150+ Weight Loss Programs, Diets, Shakes & Plans

When choosing a weight loss program you’re spoiled for choice. The problem is it can be overwhelming trying to choose between so many similar programs, and also those that seem to contradict one another. The best advice is to choose one that resonates with you, and then tune the other ones out, staying faithful to your choice until it sees you to your goal.

150+ Weight Loss Programs- a must-read if you are trying to lose weight.

Fitness + Diet

These plans give about equal attention to what you’re eating, and getting more exercise to lose the pounds and reveal a new you. This balanced approach has proven very effective for many followers.

fitness and diet

Body for Life

This has its origins in a book by Bill Phillips that outlines a way of eating, lifting, and doing cardio that work in tandem to transform your body in 12 weeks. At the height of its popularity they would run annual million dollar challenges. You can still compete in a challenge but the prize is only $5000 now. $75-$109


This is the follow-up of Body for Life by Bill Phillips. It incorporates some of the same advice, but goes more towards a holistic view of the body and includes more mental and spiritual health in its approach to fitness. He’s still kept the competitions going, but this time with $10,000 on the line instead of the coveted million. Free

recommendedThe Step Diet

The thought here is that if you gradually get your daily step count to 10,000 and start eating less food at each meal, the result will be a leaner, more fit you. There’s a book that has the details, and you’ll want to get a pedometer to get started on it, but with quality pedometers available for less than $20 this is a pretty low-cost diet to start on. $9

Denise Austin

Denise says that in just 4 weeks you’ll see your fatty areas start to take the shape you really want. It’s a pretty comprehensive set-up, with an eating plan, and fitness and recipe guides so you have a step-by-step plan of attack. She also offers coaching and a forum so you can ask questions and get answers from others on the same path. $15/month

The Six Week Body Makeover

What’s nice about this package is that it has you determine what type of body you have first, and then gives you an eating and fitness strategy customized to how your body responds. It gives you before and after illustrations so you’ll get a good idea of what you’re going to morph into once you follow the system. $120

The Best Life Diet

This program has the benefit of getting a thumbs up from Oprah, and tries to separate itself from being just a diet, and more of a healthy lifestyle that you’d follow for the rest of your life. They make the distinction that a diet is something you go on and off of, but with their program you incorporate it as part of your new healthy life. $6/month

Ancestry Based

Ancestry Based Weight Loss Programs

recommendedThe Paleo Diet

This diet plan claims that Paleolithic man was the best model for health, and says we should eat foods that were the norm before agriculture came around. Followers take a pass on any processed foods, dairy, pasta, or grains, and anything with sugar in it, instead opting for meats, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and fish. Prices vary

Paleo Plan

This is a system that maps out the Paleo diet and breaks down which foods you should be eating, and what sort of exercise you should be getting. It includes recipes and meal plans so you don’t get that lost feeling when trying to eat the Stone Age way. Since no one invented the Paleo diet, there is no official source so it’s nice to have a guide to help you along. Prices vary

Jesus Diet

The theory here is that if you eat the sort of food that was around during the time of Jesus, you’ll lose weight and be healthier. Some also add in verses from the Bible as further proof of the sort of diet God wants you to eat. There are varying interpretations of this diet, with some involving more spirituality and religion than others. $10


For millions of years our ancestors lived in trees, and subsisted on mostly vegetation to survive. Only when we were forced from the trees to survive did we start chasing down animals, and our bodies started changing to account for the extra meat intake. Many proponents of a vegetarian diet refer to the low rate of chronic diseases of vegetarians compared to their meat-eating peers.

Raw Diet

This involves eating foods that are uncooked, a throwback to our time before discovering fire. Some raw foodies eat raw eggs and other raw meats like sashimi, but many raw dieters skip the meat and follow a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle, eating only raw fruits and veggies, with various nuts and seeds.

recommendedOrganic Diet

The only requirement here is eating foods that are organically grown. Almost anything is on the table, including meat, foods with carbohydrates in them, foods with fat in them, and all other foods that generally get nixed from mainstream diets. Instead the focus is on what you’re not putting into your body, like preservatives, pesticides, antibiotics, and herbicides.

Macrobiotic Diet

This diet is up for interpretation, but involves eating foods that are not processed, and has a strong focus on eating grains. It cuts out a lot of meat from the diet, and various parts of the world include different food items, for example in Japan one staple of a Macrobiotic diet is having miso soup, a soup that isn’t very popular elsewhere but is a staple in Japan.

Eat Clean Diet

The food that you’re supposed to eat on this diet is claimed to be the foods we’ve evolved to process the best, and the ones that make us feel good. They say that this diet works to stabilize your weight, and will cause you to gain, lose, or maintain weight depending on where you’re currently at. Prices vary

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