42 Detox Diets for Weight Loss & Liver Cleansing

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42 Detox Diets- for cleansing and weight loss.

Detoxing is a great way to help your body rid itself of toxins, and a natural byproduct is that you slim down due to the release of stored body waste. If you’ve ever attempted a regular diet before and had limited success with it, it could be that your body wasn’t able to absorb the nutrients, and the cravings for junk food became too intense. If you start with a detox program, you should find that other diet programs are now more effective and you can stay on them more easily.

21-Day Whole Life Detox with Donna Gates 1

21-Day Whole Life Detox with Donna Gates

This is a comprehensive diet program that gives you action items in the form of daily assignments to follow. It not only talks about food, but also helps with things like getting back into the circadian rhythm of life, and getting reconnected to the Earth’s energy field. It’s nice to see that they are taking into account several different factors that go into helping the body release stored toxins, and returning your system back to an optimal state.


Calabrese’s Detox Diet

This is a four-week program that is designed to get you slimmed down and feeling better without the need to go to extremes. The great part about this program is that you can actually attend a class, and if you can’t it’s available on DVD.


It’s nice knowing that the same principles that are used in a one-on-one session can be relayed through video so you can follow it no matter where you are. Like any true detox diet, there is no calorie counting required here. You are focusing more on the cleansing properties of the foods you’re eating, rather than quantity or numbers.

3-Day Clean-Food Detox Plan

3-Day Clean-Food Detox Plan

If you can’t see yourself committing to a longer term detox program, this one might be for you. Suitable for a long weekend, even the busiest person can find time in their schedule for a little recuperation in the form of detoxing. They’ve clocked the calorie count at 1500 a day for the three days, so it’s nice that they’re not trying to starve you and are giving you enough to thrive on. They are serious about detoxing here, and don’t allow you to chew gum or pop a breath mint while on it.

7 Day Detoxification Diet

7 Day Detoxification Diet

Here’s one that has some flexibility to it, allowing you to stay on or hop off as you see fit once you have the first week completed. They get into specifics as to what you should be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snacks. You do retain control because it will be up to you to decide which fruits and vegetables to use, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re buying the good stuff, paying a little extra for the organic versions. They also have an easy-to-remember list of things to avoid, and the combination of cutting out harmful things and bringing in healthy things is a good one-two punch.

food based

7-Day Food-Based Detox Diet

One week is all it takes to get your body turned around as far as toxicity levels go. Rather than use things like supplements or smoothies, they’re showing you which foods you should eat, which foods you shouldn’t, what the purpose of the diet is, and what you can expect from completing it. This helps keep your expectations in check, and also helps to understand what your actions are doing to your body. The information provided also applies to detox diets in general, so it’s good reading.

blueprint cleanse

BluePrint Cleanse

If you didn’t want to be heavily involved in your cleanse as far as preparing a lot of cleansing foods, this could be for you. The system is set up so that you pick what kind of cleanse you want to do, buy a package of prepared juices, and follow the recommended instructions. The taste of the juice is supposed to be very good, which will make this easier to stick with. They even have a detox plan for brides to be, so if you’re trying to slim down and have a clear complexion on your wedding day, this could be a better way to go than a fad celebrity diet.

can can cleanse

Can Can Cleanse

Here’s a one, three or five day cleanse where the juices come in mason jars, and you’ll have an assortment of fruits and vegetables to consume each day. The nice part about this diet is that it’s fairly simple to follow, since all of the instructions are laid out for you and everything you need is provided in one handy package. It might be a good idea to work your way up to the five day cleanse, and just start with one day to see how you feel, and to build up your efficacy to stay on it longer next time.

clean program

Clean Program

They say this is the most endorsed and supported cleansing program out there, a bold statement with all of the competing cleanses and programs. It was developed by a doctor, and a cardiologist at that, which does give it the edge against certain detox diets that just sort of developed mysteriously over the years. The program is meant to last for 21 days, and is nice because it gives you an exit strategy by telling you what you should be doing after the cleanse. Many people cleanse and then go right back to the old ways to repeat the cycle.

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cooler cleanse

Cooler Cleanse

This cleanse lasts three to five days and gets its name from the cooler that shows up at your doorstep with your necessary cleansing items. If you go with the three day option you only get one cooler sent to your home, and if you opt for the five day you’ll get a second shipment. The instructions are paint-by-numbers easy, because each bottle of juice you need to drink is numbered in the order you’re supposed to take it. No more guessing or referring back to the plan to see what you should drink.

