11 “One-Spoonful” Hacks to Lose Weight

If you’re looking to lose weight fast, don’t turn to diet pills or dangerous drugs. These one spoonful hacks will help curb your appetite and provide your body with nutrients and healthy substances it needs to get back on track and shed the pounds.

Use these one spoonful hacks to lose weight and keep it off for good…


1. A Spoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar for Blood Sugar Support

apple cider vinegar for weight lossApple cider vinegar has a number of uses around the home as well as externally and internally for the body. When you add a teaspoonful to a 12 ounce glass of water you’ll be adding in nutrients that you just wouldn’t get from water alone, and hydrate yourself at the same time. You’ll also be helping to keep your blood sugar levels stable.
The best apple cider vinegar is organic and unfiltered, and contains “mother of vinegar”. One brand that is highly recommended and easily found locally or online is Braggs.
[color-box color=”main”]Why It Works: Monitoring your blood sugar, or at least keeping it in mind when you’re crafting and timing your meals, is a good way to avoid spikes that can lead to weight gain. Research into how ACV helps your blood sugar is very promising, and worth making it a part of your daily weight loss routine.[/color-box]

2. A Spoonful of Raw Organic Honey for Digestive Enzymes

There are enzymes and antioxidants in unprocessed honey that are beneficial to the body, but sadly aren’t found in the majority of honey found nationwide. The amount of enzymes in honey that hasn’t been processed is amazing, thousands of different enzymes designed to help the digestive system.
raw honey
Processed honey, the most commonly found honey, has these enzymes stripped away, and therefore doesn’t provide the same benefit. Be sure the container lists both organic and raw on the label. Although there’s no such thing as organic bees, the fields surrounding the honey production facility will be certified organic.
[color-box color=”main”]Why It Works: Keeping your digestive system happy is a major component for losing weight. The digestive enzymes and antioxidants in raw organic honey support the digestive system and the body as a whole, helping you slim down without exerting much effort.[/color-box]

3. A Spoonful of Coconut Oil to Suppress Your Appetite

Coconut oil has several benefits, and when you’re looking to lose weight the most important of these is its ability to help with weight loss. When comparing oils it’s easy to see that coconut oil has more saturated fat than some of the most commonly used oils, but it also contains healthy fats, and the saturated fat it contains is not the same sort of saturated fat found in a cheeseburger.
You can use it in your cooking, or you can take a spoonful directly if you’re looking to hold yourself over between meals. It has a delicious buttery flavor that will make you feel like you’re not even on a weight loss program.
[color-box color=”main”]Why It Works: Coconut oil is rich in fatty acids that not only help you feel full when you eat it, but go to work increasing your metabolism so that you’ll naturally burn fat.[/color-box]

4. A Spoonful of Ginger to Aid in Fat Loss

Ginger is a spice that will help you get rid of fat specifically, not just overall body weight. This is important when trying to hack your weight loss because you want to make sure that it’s fat you’re losing and not simply water weight or muscle mass.

You don’t have to stuff a spoonful of ginger powder or minced ginger in your mouth to get the benefit. Add a teaspoon or a tablespoon to a dish that you’re making and you’ll get the positive effects it entails. It can help spice up a soup or chili, and can even give a smoothie a punch.
[color-box color=”main”]Why It Works: Ginger works on the body in two ways, it helps to improve your digestion, which alone will help you lose weight if you’ve struggled with a sluggish digestion. It also acts as a metabolism booster, which means you’ll be burning more calories per hour than before, leading to effortless weight loss.[/color-box]

5. A Spoonful of Thyme for Antioxidants and Vitamins

thyme weight loss hackIf it doesn’t taste good, the chances of you taking a spoonful of anything are rather low. In this case, thyme is a seasoning that you can use in your cooking or make into a tea for added weight loss benefits.
Thyme will add plenty of flavor to chicken breast, as well as lean turkey breast. Sprucing up these lean proteins is important, because they’ll help you lose weight as well, and when you combine them with a tasty herb you’ll find it pleasurable eat them, rather than a chore.
[color-box color=”main”]Why It Works: Thyme isn’t just a tasty herb, it’s loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will help keep the cells of the body protected and able to cope with the stress that comes with losing weight. It’s also a diuretic, which can help release store up water weight and toxins.[/color-box]

