45 Healthy Breakfast Recipes & Meals

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Start your day off right with one of these tasty & super healthy breakfasts.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when you start off with the following healthy breakfast recipes you’re going to be starting off on the right foot. The beauty is that many of them are easy to make, so if you’ve only got one eye open you can still whip together something food for you and tasty too.


Eggs are definitely near the top of the list for most popular breakfast food. They provide protein, and are a sure sign that morning has begun. Combined with other healthy foods, they make for a well-rounded meal.

baked eggs in avocadoPhoto: The Pescetarian and the Pig

1. Baked Eggs in Avocado with Guacamole – The presentation on these is simply amazing, so you can break them out when you want to impress overnight guests. The avocado acts as an ingredient, and the peel acts a boat to hold it all together. You get a good dose of healthy fat from the avocado, and protein from the egg. Served with a side of multigrain or whole wheat toast this is a complete meal that will most definitely hold you over until lunch.

2. Kale and Sweet Potato Hash With Baked Eggs – Here is a complete meal that will help you soar through your morning and not wonder when the heck lunch is going to get here. That’s because you have a perfect mix of carbs with the sweet potato, protein with the eggs, and a superfood vegetable in kale. Eaten together you’re getting a perfectly proportioned meal that will help stabilize your blood sugars so you don’t have that morning fog.


3. Mini Egg White Frittata – Any time you make something mini, it’s going to have that cute factor. Then it just becomes a matter of not eating too many of them. These use egg whites, as well as whole eggs but they give you the option of taking out the yolks and just using more whites. The spinach really gives this a nutrient boost, and the feta cheese will help it to taste amazing, while not adding a ton to the bottom line in regards to fat and calories.

4. Hash-Brown Quiche – Here’s a quiche that breaks the mold on what you typically think of when you think quiche. Yes, it has the eggs of course, but the author uses bacon bits and portobello mushrooms for a great flavor. If you’re lactose-intolerance, use almond or coconut milk in place of cow’s milk. You can also omit the cheese or substitute it with a safer option.

5. Benedict-Style Eggs with Sautéed Spinach – Most of us know that eggs benedict are not good for you, and that’s mostly because of the Hollandaise sauce. These are benedict-style, so it takes a similar approach but won’t leave you mired in the sauce. It uses turkey bacon to keep fat levels down, and baby spinach to get nutrient levels way up. The cheese sauce that goes on top is a much better option than Hollandaise sauce and you’re left with a tasty, filling, and healthy breakfast.

6. Arugula and Veggie Scrambled Eggs – The arugula is a leafy green that adds a peppery taste to a meal. When combined with the feta cheese you are giving your eggs a real boost. Use a reduced fat cheese if you’re really trying to cut down on the fat, but there isn’t so much cheese here to set you back. The onions will also work to get your metabolism and digestive juice going, so this makes a start to your day that will continue to pay dividends.

7. Mexi Bolita Beer Breakfast – Here’s a breakfast dish that you probably wouldn’t have thought of on your own. If you never thought you’d be having beer at breakfast it’s time to rethink that choice and consider having this oddball creation. Here they use Negro Molena but they say you can use any dark Mexican beer for the same result. The other ingredients are all healthy and wholesome and this is worth trying out, even if you’re just curious.

8. Baked Eggs in Shredded Cheese and Potato Cups – Baking the eggs is nice because you’ll avoid the oils associated with frying and scrambling them. The use of potatoes means you’re helping to balance out the protein of the eggs with the carbs of the potatoes. Adding a bit of cheese does raise the fat meter, but not to a level that negates the wholesomeness of this meal. Great presentation for company, or when flying solo.


Muffins have gone from having a good reputation to a bad one because of the sizes you find at coffee shops and pre-packaged ones. But these recipes bring muffins back to their roots. Regular sized and made with healthy ingredients.

pumpkin protein muffinsPhoto: The Iron You

9. Pumpkin Protein Muffins – These muffins give you a nice pumpkin flavor, with an added boost of protein thanks to whey protein powder being used. This means that you can get a protein filled breakfast without using eggs or fatty meats like bacon or sausage. The muffin itself provides the carbohydrates so it’s also balanced and should keep you satisfied throughout the morning. You might also considering eating it after a workout to feed your muscles.

10. Healthy Mango Bran Protein Muffins – Bran muffins are usually referenced as a classic dieting food, but they don’t have to taste bad. The use of mango in these muffins means you’ll get a boost of antioxidant support, a tropical flavor, and even more fiber. They give this an added protein boost with whey protein, which makes it a great breakfast for those that are working out and lifting weights. Aside from that it could be used as a pre or post workout recovery tool.

11. Strawberry & Banana Chocolate Chip Oat Muffins – These look great with the slice of strawberry on top. And you’ll also be letting your taste buds know you still care with the addition of chocolate chips. Don’t worry, there’s not enough chocolate to undo all of the benefit you’re getting from the strawberry and bananas. You’re also getting fiber and the metabolism boost from the oats. Overall these are muffins to be reckoned with and can be added to your weekly breakfast menu.

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