David Kirsch 48-Hour Super Charged Cleanse

David Kirsch 48-Hour Super Charged Cleanse

Any diet measured in hours can’t be all that bad, right? Two days is all they’re asking for here, which can be planned around your weekend so you don’t have to try to detox while you’re on the go. The interesting thing about this cleanse is that even though it’s juice-based they say you won’t get the hunger cravings and fatigue that is often experienced when juice-fasting. This is due to the ingredients the juices contain, and instead you’re supposed to have even more energy and feel lighter.

natalia rose

Detox for Women

Don’t be offended guys. A woman’s body has different nutritional needs when it comes to cleansing, and it responds better to some treatments than men’s bodies do. This is an ambitious cleanse, going after candida yeast, which often merits its own dedicated cleansing process. It also addresses how to incorporate the fundamentals of the program into your lifestyle so that it becomes less of an event and more like something you take care of on a daily basis without thinking about it.

alcohol detox

Detox from Alcohol Diet

If you’ve had a bout with alcoholism, or have just been to your fair share of parties, there’s likely a strong need to help the body, and especially your liver, recover. This outline shows you what you can expect to feel while you’re body is going through this, and also what to supplement in order to make up for the imbalances that are often present after periods of heavy drinking.

Detox Strategy

Detox Strategy

This diet boasts just five steps to get from where you currently are to where you want to be, with a less toxic body, more energy, and a slimmer look. One added bonus to going with this cleanse is that they give you a pre-detox quiz to see just how much you could benefit from this. It’s good to realize that each of us has our own level of toxicity, with many factors going into it such as where you live, the type of work that you do, the foods you eat, and the drinks that you drink. Once you’ve sized yourself up you can make a more accurate determination whether this is the program for you.

dr oz

Dr. Oz’s 48-Hour Weekend Cleanse

Leave it to Dr. Oz to be able to condense a detox cleanse into a weekend. This program has you focusing on the three biggest organs responsible for keeping your insides clear of toxic gunk: the liver, the colon, and the kidneys. He walks you through what to have for your main meals, as well as what to snack on and supplement with so that you get the most results from the shortest possible time.

Fast Track Detox Diet

Fast Track Detox Diet

In our society, we’re all about speed, and getting on the “fast track” of detoxification sounds like a good idea. The theory here is that there are toxins in your body that are keeping you from losing the fat you want to lose, and if you flush them out of your system you’ll free yourself up to have a less resistant time of losing weight. The end result should be a faster metabolism, meaning you could eat the same or similar foods as before and your body will burn them off rather than store them.

Flat Belly Diet

Flat Belly Diet

This detox diet comes from the folks at Prevention, who are notorious for publishing diets that create a buzz and a stir. The Flat Belly Diet created so much stir that it became a best selling book, but the key is that it is based on sound detoxing principles, so it is worth following if you are interested in both losing weight and showing toxins the door. Since this program has been around for some time, it is very mature and there are plenty of recipes out there for you to follow. There are also many that have already tried it and are willing to share their experience and tips. There are separate diets for both men and women, with tweaks designed for each gender.

fruit flush

Fruit Flush

This is just a three day cleanse and the promise is that you could lose up to 9 pounds. It’s using the amazing cleansing power of fruit to get the job done. Why is fruit so effective? As long as you’re using organic fruit you’ll be loading up your body with antioxidants, as well as hydrating it naturally due to the high water content in many fruits. This gives your body the tools it needs to battle free radicals, and the means to expel them with the extra hydration. The end result is that you’re consuming fewer calories, aiding your digestive system with fiber, and making it so you are getting plenty of vitamins and nutrients.

Green Smoothies Diet

Green Smoothies Diet

Green smoothies have become so popular as a weight loss and detox aid that there’s even a book on the matter. The reason these work so well is that they’re mostly made of up vegetables like spinach and kale. Most of us dread the thought of having to eat platefuls of green vegetables, but drinking down a great-tasting smoothie is a cinch. How can these taste so good and be good for you? They get their green color from the veggies, but their flavor gets trumped by the fruits they contain. You get the sweetness of fruit and the nutrition of vegetables. Double bonus!

Inside Out Diet Liver Cleansing

Inside Out Diet: Liver Cleansing

Four weeks is all she’s asking for on this diet, which focuses on flushing out the liver so that it can work as best as it can. Since there’s a trickle down effect when it comes to the liver and your other organs, if your liver starts to suffer, other organs will soon struggle as well. That’s why it’s vital that you keep your liver in tip-top shape. The good news? It’s a very resilient organ, able to heal itself and recover from damage caused by alcohol intake or an improper diet. Four weeks is a reasonable amount of time to devote to one of your most important, yet often overlooked organs.

