How to Make a Detox Body Wrap Naturally (7 Steps)

How to Make a Detox Body Wrap Naturally- in 7 steps.

One of the more popular and emerging detox methods is a detox body wrap. It involves wrapping yourself up in order to help draw out toxins from the body. There are several ways this can be done, so it’s important to choose the method that makes the most sense for your current situation. Once you complete all of the steps you should feel a greater sense of well-being, and you’ll be setting the stage for better overall health.


1 – Decide What Type of Wrap You Want to Make

There are a few different types of wraps you can go with, each with a different goal in mind. There are wraps that are designed to draw out the toxins from your skin, and these involve the use of bentonite clay that is supposed to pull the toxins from your body. This is the same clay that is used in many detox baths, which is another method you may want to try as part of your detoxing strategy.


There are also detox wraps you can use to simply get rid of impurities from the skin by deeply cleansing your outer layer of skin. There are also wraps that you can use to try to work up a sweat as part of a detox program designed with weight loss in mind. These involve using a sauna suit so that you can sweat off excess water weight, while at the same time infusing the body with cleansing herbs and minerals.

If you want to take the guesswork out of which detox wrap to do you can simply browse the different detox solutions and choose the one that resonates with you.


detox wrap ingredients

2 – Assemble Your Items

Once you know what sort of detox wrap you want to go with, you can began to gather what you’ll need to get the job done. In all cases you’ll want to prepare your bathroom for what’s about to happen. One tip is to cover any surface in your bathroom that you want to keep nice with saran wrap. That way if you dump anything on the counter or knock something over while you’re wrapped up, it will be easier to clean up and won’t leave a stain behind. Some of the clays, lotions, and detox creams can stain fabrics and countertops.

Some of the things you’ll need for any detox wrap are elastic bandages which allow you to wrap yourself up, your body wrap solution of choice, and a sauna suit if you’re trying to sweat while wrapped up. Clean towels are a must, and it’s best to have a few spare ones just in case you find that you need them.


3 – Prepare the Space

Give yourself lots of room, and make sure there’s enough clearance to maneuver yourself once you’re all wrapped up. Move aside any wastebaskets and clear off any cluttered countertops so you reduce the chance of tripping or knocking things over. It will be awkward to move around when you’re mummified, so a little forethought really goes a long way. You want this to be a relaxing experience, so it’s good to plan ahead so that everything goes smoothly.


4 – Prepare Your Wrap

The detox solution that you go with will give you instructions on how to apply it, but it generally involves soaking the bandages in the solution, and then wrapping them around your entire body. Be sure to follow the specific instructions carefully so that you don’t miss a step, as there will likely only be enough solution to cover your entire body once, so you don’t want to get it wrong and run out of solution before your entire body is covered.


5 – Wrap Yourself Up

It’s best to take a shower so your body is clean before you put on the wraps. You can also exfoliate your skin beforehand so that it’s more accepting of the detox solution. Begin by wrapping your feet and ankles and move your way up your body. the last thing you’ll end up wrapping is your arms. Once you’re all wrapped up, get into your sauna suit if you’re going to use one. The best place to rest while the wrap is doing its job is in the bathtub, since the bandages are going to be soaked in the detox solution.


6 – Relax Your Mind

Now comes the fun part. You get to relax in your wrap and think positive thoughts. Remember that detoxing is not just about ridding the toxins in your body, it’s about thinking better, more uplifting thoughts, and now is the perfect time to do that. You can use this time to meditate, to clear your thoughts and just be, or you can use this time to think of positive thoughts that make you feel good. If nothing else you can focus on the fact that you care enough about yourself to go through with your detoxing plans and reflect on how you’re going to try to reduce the amount of toxins you take in going forward.


7 – Unwrap Yourself

Once the designated time has passed, usually about an hour or more, you’ll begin the unwrapping process. This is easy enough to do, and simply involves reversing the wrap job, taking the clasps off of the wraps and allowing them to unravel. You’ll want to take a cool shower after you’re all undone to rinse away any residual detox solution and impurities from the skin. Towel off and you’re all set.


How a Detox Wrap Works

The detox solution you soak the bandages in will have special herbs, clay, or minerals that are designed to absorb toxins from the skin. By using a wrap you are adding a bit of pressure so that there is a greater chance of absorption. Rather than a detox bath, where you’re passively sitting in the tub and submerging your body in detoxifying waters, a detox wrap is a more active way of encouraging the toxins in your body to make their way out.

How Often Should You Use a Detox Wrap?

There’s no right or wrong answer to how often, especially considering that you have so many options for wraps. But if you sense that you’re in need of a cleanse of some sort, if you’re feeling sluggish, or worn down, have been getting headaches, or have lost your mental focus, you may be in need of a detox wrap, a detox bath, or perhaps another cleanse of some sort, such as a colon cleanse or heavy metal cleanse.

If you’re new to the world of detoxing keep in mind that it’s not a one-off event. It may take more than one detox method to get you back to good, and you should consider some internal cleansing as well. It’s been years of accumulating toxins, so it’s only fitting that it would take more than an afternoon to purge yourself of impurities. Just listen to your body throughout the process, and monitor your symptoms to see your progress.


Additional Tips

Try getting into a rotation between different detoxing methods. you have several different methods of detoxing the body, some that work internally, and some that work externally. You don’t always have to use a detox wrap to have a detoxifying effect on the body, and you should switch it up according to how you feel and the symptoms you’re having.

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