5 Fruit Infused Detox Waters for Energy & Cleansing

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These days, many of our images of a ‘detox’ include diets by way of starvation: Ten-day master cleanses, strict juice-only regimens, and restrictive carb/gluten/sugar/dairy-free diets. More elimination rather than detoxification, more sprint rather than marathon.

But a detox doesn’t have to be a 100-yard dash to the finish line. Like a marathon, detoxification can be achieved slowly and steadily. It can—and should—incorporate elements embedded into our every day routines, thus ensuring we take the most stress-free and healthful paths to a healthier body.

detox waters

By its intrinsic role as the body’s natural purifier, replenisher, and hydrator, water is the easiest and most effective detoxification weapon. All functions of the body require water; a crucial component of the biological make up of all human cells. Water flushes toxins out from organs. It provides an adequately moist environment for the ear, nose and throat tissues. Water enables the liver to metabolize stored fat quicker, giving our overworked kidneys a break. The oxygen in water carried from cell to cell helps build muscle and increase cognitive and nerve functions. Drinking water can help lose weight, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and maintain healthy skin and nails. Plain and simple: water detoxes, from the inside out.

The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate liquid intake for men is roughly 3 liters (about 13 cups) of total beverages a day. For women, this number is 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total beverages a day. Today, in the U.S. water is readily available and cheap….so why don’t we drink more of it?

detox drinks

Because water is boring, that’s why, and it’s often overshadowed by far sexier electrolyte-induced beverages, vitamin and nutrient-packed juices, and tastebud-exciting fizzy drinks. But water can be fun, too, and we’re here to show you how.

By adding a few slices of fruit, or vegetable, into our daily intake of water, we can benefit the mind, body, and soul at the same time. Adding a few slices of whole fruits and vegetables heightens minerals and vitamins that our bodies can easily and quickly consume, and at the same time are so delicious that we may find ourselves tricking our mind into drinking more water than we have in the past.

At the heart of it, a detoxification diet is simply a way to purify the body by flushing out whatever ‘toxins’ exist, and water is the best way to make this happen. Best of all, it is something that we can sustain as a daily practice in what will hopefully become a long, detoxified marathon called life.

5 Detox Waters to Try Today:

Orange, lemon, ginger

Oranges aid with healthy blood circulation, lemons help aid digestion (and freshen breath), and ginger is a notorious immune system booster.

orange and ginger

Cucumber, raspberry, grape

Cucumber is hydrating and flushes out toxins, Raspberries have anti-inflammatory properties, and grapes contain cancer-fighting and cleansing compounds.

mixed fruit and veggie

Rhubarb, apple, cinnamon

Rhubarb contains vitamin K to help with blood clotting, apples have a slew of benefits including maintaining bone and tissue health, and cinnamon is one of the most efficient boosters of metabolism.

rhubarb and apple

Strawberry and lime

Strawberries are jam-packed with anti-oxidants, and limes are an excellent anti-aging weapon due to its restorative properties for hair, skin, and nails.

strawberry and lime water

Pineapple and mint

Pineapple is an anti-inflammatory that helps relieve joint pain and arthritis, and mint supports the digestive system by activating salivary glands and digestive enzymes.

pineapple and mint cleansing drink

Instructions to make Detox Water:

Slice fruits or vegetables of your choice into bite-sized pieces.

In a 1 liter jar, place sliced fruits at the bottom of the jar. Cover to the rim with ice.
Pour water until full (approximately 1 cup) and seal with a lid. Let sit in the refrigerator for at least thirty minutes so flavors can seep into the water.

Keeps in the fridge up to two days, water is most refreshing when cold.

Granted, you’re not going to get your daily dose of recommended nutrients just by drinking a detox water…but every little bit helps.

Users Comments:

  • Hana Dolgin

    These are great ideas to enhance the flavor of water! One reason so many people don’t drink enough water is that their water doesn’t taste very good. Kangen water is a healthier and tastier option! It is made by a device that first filters tap water to remove contaminants, and then the water is ionized to create an alkaline (oxygen-rich), antioxidant (fights free radicals) water that is super hydrating, Kangen water is absorbed better than tap, filtered or bottled water, so it is able to cleanse and detoxify your body better. For more information, please visit http://www.WatersofHealth.com. Ask for a free trial!

  • B

    Do you eat the fruit too!!! or just bin it?

  • Jennika

    No one ever mentions how much lemon etc to how much water. ie. 1 lemon to 1 litre of water, half lemon to 1 litre of water. One day I’ll find out.

  • Jen

    can i drink it not iced?

  • Karthikeyan

    Drinking cold ice water is not good for health. Water should always be in room temperature or warm or hot for the body to absorb it. The liver needs food and water warm than it is cold. One main advantage of flavoring the water with fruits is that it releases enzymes in to the water and the water is well absorbed by body than ordinary water. The water in jungle is good because of leaves, fruits that fall into it and is good for health.

  • Solomon Oghenesoro

    The information is a life saver.

  • krishan

    it is good to have water with fruit slices, lime, cucmber and we can add six seven fruits

  • Shell

    If your anything like me- I can’t stand water. Never have. I can’t drink soda either- get the worst stomach cramps. I started trying fruits in my water a little while ago now and I’m actually starting to enjoy drinking water for the first time in my life. Fruits like lemon and strawberry , lime with mint, cucumber with mint and lime, raspberry & Lemon they all work together and I can actually enjoy water instead of tea or coffee. Am I reaping benefits? I’m sure I am. I feel better about myself. i know it’s better than the regime of tea and coffee I’ve been doing for many years. It was time for a “fad” but this one I like. I’m not bored yet. And it’s cheaper than the flavored water you can buy in stores…have you ever analyzed those contents labels? Yikes !!. No natural contents there.

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