6. A Spoonful of Turmeric for Antioxidants

spoonful of turmericTurmeric is a spice that is often used in Indian cuisine, but hasn’t gotten much traction in other types of food. It’s easily recognizable by its bright orange-yellow color, and adds its distinct flavor to a meal. It also adds plenty of antioxidants and helps you burn fat.
You can use it as part of your cooking, make it into a tea by adding hot water and stirring until it’s dissolved. But perhaps the easiest way to eat more turmeric is to add it to lean meats, from lean beef to chicken breast. It has the ability not only to give the dish an amazing color, but also a delicious flavor that plays nice with other spices.
[color-box color=”main”]Why It Works: Turmeric is one of the lesser-known spices that is effective for weight loss. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, so it will help you ache less and give you more get-up-and-go that results in quick weight loss when combined with a healthy diet.[/color-box]

7. A Spoonful of Flaxseed for Omega-3s

Flax will not only help keep you satiated until your next meal, it contains antioxidants and fiber that make it more likely that your weight loss strategy will pay dividends.
Adding ground flax to your diet is as easy as using a spoon. It sprinkles over the top of a salad, and can quickly be added to a soup or smoothie to boost its nutrition without changing the taste much.
[color-box color=”main”]Why It Works: Getting enough of both types of omega-3s is important if you want your body to be able to do its job the way it is designed to. Many times weight gain occurs from a nutrient deficiency, so making up for that shortage is priority one. You’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes when you start getting all of what you need. [/color-box]

8. A Spoonful of Cinnamon for Essential Minerals and Fiber

Cinnamon is not just a tasty spice that makes desserts taste nice, it’s a tool you can use as part of a comprehensive approach to weight loss. When used at the right time, and in the right way, cinnamon can be a powerful ally that will spur on results.
One popular mix for weight loss is cinnamon and honey. Take a spoonful of each and mix them together in hot water to form a sort of tea. You can drink this anytime of day to help with your weight loss strategy.
[color-box color=”main”]Why It Works: Cinnamon contains minerals that your body needs each day, and is a surprising source of fiber. By helping you meet your fiber requirement for the day, a spoonful of cinnamon will help you maintain a healthy weight, or get you to one if you’re not there yet.[/color-box]

9. A Spoonful of Lemon Juice to Support the Immune System

Lemons are often used for their astringent properties in cleaning products, and the same cleaning power can go to work to help your body lose weight, and help you feel good along the way.
Add a spoonful of lemon juice to a glass of hot water first thing in the morning and you’ll be helping your digestion and starting your day off with a blast of Vitamin C. Add lemon to your water throughout the day and you’ll be helping to alkalinize the body which helps with weight loss.
[color-box color=”main”]Why It Works: Having a properly functioning immune system is key to losing weight. Not only will you be less likely to come down with a cold that can put your exercising on ice, but Vitamin C can help turn your body into a fat-burning device rather than a fat-storing one.[/color-box]

10. A Spoonful of Dark Cacao Powder for Antioxidants

dark cacao powderYou’ve probably heard of the beneficial effects of dark chocolate, that it’s loaded with antioxidants and doesn’t have the added sugar that’s in milk chocolate. One of the most accessible ways to enjoy dark chocolate is with dark cacao powder.
Add a spoonful of dark chocolate powder into a smoothie and you’ll not only be adding in the key chocolate flavor that will curb cravings, you’ll be boosting your antioxidants for better health and easier pound shedding.
[color-box color=”main”]Why It Works: The polyphenols in cacao powder are what makes this work. They have a positive impact on your digestion which leads to a better functioning body, less stored body waste, and a lighter you.[/color-box]

11. A Spoonful of Mashed Avocado for Healthy Fats

When in doubt of what to eat and wondering how to lose weight fast, grab an avocado. There’s really no time of day that isn’t suited for the soft and refreshing taste of avocado, and you can add it to a breakfast smoothie, use it as a snack between meals, on salads, or as a garnish at dinner.
Mashing it up makes it even easier to digest, and a spoonful will give you a jump on the amount of fiber you’ll need to consume each day in order to facilitate weight loss. Always be sure that you’re getting enough fiber, a minimum of 25 grams and up to 35 grams if you can manage it. Start slowly to increase your fiber and you’ll see results via the weight you lose.
[color-box color=”main”]Why It Works: Avocados are full of healthy fats which will actually help you to burn fat rather than gain it. They’re also a great source of potassium, an important mineral when trying to lose weight.[/color-box]

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