, with over 18,000 micrograms in a 100 gram serving.

2. Oatmeal

oatmealOatmeal gets the seal of approval from the American Heart Association for its cholesterol-lowering properties. The fiber in oatmeal has been described as acting like a sponge, helping to soak up excess cholesterol and carry it out of the body before it can do damage to arteries (1).

Choosing organic oats will help you reduce the amount of GMOs and chemicals you’re ingesting when you eat your oatmeal. Opt for plain instead of flavored oatmeal so you know you’re getting just the oats and no added sugars or artificial flavors and colors. This means avoiding some of the bigger brand names and going with some of the smaller sized companies that have a passion for providing organic, pure products.

Cholesterol Busting Breakdown: One cup of cooked oatmeal provides 4 grams of fiber, much of which is soluble fiber and goes to work on lowering cholesterol in the body.

3. Apples

Apples have long been recommended as a food you should eat each day, and the more studies that are performed on apples, the more this old advice seems to ring true. Apples have polyphenols and fiber in them, as well as vitamins and minerals that support the body in a number of ways. The polyphenols work as an antioxidant in the body, and the special fiber apples contain help to clear out cholesterol from the body.

organic apples

Choosing organic apples is the only way to go if you’re going to up your apple intake. Conventional apples will have polyphenols and pectin, but this will be overshadowed by the large amount of chemicals applied to the fruit during the growing season, and the use of genetically modified seeds at the start.

Cholesterol Busting Breakdown: One apple a day provides polyphenols and 4.4 grams of fiber, which includes pectin, a special fiber that is soluble and helps the body clear out excess cholesterol.

4. Garlic

garlic to lower cholesterolGarlic has long been known as a cholesterol-lowering food, and it’s as simple as adding more garlic to your cooking. The allicin in garlic is what does the trick, and there’s some debate over which form of garlic contains the most allicin, fresh raw garlic, cooked garlic, garlic powder, or a garlic supplement. This is one food that likely won’t lower your cholesterol much all by itself, but can be effective when paired with other foods on this list on a cholesterol conscious diet.

If bumping up your garlic intake doesn’t sound appealing to you, either because of the taste or the bad breath it’s known to cause, you may be interested in taking a garlic supplement for similar benefits.

Cholesterol Busting Breakdown: The idea is to get as much allicin as you can. Studies show the more garlic you get into the body the lower your cholesterol should drop.

5. Dark Chocolate

Eating dark chocolate can help you reduce your cholesterol, as long as a few conditions are met. You can’t overdo it, as eating more dark chocolate will not help you lower your cholesterol even more. You want to take it in moderation and eat reasonable servings in one sitting. Procyanidins in dark chocolate have been shown to help reduce cholesterol when levels are high (2).


You also want to opt for the purest dark chocolate you can find. The higher the percentage, the more actual chocolate it will contain, and the more procyanidins you’ll get. Avoid milk chocolate, as it doesn’t have the antioxidants found in dark chocolate, and has added dairy and sugar.

Cholesterol Busting Breakdown: Various brands and types of dark chocolate will contain different amounts of procyanidins. Always opt for quality over quantity and choose raw, organic dark chocolate.

6. Spinach

Spinach is one of those healthy foods that just makes everything in the body better, including your cholesterol levels. Start eating more spinach, and all else being equal, you’ll start to see your cholesterol numbers drop. It’s the lutein in spinach that gives it its cholesterol-lowering effect.

Other foods high in lutein include kale, swiss chard, and turnip greens. These leafy greens are also known for their high vitamin and mineral content, making them great choices for a healthy diet, and to aid in weight loss if necessary. If you’re worried about your cholesterol it’s doubly important to keep fit and lose extra weight to reduce the chance of a heart attack and other diseases linked to being overweight.

Cholesterol Busting Breakdown: In 100 grams of spinach there’s over 11,000mg of lutein, 558mg potassium, more than a full day’s worth of Vitamin A, 46% of your Vitamin C, 19% DV for magnesium, and 15% DV for iron.

Users Comments:

  • Chris

    Cholesterol doesn’t cause heart attacks.

  • Sandra

    I just got a reduced level of cholesterol by eating spinach in a salad every night. Along with tomatoes and avocado. Where once I had high cholesterol now it’s very low.

  • congestive heart failure symptoms

    A patient with progressive heart failure would be breathless while resting, would will have to prop himself up while resting and would easily become tired
    on exertion. Other symptoms including distended neck veins, abdominal fullness, upper abdominal discomfort and pain could
    possibly be observed.

  • Sarah

    I eat just about ALL of that all the time, plus I run 15 miles a week and do light weights at the gym. I STIlL have high blood pressure! My cholesterol is ok, but once was high.

  • Troy

    Don’t panic so much about “GMO”. Even most non-pesticide grown vegetables are technically ‘gmo’, having been selectively bred for flavour, colour, and pest resistance. It takes longer, that’s all. The alterations to the genome of a plant do not tend to carry through the digestive system – the DNA is completely broken down in the parts that are absorbed. (Organic means either ‘smooth motion’, or ‘made of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen. It does NOT mean ‘chemical free’)

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