75+ Delicious & Healthy Chicken Recipes

When it comes to cooking chicken dishes you might be easily stumped and find yourself in a rut, cooking the same thing each week. If you or your family is getting bored with the usual, here is an impressive list of some of the most scrumptious, yet easy-to-make recipes that bring the flavor, but leave the fat and calories. No matter what kind of dish you’ve got in mind, we’ve got you covered with these tasty and healthy chicken recipes.

75+ Healthy Chicken Recipes.


Even though they’re mainly for getting things started, appetizers can be the food that everyone remembers the next day. Here are some great appetizers that feature chicken in a leading role.

Spinach Artichoke Chicken

The recipe calls for chicken breasts. All you have to do to make it an appetizer is cut up the chicken into smaller bits so that it’s easier for dipping. This is a great adjustment to the typical spinach artichoke dip, as you’re adding lean protein to it in order to balance it out more. The end result should be a tasty dish that can get you started, or keep it as breasts to an entree.

Via Add a Pinch

Chicken Skewers & Tzatziki Sauce

With this dish you get the savory spices from the chicken mixed with the cooling effect of the tzatziki sauce. It’s a way to get a dash of Mediterranean flavor into your life and give you some different tastes that you might not be used to. You might also want to consider subbing Greek yogurt for the regular yogurt, but they’re definitely keeping it healthy by using the organic yogurt in the recipe.

Via With Style and Grace

Chicken Tostadas with Baked Tortillas

These are a winner because she’s opted to bake the tortillas instead of frying them, which is what a traditional tostada recipe calls for. She’s kept it light as far as the other ingredients go by using salsa, cilantro, and cabbage. She says it’s optional to add Greek yogurt instead of sour cream, and avocado always adds flavor as well as healthy fats. Overall, a healthy appetizer in 40 minutes.

Via Le Fork

Southwest Grilled Chicken Spring Rolls

Spring rolls always trump egg rolls in the health department because they’re not deep fried. With these you have the added benefit of controlling what ingredients go in them. We like how they’ve managed to fit both spinach and noodles into these. You can serve up a healthy platter of spring rolls to your guests with protein in the chicken, vegetables, carbs in the wrap and healthy fat in the avocado.

Via Everyday Southwest

Puff Pastry Buffalo Chicken Appetizer

These would be great for your ecclectic crowd that also likes to watch sports. It brings the flavor and feel of buffalo chicken but places it on a pastry puff so it gains some elegance. The one thing you might want to consider altering to keep it in the sphere of a healthy snack is the mayo. Be sure to use organic mayonnaise since there’s so it’s made with quality oil and eggs.

Via Simply Gourmet

Southwest Chicken Appetizers

These turn out so cute that you might not want to eat them. Until you smell them! The end result is a nice mix of chicken with some vitamin-packed tomatoes and peppers, as well as seasoning and spices. While the ingredients she shows in the picture are all conventional, you can do yourself a favor by using organic substitutes to cut down on the additives and preservatives.

Via The Supermom Chef

Sesame Peanut Chicken Appetizer Pizza

This appetizer has a lot going on. First, it comes in pizza form, and everybody will like that. Next, it includes things you don’t typically find on a pizza, like sesame seeds and peanuts. The hallmark of really good apps is that they bend the rules but still bring the flavor. This one definitely measures up, and it’s sure to be a hit at your next party or as a personal snack if you get the hankering for it.

Via Other Side of 50


This is still the meal that gets most of the attention, so it’s good to bring your A game. Here are some healthy recipes to expand your arsenal and always be ready for the main meal.

Moroccan Chicken

Moroccan style meals usually mean you’re going to get a flavor-packed dish that isn’t rough on your midsection. Such is the case with this chicken dish. The paprika and turmeric are going to combine to give you all of the flavor you can handle, plus turmeric made our list of superfoods and works to speed up your metabolism. Talk about a bonus to eating this already delicious dish.

Via Eat Good 4 LIfe

“Easy Peasy” Chicken Enchiladas

We like this one because anything with easy in the title means you’re on a fast track to a delicious and healthy meal. This recipe artist stresses that this is just a guideline, and you can play with the ingredients to your heart’s content. If you’re trying to make it a healthy meal, you might want to consider using a light cheese blend and swapping out Greek yogurt for sour cream.

Via Life Corked

Sticky Coconut Chicken

You might notice from the picture that even though it’s coconut chicken there aren’t coconut shavings sprinkled on top. It gets its coconut flavor from the coconut milk that is used during cooking. This infuses the coconut taste throughout the dish, and what results is a very moist and tender piece of chicken, with a hearty glaze. Round this out with a side of brown rice and steamed broccoli and you’re in business.

Users Comments:

  • Judy

    The Slow Cooker Chicken Nachos look amazing. Have you tried it? My family is a bit picky about soups, especially if there’s any amount of spice. They like their food a bit bland.

  • Autumn327

    Wow~ There are 75 different ways to cook a chicken? I don’t even know how to make 5 dishes let alone 75 chicken menus lmao~ The ones that I’m dying to munch on are puff pastry buffalo chicken and skinny chicken patties. Wait. How am I supposed to lose weight if they’re so delicious and I end up eating a ton of them? I hope they’re not too tasty 🙂

  • FlowerGirl

    They do say chicken’s the healthiest meat you can eat, so if you’re a meat eater, then I believe it’s important that you make chicken your main stable. I was getting pretty tired of cooking my chicken with just spice and salt, so this list of chicken recipe is a real treat for me. I pretty much suck at cooking but I’ll give them a try. Maybe even my boyfriend will try my cooking for a change.

  • Aiden

    Some of them look a little too time consuming to make, but about half of the chicken dishes here are definitely cookable in under an hour. You’d probably have to cook for two to three meals and save your time cooking different dishes. So have the same dish for one day, which is no problem as long as you make it good, and switch to another dish the next day. I’m going to have to study the recipes a little though, so that switching around dishes would cost me less money.

  • Denise Browning@From Brazil To You

    Thanks for featuring my recipe here. I do appreciate it…This is a very yummy chicken recipe list. xx

  • Jessica

    Great ideas!! Which recipe is for the main photo at the very top? That is what caught my eye but I didn’t see a recipe for it?

  • Food Hero

    Thank you for featuring our Chicken, Broccoli and Cheese Skillet Meal! All the other recipes look so good as well! What an Excellent resource!

  • Mandy

    What a great post! I can’t wait to try some of these recipes. Thank you for the feature of my Southwest Chicken Appetizers! 🙂

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