34 Nourishing Protein Shake Recipes

One common way to build lean muscle is to drink protein shakes. They are a fast and easy meal replacement that can provide everything you need in one glass in terms of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats, and protein. One problem with most protein shakes is that they don’t taste very good. These protein shake recipes show you how to make delicious protein shakes that you’ll look forward to drinking. This will result in you making them more often, improving your chances of success with your dieting and muscle-gaining strategy.

The best homemade protein shakes for after workout snacks, refueling and meal replacement…

1. French Toast Protein Shake

Here’s a great way to start your morning with the familiar taste of French toast, but with a lot more protein added and less of the bad stuff. She’s starting it off with fat free cottage cheese, which will provide texture, and plenty of protein on its own. If that wasn’t enough though it also has a scoop of vanilla protein powder which will likely also contain amino acids and other nutritious elements. Cinnamon and nutmeg combine to provide the classic taste of French Toast, and of course the vanilla flavor from the protein powder helps too.

butterscotch applepie protein shakes

Photo: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

2. Butterscotch Apple Pie Protein Shake

If apple pie is your thing, this protein shake has you covered with an added twist of butterscotch added to it. This is a great beverage to indulge in if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without ruining your dieting efforts. These look so good you might not want to drink them, but we think you will. They contain a few different sources of protein, including yogurt, almond milk, and a banana, and for good measure they’ve included a good portion of vanilla flavored protein powder. Not all protein is created equally, so it’s good to include different foods that all contain it so you are getting a rounded dose of protein in one shake.

3. Mocha Breakfast Protein Shake

Here’s one way to have your morning coffee in a much healthier way, with the delicious taste of mocha combined with the benefits you’ll receive from a high-protein start to the day. Greek yogurt adds to the protein content, but we’d recommend adding the optional scoop of protein powder to really make sure that you’re getting the protein you need from this. This is especially true if you lift weights in the morning, as it will help you recover from your workout and feel less fatigued throughout the day. There will be a strong taste of coffee because you are adding ground coffee or espresso powder right to it.

4. Blueberry Cheesecake Protein Shake

You won’t find cheesecake on many diet programs unless there is a free day when you can eat whatever you want. That’s why this protein shake is so special because it provides the flavor of a dessert along with the nutritional benefits of added protein and other good things for you. Real blueberries means you’re getting plenty of antioxidants, and since this isn’t an actual cheesecake you’ll get the benefits of those antioxidants since they won’t be battling through a bunch of sugar, butter, and cream cheese. A scoop of vanilla protein powder insures you’ll get the protein you need.

5. Dark Chocolate Peppermint Protein Shake

If you’re a fan of Thin Mint cookies or Andes Mints, you’ll want to try this dark chocolate peppermint protein shake because it combines the irresistible taste of chocolate with the cooling effect of peppermint. They’ve really gone gourmet with this protein shake, and they’re using Designer Whey Gourmet Chocolate Protein Powder to give it plenty of protein but still have it taste good. They’re also recommending a high quality cocoa powder, which will boost the chocolate taste drastically, and make you feel like you’re really cheating on your diet, though you won’t be.

6. Pina Colada Protein Shake

If you like pina coladas this is one protein shake you can get caught in the rain with. It provides the combination of pineapple and coconut along with plenty of protein so that you can feel energized and let your muscles heal if you are doing a strength training program. Actual pineapple gives it its pineapple flavor, and coconut milk as well as coconut extract give it the taste of coconuts. Vanilla protein powder gets the call as the main protein source, and is a popular choice because it blends up well with other ingredients without being overpowering.

blueberry maple protein shake

Photo: Minimalist Baker

7. Blueberry Maple Protein Shake

This protein shake advertises that it is like having a pancake in a class. That’s because it uses maple flavoring along with blueberries just like you find in blueberry pancakes with syrup on them. Frozen blueberries are a great item to keep stocked in your freezer because they come in handy in so many recipes. They’ll provide antioxidants, and the maple flavor comes from maple extract so you’ll get the flavor of maple syrup without the added sugar. There’s even flaxseed meal used here so you will be getting omega-3s as well as added protein.

8. Chocolate Avocado Protein Shake

The avocado in this chocolate protein shake will make it extra smooth and creamy, while adding healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats to your diet. It also adds potassium and fiber to help your entire system. The chocolate flavor comes from chocolate protein powder, so it may not have as much of a chocolate taste as if you were using real chocolate. If you wanted to add some chocolate to it, be sure to use dark chocolate so you can avoid the dairy and sugar in milk chocolate and get the antioxidants of dark chocolate.

9. Peach Pie Protein Shake

Get the flavor of peach pie in liquid form with this protein shake that has real fruit added for extra nutrients and vitamins. Frozen peaches are used, which means you won’t have to add ice to this shake to make it cold. It also means you’ll be getting real food instead of an artificially flavored protein shake. Almond milk and vanilla protein powder provide all the protein you’ll need, and help to round this out as a great nutritional offering for anyone that is trying to be fit, healthy, and have enough energy to fuel them through a busy day.

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  • Szabo Laszlo

    Hi.Great post! The Espresso Protein Shake is my favorite! The good thing about it is that you do not need a lot of stuff to make it, so it is an ideal day-starter for me! Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. *Raising Protein Shake in respect* Bottoms up! Cheers! 🙂

  • Pennell

    Thanks for this Excellent Post! I really like a lot of them & I am able to change up my program so I don’t get bored! While I like sweets, they are not my craving & I do protein shakes to replace meals & cut calories…if only there were some Cheeseburger & Mash Potatoes & Gravy “like” protein shakes!!!

  • pam

    what protein powders do not have artificial sweeteners? I can’t find any. And so far ,all I tried taste woeful, I can’t mask the chemical taste

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