105 Simple Ways to Stress Less & Live in the Moment

Stress. Whether it’s something that only creeps up on you from time to time, to a low-level feeling that’s with you almost constantly, having a handy toolkit of ways to dismantle it is paramount to your health and well-being. Here are over 100 ways to keep you feeling good, in control, and relaxed anytime the stress monster decides to come to town. Be sure to bookmark this page and revisit it for quick reference throughout your day, or whenever you need it.

Get Horizontal

1. Get Horizontal

It could just be a matter of lying down and taking a rest. This takes the pressure off of your major joints and can be an instant way to get your body to calm down on a physiological level. Often times the brain will respond to what the body is feeling, just like the body responds to what the brain is thinking. You don’t have to sleep at all, and can continue thinking about what is stressing you, you’ll just have a new angle to think about it, and you’ll probably come up with better thoughts from this more relaxed position.

2. Turn Off the Lights

Sometimes it’s just too bright where you are, and turning off the lights can help you think, and help your mind relax. This is even more true when the sun has gone down, or if you’re pulling a late night. Having artificial lights on takes you out of the circadian rhythm and can make you feel more stressed for longer periods of time. Using fluorescent lights can be very draining, and this can also lead to increased feelings of overwhelm. You don’t have to go to sleep, but being in the dark can help you calm down, relax, and focus your thoughts more clearly on your desired outcome.

3. Talk with a Trusted Friend

Two heads can be better than one, especially if you do what Napoleon Hill refers to as a MasterMind session. This is one two or more people join together on a goal or problem in complete unison and harmony. That’s why you’ll want to sit down with a dear and trusted friend, someone that will help you get a fresh perspective on your stressful situation and offer you some insight without an ulterior motive of their own. Just be sure to return the favor when they’re in a similar pickle.

4. Cut Down on Sugar

Sugary foods are often reached for as comfort when you’re feeling stressed. But eating sugar can actually make you feel more stressed because it is introducing free radicals into the body. Unless you are getting enough antioxidants to battle them, it will simply wear you out more quickly, and the stress will seem unbearable. You’ll also avoid the dreaded sugar crash, which will make you feel depleted and less able to deal with the many stressors each day can present. As an added bonus, cutting down on sugar will help you reduce your blood pressure and help you reduce your waistline over time, which would be two less things to stress over.

5. Fix Something

If you’re having problems in one area of your life, it can be therapeutic to fix something in an unrelated area. It can be anything, from a leaking faucet to other minor home repairs, or even a relationship with someone that’s been a bit rocky lately. It’s a way of proving to yourself that you can solve problems and mend things, and when you return to your original problem you’ll find that you have new clarity and confidence and can come up with a more creative solution.

take a moment

Take a moment and look around.

6. Trust.

Stress can often be attributed to a lack of belief that things will ultimately turn out to your advantage. If you take a history of your life you’ll likely see that in other similar jams things have turned out alright and you’re having a pretty good time overall. You simply need to trust more that everything will work out for you, and find solace in that trust. This new mindset will also help to diffuse the situation that was making you stressed, and you should see it wash away with minimal effort.

7. Choose Not to Stress

It might seem like there are outside forces causing you to stress, but it’s actually originating from the thoughts you’re thinking in your mind about the situation that you’re in. If you had the choice not to stress, you’d likely choose not to. Realizing that the choice is yours is something that most of us forget about in the moment, when we’ve already painted ourselves into a self-imposed corner and think that there are no other alternatives but to stress out about it until conditions change.

8. Try Whole Body Vibration

There are vibration plates you can buy, and places you can go where you can use them, either at a gym or health club. This involves simply standing on the machine and letting it vibrate your entire body. If you buy into what the proponents of it say, you’re working on the cellular level of your body. But if you’re just wanting to relieve some stress, it’s a way to shake you up out of your current thought pattern, and get you to a happier place. Users report feeling much better after a session, and it’s also supposed to help increase strength and boost weight loss efforts.

9. Prioritize

In the book First Things First they point out how important it is to make sure that you get to the most crucial parts of your life first, rather than letting the petty things get in the way. If you’re stressing out it could be because a lot of smaller-sized tasks are getting in the way of accomplishing what you really want to do, and it may be a matter of prioritizing things and making sure that you are spending good amounts of quality time doing the things you’ve deemed most important to you.

One Reply to “105 Simple Ways to Stress Less & Live in the Moment”

  • Barbara Casablanca

    I’d like to email this “105 ways to stress less” to everyone I know. I discovered many of these stress-relievers on my own, and now when I laugh or eat or drink or swim I can feel the purity of my body that I couldn’t connect to before.

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