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izo cleanse


Billing itself as a luxury juice cleanse, this is comprised of organic, vegan juices, and everything is laid out for you so you can’t screw it up. The benefit of going with a juice cleanse is that you’re assured of getting all of the nutrients you need, and it immediately cuts off the supply of toxic materials entering the body. Your digestive system is given a rest, while your body can tend to cleansing and purification. Be sure to read up on tips for how to successfully come off of a juice cleanse.

Jill Pettijohn Cleanses

Jill Pettijohn Cleanses

This cleanse comes from a pretty reputable source, and has proven effective several times. It’s another cleanse that focuses on juices, and it’s been said that the ones used on this cleanse will keep you topped up on all the nutrients you need so you don’t get that malnourished look and feel. Instead you should feel lighter, tighter, and more energetic since you’re not being bogged down by whole food meals. Use this to kickstart a new healthier eating plan for a happier you.

juice press

Juice Press

This is a six juice cleanse that will definitely keep you feeling like you’re not drinking the same thing all of the time. The drawback to several detox programs out there is that they’re so boring, it gets harder to stick with them the longer you stay on it, and you long for some variety. By filling your palate with six unique flavors, you won’t get as bored with this one and you’ll be able to see it through. They’ve made them completely raw so you don’t have to worry about pasteurization issues.

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juice to you

Juice to You

The great feature about this cleanse is that you can choose between four different levels depending on your experience with detoxing. From beginner to pro they have you covered, and they’ll be able to ease you into it, or give your body the advanced cleansing you’re after. The juice gets sent right to you, so it’s super easy to get started and to stick with it, you just have to worry about the rest of the food in your home going bad so it’s a good idea to start this after you’ve depleted the reserves in your refrigerator.

kaeng raeng

Kaeng Raeng

Thai for Be Healthy, Be Strong, this is a detox supplement that spells everything out for you, from what you need to be taking, to how often, and for how long. Your autonomy comes into play by choosing among three different levels, and then choosing how long you want to stay on it. You can go with the Beginner, The Veteran, or The Master and stay on it for 3 or 6 days. Once you’ve made your selections the rest has already been set up for you so you can just plug yourself into the program and let nature do its thing.

master cleanse

Lemonade Diet aka Master Cleanse

This is a detoxing diet that has been kicking around the Internet for some time now. It’s the diet that Beyonce credited for helping her slim down for her Dreamgirls role. It involves cutting off all food and relying on drinking a lemonade mixture of lemon juice and cayenne pepper. It’s not only designed to give your digestive system a rest from the constant onslaught of food, but also to bolster your metabolism due to the cayenne pepper. It works as long as you follow it exactly, but be sure you have a plan in place for when you’re done.

life juice

Life Juice Cleanse

They liken their juice fast to hitting the reset button on the body, giving it a chance to purify itself due to all of the good nutrients its getting, and stopping the flow of potentially damaging foods and beverages. It’s basically giving your body a break, but also making sure that you’ve got nutrition coming in, in the form of easy-to-digest juices. These juices are supposed to be great-tasting, utilizing a cold-press technology to lock in the flavor as well as the vitamins and minerals.

liver cleansing

Liver Cleansing Diet

The liver is the granddaddy of all organs when it comes to keeping you toxin free. Happy liver, happy life, so it’s important to keep it smiling by eating the right foods, and staying away from things that upset it. By going on a diet that is specifically geared toward improving the function of your liver, you’ll be improving the quality of your health many times over. The results are clear enough to feel without having to hold yourself under a microscope, and the big bonus behind it all is effortless weight loss.

Living Greens

Living Greens

They have three different types of cleanses to choose from, and you can also pick the length of them as well, so you have a lot of control over what you’ll be experiencing. Use your body as a guide and see which one is resonating with you. Then choose a length of time that sounds feasible to you. You can always make adjustments on your next cleanse, so don’t fret too much if you make the wrong choice at first. The juices and teas that get delivered to you are said to be great tasting and high quality so you can’t go wrong.

marthas vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard Detox Diet

It started with a book called 21 Pounds in 21 Days and now is claiming that you can lose a pound a day until you reach your goal weight and eating lifestyle. It is said to do this by replacing your usual fare with some great tasting recipes that utilize foods that will help your body stay ultra clean and sharp. The end result is that you’ll have more energy, a glowing complexion, and less digestive troubles.

Mucusless Diet

Mucusless Diet

Written by a professor who claims that constipation is the cause to every disease known to mankind, the mucusless diet he proposes is designed to clear blockages from the digestive system to help your body regain its natural state of wellness. If eating foods that are wrong for you, and overeating are the cause of the problem, then following this diet should be the solution, as it’s filling your body with nutrients that should act to unclog your system, and it prevents you from gorging on oversized portions.

