Potassium-rich Fruits: 10 High Potassium Fruits

These high potassium fruits that will help you reach your potassium goal for the day, as they’re all high potassium fruits that offer additional benefits as well. Fruit is the perfect choice for meeting your potassium needs because in most cases you’ll also be getting the benefits of antioxidants and increased fiber intake.

10 Vegetables Highest in Potassium

You’ll have no trouble getting your 3.5 grams of potassium when you make these vegetables high in potassium part of your regular menu. Each of them not only gives you a strong dose of potassium, but helps cover your bases with additional vitamins and minerals, fiber, and in some cases protein.

12 High Potassium Recipes

Making a high potassium meal or snack is a great way to contribute to your total intake for the day. These recipes all deliver, using foods that are rich in potassium as central ingredients, and keeping everything light and healthy. Let’s not forget delicious, and these are healthy recipes you’ll actually enjoy eating.

Estrogen Rich Food Guide for Boosting Low Levels

Hormones are a tricky thing. When they aren’t balance, your entire body feels out of whack. With the onset of menopause lurking, women are especially at risk for developing unwanted symptoms of a hormonal imbalance. These include hot flashes…


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