35 Detox Salad Recipes You Can Enjoy Anytime

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35 Detox Salad Recipes- to cleanse your body.

If you’re ready to ride the detox salad train, you’ll need to arm yourself with a number of go-to recipes that you can keep on hand that don’t use a lot of off-the-wall ingredients. You want to be able to quickly assemble these salads before you get the chance to talk yourself out of it and eat something less healthy. While many salads can have a detoxifying effect, the ones you find below were especially chosen for their ability to clean you out a bit.

The Concept of the Detox Salad

A detox salad is simply a mixture of ingredients that have detoxifying properties on the body. Many times these ingredients are finely chopped, which makes them easier to chew up and digest. You may find that the ingredients will be high in fiber, encouraging your digestive system to do its job. Some ingredients may help to cleanse the liver or kidneys. Still others may simply be nutrient dense to help the body restock on key vitamins and nutrients. Each detox salad is different, with its own unique approach to helping the body.

rainbow salad

Photo: Dinner with Aura

1. Rainbow Salad with Roasted Squash– Aside from being pretty to look at, this detox salad has you roasting squash and then combining it with a colorful array of vegetables that are sure to keep you satisfied for a long time, while also providing massive benefits to many parts of your body. The broccoli and mixed greens alone have you covered, but the squash puts things over the top, with a healthy portion of fiber. Notice how you’re leaving the skin on the squash so you’re getting the extra nutrients. Don’t worry, the roasting process will soften it up so it’s al dente.

2. Simple Detox Salad– This might look like an ordinary salad at first glance, but all of its component ingredients will be hard at work giving your body the TLC it needs, and a cleanse it may be overdue for. The biggest mover and shaker on your plate would likely be the Brussels sprouts, delivering fiber as well as vitamins and nutrients and helping the body to purge itself of toxins. To balance things nicely, there is fresh avocado added to the top. This gives the body antioxidants, healthy fats, potassium, and additional fiber. This salad will definitely help you feel good!


3. Winter Detox Salad– Specifically designed for those winter months when it’s a little more gray outside, colder, and your body tends to switch to “retain” mode. You want to encourage it to keep a healthy digestive flow going so you don’t accumulate a lot of toxins. Chances are you’ll be more sedentary during these months, will get less fresh air, and could stand the chance of being a haven for various toxic substances. The kale is an amazing vegetable and tastes great while offering plenty of positive benefits. Paired with items like pomegranate arils and parsley, you’re doing right by your body.

4. Quinoa, Apple and Almond Salad– Here’s an interesting concept for a detoxifying salad. You don’t always need to use vegetables to produce a cleansing effect in the body. Take the goodness of quinoa, apples, and almonds on their own and you’re doing pretty good. Get them all in one meal and you’re doing great. The quinoa will help to fill you up, the apple has its own reputation for being a nutrient-dense food and is also a superfood, along with almonds. In fact, all three of the main ingredients are located on our ultimate list of superfoods. Bonus!

5. Broccoli and Cauliflower Detox Salad Since broccoli and cauliflower are in the same family of cruciferous vegetables, they have similar benefits to the body while tasting somewhat different from each other. This gives your taste buds a bit of complexity, and means a double serving of vitamins and nutrients. Carrots and poppy seeds help to round things out, and there are also some ingredients like cranberries that you can skip if you don’t have any on hand. You don’t disrupt the healthy nature of this salad and will still be getting a powerful kick to your system.

shredded vegetable detox salad

Photo: The Sweets Life

6. Shredded Vegetable Detox Salad– Here’s a salad that shreds everything up so that it’s all mixed together and easier to chew. When you’re talking about things like broccoli and cauliflower, that’s a good things as these veggies are notorious for taking a lot of crunching power. The recommendation of making a big batch and eating on it for the next few days is a good one, and to overcome the dryness they suggest drizzling olive oil and lemon juice, two additional ingredients that will help the detox cause, not hurt it. Overall this salad makes a great food item to have around anytime you need a pick me up.

7. Gluten-Free Detox Salad– If you’re following a gluten-free diet it’s essential to make sure that you choose detoxing options that stay true to this goal. Many of the salads on our list are gluten-free, but sometimes they do manage to put a gluten item in the mix. This recipe is also a good one for vegans, and doesn’t use any animal byproducts. The main ingredients being used here are broccoli and cauliflower, and as you’ll come to see these are two popular ingredients for detox salads. Broccoli is a powerful cleanser, and cauliflower is right behind it. To make sure this tastes good they’ve added wild blueberries. Yum!

8. Crave-Worthy Kale Salad– Perhaps you’ve been telling yourself to eat more kale, but have been short on ways for how to get more of it in to your system. Here’s a recipes that features kale as the star attraction, with a supporting cast of edamame and cucumber. Cucumber is a great addition because it’s one of the most hydrating foods on the planet, and balances out the taste of the kale as well. To top it all off they’ve included avocado, so you’re getting a nice flavor combination for your taste buds, but also additional nutrients and healthy fats.

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