Organic Avenue

Organic Avenue

This is the diet that Gwyneth Paltrow endorsed on her blog, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s all laid out for you in three simple plans to choose from. You can go with the easy, fast, or deep cleanse depending on what your history is with cleansing, and how well you think your body can handle it. No matter what you choose it’s all portioned out for you, and the instructions are clear so you’re never left wondering what to do or when.

painless detox

Painless Detox Diet

Want to detox but worried that you won’t be able to make it through the hunger pangs? This is one diet outline that promises you’ll be able to reap the rewards of detoxing without having to feel like you’re starving. They may also be referring to the pain of having to prepare meals that are healthy for you, or the pain of having to shop for expensive organic ingredients. It’s definitely worth a look, and if it speaks to you you can give it a try.


Pressed JuiceryPressed Juicery

Want cold-pressed juice delivered to your door so you don’t have to give much thought to how you’re going to go about this detoxing business? This might be the solution you’re looking for, and it’s a way to take the majority of the guesswork out of the equation. Juice fasting is a nice entry-level way to start off detoxing your body so that you can see where you’re at and how you respond. If you like the way it makes you feel you can go with more advanced methods, and start focusing on individual organs.

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Raw Food Cleanse

This program walks you through everything you need, even before you start. They give you a self-assessment to see how much you actually need this. Those with healthier lifestyles are likely in less of a need for cleansing, but it is still beneficial. Then it details programs on a daily basis, and also includes recipes so you aren’t scratching your head wondering what to make. If a raw food diet intimidates you, this will hold your hand.

Raw Food Detox Diet

This is a the first detox program put out by Natalie Rose, and she does a good job of keeping it simple. There are only five steps to this one, and unlike her other detoxing program that is just for women, this one is for everyone. The focus here is on raw foods, which have proven time and time again to be beneficial to the body, able to reverse diseases and conditions, and helping you to live your best life.


All Meat DietAll Meat Diet

It sounds silly, but eliminating all processed carbohydrates from your diet and focusing on protein and fat only is a good way to lose weight. Just check out all the health benefits of the ketogenic diet. We don’t recommend it for very long as your body needs fruits and vegetables for their vitamin, mineral, fiber, and antioxidant content.

socal cleanse

SoCal Cleanse Protein + Detox

This is a way to detox that will appeal to those that are strength training as well and didn’t want to lose out on protein while they’re lifting. It derives the protein from hemp seeds, and it is an organic blend so you don’t have to worry about a lot of synthetic ingredients or pesticides hidden in it. The detoxing comes from plenty of superfruits, as well as a good amount of fiber to keep things moving internally.

Super Cleanse

Super Cleanse

This offers plenty of different cleanses, and it’s worth the time to peruse them all and find one that makes the most sense to you. Among them are a one-day cleanse that is meant to keep things gentle, a raw cleanse that keeps things raw, and a urban cleanse specifically geared toward those that live in big cities. Those that are tired of one-size-fits-all cleanses will appreciate the specificity of these different cleanses, and the way that he manages to keep them all relatively simple to follow.

elimination diet

The Elimination Diet

This is a detox diet whose target is inflammation in the body. By eliminating inflammation you should automatically start to feel better. By stocking your kitchen with the ingredients used in this diet, you’ll be displacing a lot of other foods that keep you stuck in an inflamed state. There is a host of conditions and problems that this is meant to treat, including fatigue and general health problems.


Real Good Juice

Real Good Juice

This diet and detox program has your number. Whether you want to go level one or level two, you simply follow the numbers on the bottles when it’s time to have a juice. Level two has more green smoothies, meaning more vegetables, meaning more phytonutrients so you are getting plenty of good stuff your body craves. This is another plug-and-play diet program that you simply follow along with and reap the rewards.


The Remedy

The Remedy

This detox program was developed by Supa Nova Slom and has been used by those in the hip hop community to turn their health around. It takes 5 weeks to complete, and not only focuses on getting the toxins out, it also says you can get the fat out of your body as well. It also addresses the mind/body connection so you are getting a full cleanse here. If none of the other cleanses on this list spoke to you, this one just might.

Returning to Solid Foods

You can’t detox forever, so if your diet plan involves fasting or juicing be sure you’re well educated on what to do to re-enter eating solid foods. It would be quite a shock to your system to go 3 days or a week or more of not eating regular foods and then suddenly be thrust back to eating regular foods. Most solid detox programs will outline what you should do in order to eat regularly again, and most will advise that you turn over a new leaf if needed.

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