100 Best Detox Diet Recipes of All-Time

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This is the holy grail for detox diet recipes! Includes detoxifying salads, soups, drinks, desserts and snacks.

When embarking on a detox diet it’s important to have a collection of the best recipes to make sure you’re getting tasty, cleansing food. These recipes represent some of the best detox salads, soups, smoothies, snacks, and more. Eat them and you’ll be taking one step further towards a healthier, cleaner you.

Detox Salads

couscous detox diet salad

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Couscous Kale Salad: Kale should be one of the vegetables you stock up on during a detox period. From salads to smoothies to kale chips it always hits the mark. This salad puts it to good use and mixes in some couscous, black beans, and mango as well as a detoxifying salad dressing.

Summer Detox Salad: They’re piling on the delicious detox ingredients in this summer salad, and you’ll benefit from the hydrating effects of cucumber, the blood sugar balancing properties of apple cider vinegar, and the antioxidants from herbs like parsley and cilantro. Cayenne pepper heats things up and boosts your metabolism.

Green Goddess Detox Salad: Green is definitely the color of detoxing, with green foods helping to purge your internal organs of stored up toxins, while providing phytonutrients that help you thrive in our stressful modern world. This salad has a keen green focus, and you’ll love the taste!

Easy Detox Quinoa Salad: When detoxing you’ll want to make sure that you keep things simple. It makes recipes easy to throw together when you’re hungry and you need something fast or you run the risk of jumping off the tracks. This easy detox salad has you covered with items like beets and quinoa.

Citrus, Greens and Seeds Salad: The citrus fruits in this salad will have you topped up on your Vitamin C, and important antioxidant vitamin that will boost your immune system and help fight free radicals. Add to them the leafy greens, sunflower, and pumpkin seeds, and the nutrition is off the charts.

Detox Slaw: Here’s a slaw that doesn’t look anything like the typical summer coleslaw. That’s because unlike the classic picnic far this slaw is designed to detox you have you feeling better than you did before. Two types of cabbage, ginger, edamame, and miso are whole foods that will aid your detox.

Beet Salad: Never overlook beets on your detox, as they contain an impressive antioxidant called betalin. Combine them with cucumbers and you’re getting additional vitamins and helping to hydrate the body, crucial on a detox. The final piece of the puzzle is avocado, with healthy fats, fiber, and potassium.

Detox Salad: This beautiful detox salad is crafted with cabbage, kale, and organic leafy greens, and comes topped with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette made with ingredients that contribute to your health and wellbeing, and will help the body flourish. When you detox, it’s just as important to get the good stuff in when getting the bad stuff out.

Tomato Eggplant Salad: Two main items get the spotlight in this salad. Tomatoes provide lycopene, an important antioxidant that will help several systems of the body. There’s also eggplant, which will add fiber to your digestive system and help move toxins out of the body.

Lemony Asparagus and Tomato Salad: Asparagus is a fantastic detox food for the spring and summer, and when you combine it with other cleansing ingredients like lemon and tomato, you have something special. There’s also a good bit of olive oil used in this salad, which will provide you with healthy fats essential for fat loss.

Whole Foods Detox Salad: You may have seen this salad at your local Whole Foods in the salad bar. This is a recipe that mimics the ingredients and preparation so that you end up with something very similar. It include broccoli, cauliflower, currants, and carrots all processed in a food processor for easy eating.

Kale Sunshine Salad: Here’s a salad and dressing combo that will definitely make you feel like the sun is shining, even if it’s a rainy day. Avocado, cucumber, kale, cashews, and blackberries come together to provide detox assistance, while the dressing is made from carrots, raw honey, and ginger.

Detox Berry Quinoa Spinach Salad: Berries are a great food to consider when you’re doing a detox thanks to the fiber and antioxidants they contain. Add them to a salad containing spinach and quinoa and you’re going to be doing yourself a huge favor, nutritionally speaking. So many superfoods in one salad!

Kale Avocado Salad with Orange: Kale is right on par with spinach in terms of the good it does for the body. Vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber abound in kale. Add in avocados for healthy fat, additional fiber, and extra potassium, and an orange for a Vitamin C kick and this is one healthy detox salad.

Spring Asparagus Salad: Asparagus is best eaten in the spring, so this is one salad that is perfect for springtime detoxing. You can also stretch it into summer, but since asparagus is harvested in the spring it’s the best time to catch it. The olive oil and apple cider vinegar will help your detox efforts.

Chopped Chicken Salad: This salad uses boneless, skinless chicken breast for a quality protein that won’t stymie your detox. Joining it is an assortment of detoxifying vegetables and spices, all chopped up to make it easier to eat, which aids in digestion and assimilation of the vitamins and minerals it contains.

Kale Rainbow Detox Salad: Here’s a recipe that adds color to your day with the use of different vegetables. Monique is using kale as the base ingredient, and even provides an accompanying vinaigrette to go with it, made from items that are also going to help your detox, such as lemons and olive oil.

Holly Jolly Detox Salad: Brussels sprouts make an appearance in this salad, but don’t let that turn you away if you’re not a big fan of them. There’s also nuts and pomegranates and a delicious dressing that makes it all pop. Leave out the optional bacon or this wouldn’t be much of a detox salad.

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