11 Prenatal Vitamins to Help Ensure a Healthy Pregnancy

[hr] If you’re pregnant or thinking about starting a family soon, congratulations! The first step is to schedule an appointment with your doctor. He or she will most likely recommend that you take a high-quality prenatal vitamin. There are certain essential vitamins and minerals that any prenatal vitamin worth its salt should contain. You don’t […]

25 Vitamin E Rich Foods for Detox & Cleansing

Vitamin E is an essential vitamin with antioxidant properties. In the body, vitamin E is commonly associated with the health of the skin, but it also plays a role in the proper functioning of many of the body’s organs. Make sure you’re getting enough in your diet by consuming plenty of foods that are high […]

18 Foods High in Vitamin K for Stronger Bones

Vitamin K plays a crucial role in proper blood coagulation (clotting), which prevents excessive bleeding. It also helps the body absorb calcium, and thus it’s an essential aspect of bone health. Many foods, especially leafy vegetables, are abundant in Vitamin K, so make sure you’re eating right and maintaining a vitamin K rich diet. [hr] […]

26 Vitamin E Rich Foods for Healthy Bones & Teeth

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone is getting enough of it in their diet. Calcium is essential for a healthy heart, bones, blood, and more. If you’re concerned about getting enough calcium to strengthen your bones and protect yourself against osteoporosis, there are many foods you […]

26 Foods High in Vitamin A for Healthy Eyes

Vitamin A is a vitamin and antioxidant that’s associated with healthy eyes. A diet rich in vitamin A can prevent nighttime blindness, eye inflammation, and dry eyes. It’s also used to treat several other health conditions. Vitamin A is measured in International Units (IU), and the average adult needs about 5000 IU per day. [hr] […]