8 Things to Consider About the Jillian Michaels Detox

The Jillian Michaels Detox aka the 14 Day Cleanse and Burn is one detox program that has sparked a lot of interest. It’s not everyday that you see a well-known celebrity endorse a detox program, which is why we had to see what it’s all about and relay the most pertinent information.

Things you need to know about the Jillian Michaels detox program...


1. Yes, It’s the Fitness Instructor from TV

There’s no arguing about the credibility of Jillian Michaels after her appearance as the trainer for The Biggest Loser during the highest points of the show’s popularity. The advice she’d give to contestants on the show was solid, and her own fitness level is proof she has an idea of what it takes to stay trim.

She’s been on a tear in regards to coming out with health and fitness related products since reaching nationwide celebrity status. There’s Jillian Michaels workout programs, recipe books, supplements and more. While this doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll endorse anything, it dilutes the brand a bit, especially on a gimmicky detox pill system like this.


2. It’s Mostly Pill-Based

Unlike a detox program where you are getting your vitamins and nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables, the Jillian Michaels detox is a process of taking daily pills for two weeks. These pills are full of extracts, with the idea being that they’ve pulled what you really need from all of that produce and put it into a pill.

Whether the “proprietary blend” of herbal extracts does the same job as eating real fruits and vegetables in whole form and blended into a juice or smoothie, remains to be proven. They’ve obviously been chosen for the effect they have on your liver, the most important detoxifying organ we have, but it would be nice to see some studies cited as to how their proprietary blend has worked for those that tried it.


3. It Doesn’t Require Fasting

One of the advertised benefits of this program is that you’re not expected to fast while you’re on it. It’s recommended to follow “any sensible diet” while you’re on the program, which leaves room for customizing this to fit your tastes and goals.

Fasting isn’t required in order to help the body detox, it’s a matter of eating the right foods to keep you sustained without canceling out the efforts you’re making to rid the body of toxins. This is one part of the program that makes sense, but it would be nice if they were a little more clear as to what sort of diet they recommend while on it.


4. It Doesn’t Use Chemical Laxatives

Another quality that is promoted by the product is that it doesn’t use “harsh chemical laxatives.” This wording leaves it wide open for them to still use extracts that have a laxative effect on the body. Steer clear of any detox program that uses a laxative, whether chemical or natural, in order to spur the body into releasing toxins.

You shouldn’t need to take laxatives while doing a detox, because the foods you’re eating should be naturally high in fiber, spurring on your digestion and keeping things moving. While it’s important to stay regular while detoxing in order to get the toxins out of the body, laxatives are not the way to go.


5. It’s Marketed as a Way to Jumpstart a Diet

The product is geared towards those that are wanting to start up with a diet but want to do a detox first to get ready for it. It makes sense to detox before starting a new, healthier way of eating. It helps get rid of stored up toxins that have accumulated over a long period of eating processed food.

Detoxing helps create some separation between your old ways and your new ways, making them likelier to become long term healthy habits. A toxic body is less able to absorb the nutrients from healthy foods, which is why many dieters find that they don’t get the promised feelings of energy and wellbeing after switching their diet over to more healthier fare.


6. It Says It Can Increase Your Energy

One of the byproducts of any successful detox is that you’ll have more energy. By staying away from food that weighs you down and gives you the blahs all afternoon, and replacing those foods with healthy fruits and vegetables, you can’t help but feel lighter and more clearheaded.

There’s no doubt that the extracts found in these pills will give you an increased feeling of energy, especially when taking the Maximum Strength Fat Burner. Since this is a two-week program you will eventually have to figure out how to keep the energy coming long after the pills have run out.


7. It Says It Helps You Burn Excess Body Fat

The main reason why this could help you burn body fat is because it includes a fat burning pill. It’s best not to equate detoxing with fat loss or any other health benefit other than helping to rid the body of toxins. The other benefits a detox provides are byproducts of helping the body function the way it is meant to.

The fat burning pills are taken the week after you take the detox pills, and they’re taken in conjunction with probiotics.


8. It Includes Probiotics

The second week of the program has you taking a probiotic pill each day while you begin taking the fat burner. The idea is that in the previous week when you were doing your detox the extracts may have gotten rid of some helpful bacteria in your digestive system, and the probiotics are designed to put them back.

A real detox shouldn’t require the use of special probiotic pills, and should naturally encourage growth of healthy bacteria by providing foods that help in this area. There’s no need to use extreme methods that would destroy helpful bacteria in the digestive tract.

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